(22,841ft/6,962m) Argentina

Aconcagua Maps & Facts

Map of Argentina and Aconcagua region

A Brief History
While the first summit of Aconcagua is credited to Swiss Climber Mathias Zurbriggen, there are traces of Inca civilization and culture near the summit. The name itself hearkens back to indigenous roots, the Quechua word Anco (white) and Cahuac (sentinel). Much like the explorers of the Himalayas, the passes around Aconcagua came into play during military expeditions. In 1817, General Jose de San Martin crossed the range in successful efforts to liberate Chile from Spain. By 1950 most sides of the mountain were climbed with variations of these routes being added to the long line of successful summits.

Vacas Valley Route
First Climbed: 1897, Mathias Zurbiggen, Austrian
Highest Mountain in South America
GPS: 32º 39’S, 70º 01’ W

We climb Aconcagua using the lightly technical Vacas Valley Route. For those climbers who are interested and capable, we also offer an additional summit attempt via the more challenging Polish Glacier Route (on selected trips).

Climbing Level
The Vacas Valley summit requires excellent physical condition. The Polish Glacier Route requires intermediate to advanced ice climbing skills in addition.

Map of Argentina


Formal Name: Argentine Republic

Local Name: Argentina

Local Formal Name: República Argentina

Visa Info: U.S. citizens do not need a visa for tourist or business travel to this country. U.S. Passport is required. Reciprocity fee required.

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