Mount Rainier
"It's 100% clear that this is one of the best organizations in the world at what you do and who you get for your guide staff. I will be using and recommending Alpine Ascents International as long as I'm a climber." 2014 Rainier Climber.
Alpine Ascents Gear Shop
With 25 years of guiding experience we put ourselves to the task of providing expert advice in mountaineering and the gear that is needed for these endeavors.
New Treks in India! - Ladakh
Alpine Ascents is pleased to be offering a series of treks and tours in India's remote Ladakh region.
Over the last 20+ years we have developed our own special way of guiding the mountain, which affords you the best chance of proper acclimatization and summit success.
The Volcanoes of Ecuador
"Absolutely outstanding program on every level! The itinerary was the perfect blend of cultural experience, acclimatization before climbs and recovery after climbs. There was not one dull moment, yet I never felt rushed or unprepared." - 2014 climber.
Alpine Ascents Success on Denali: Much of our guiding reputation was forged on Denali. We invite you to read about the Key Elements of our Climb and Success.
Alpine Ascents Mountaineering School
Alpine Ascents offers a wide range of courses in an attempt to cater to each climber's interests and personal desires.
Machu Picchu Lodge Trek
Our six day trek leads us through remote river valleys and over a 15,000 ft pass to our final destination, Machu Picchu.
Mount Vinson
With nearly 100% success over these past 20 years.
Mount Kilimanjaro
Alpine Ascents Success on Kilimanjaro: We have been guiding Kilimanjaro for over 20 years with one of the highest success and safety records in the industry. Every departure is led by a Western guide.
Mount Everest Base Camp Trek
Alpine Ascents is unique in that your guide is also a professional climber, adding a unique dimension of climbing history in addition to Sherpa and monastic culture.
About Us
The 7 Summits Company since 1986, Alpine Ascents has been guiding the highest mountain on each continent with more consistency and success than any other guide service.


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Wow! 6 Summits This Week!
Team 2: The Invinsonables

Tom and The Dust Devils
Team 8
Charging Mulas
Mucho Gusto

The Red Hot Kili Trekkers


What Climbers Say


This Just In - I really enjoyed the expedition, guides were very organized and in all time it was present the technical resources, as well as the experience of a very well supported company. It is important to mention, that the food provided in all our camps was perfect, our guides always were committed to give us wonderful meals. For me, the complete program is perfect, and I really congratulate Alpine Ascents for the good guides that you have. - Recent Aconcagua climber.

Recent accolades from Mexico Volcanoes: "This trip exceeded my expectations. We received first class guides, food, hotels and service. This expedition took me out of my professional environment and in a span of ten days I experienced the culture of Mexico City, Climbed IXTA, visited the classic city of Puebla and then summitted Orizaba. This trip hit on all of my senses; sights/sounds/smells/curiosity/taste and of course the mountains. I cannot recommend it enough." - Eric R.

I want to thank you for an adventure of a lifetime. As always the staff and logistics of Alpine Ascents exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be more satisfied. A while back you mentioned win-win relationships. My win was a rewarding trip to Mt. Everest. AAI's win (and mine too) is my decision to climb Mt. Elbrus and Carstensz Pyramid to complete the seven summits and trek to Machu Picchu and probably Everest base camp with my wife. Thanks again for everything.
- Louis M. Everest Climber.

Cho Oyu 2014

AAI delivered again on my expectations. Flawless planning, preparation, logistic and execution. Best guides in the business. Most enjoyable experience on a challenging, long time away from the family trip. I cannot recommend AAI enough to friends, family and anyone who asks my opinion on who to sign up with for life-changing climbing and trekking experiences.

Immensely enjoyed the expedition. It was the most amazing and challenging outdoor experience of my life, so far. The guides were nothing short of excellent. The mix of group gear and supplies was dialed-in perfectly. Good preparation, a strong team, great logistics, and exceptional guiding were the key strengths. No weaknesses come to mind. 2014 Denali Climber

I was very impressed with the program. From the beginning I found it very professional and I found people very responsive. Whether responding to initial inquiries, working out schedules, helping with equipment rentals all the way through the climb I thought everyone was great. Our group of guides were very easy to get along with. They really put us at ease. I truly enjoyed the experience thanks to our great guides. The four of them really made the trip for us. - James O. Rainier Muir Climber.

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Acclaimed in the Industry


"Of all the great guide services on Kilimanjaro, Alpine Ascents might be the best".-Outside Magazine

Alpine Ascents has been named one of "The Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth" by National Geographic Adventure Magazine. We are extremely proud to be named the highest rated Mountain Guide Service.

Our climbs, courses, treks and tours, consistently rank at or near the top of the industry, and are recognized and awarded with well-deserved accolades.

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