Mount Adams

(12,276 ft.) Washington

What an incredible trip! I did things I've only seen others do. Me! Our guide was so knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging and fun! Thanks Alpine Ascents for giving us this top-rate guide to make our Adams Glacier experience A+ -Don, Thom, JJ

Climb Overview - South Side, Non-Technical
As a great summit climb and instructional course to prep for Mt. Rainier, our Mt. Adams South Side climb allows climbers to experience the lofty elevation of Washington's second highest peak, at 12,276 ft. in a remote wilderness. Because no prominent crevasses are visible on the south side route, this climb demands strong fitness of climbers. Due to the significant gains in elevations on the days of the approach to high camp and the summit climb, this two-day instructional climb is a great introduction in using the ice axe and crampons. During the pre-dawn hours we climb the snow and ice slopes from our high camp at "Lunch Counter" (9,250 ft.) to the false summit, Piker's Peak at 11,657 ft. Then we continue onward to the true summit. The views from the summit include Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Hood. Climbers will carry a full kit, including tents and sleeping bags to high camp, then spend a few hours learning proper self-arrest techniques with the ice axe as well as proper use of crampons. 

We climb Mt. Adams in two days, meeting at a hotel close to Mt. Adams. Our guide ratio on this climb is 5:1 (pack weight 55 lbs.)

Maximum team size: 10 climbers with 2 guides.
Note: We do offer private climbs of the Adams Glacier on the North Side of the mountain via a technical route. For more details on private climbs, please call our office at 206-378-1927 or email Gordon Janow, Director of Programs, at

Mount Adams
From Wikipedia: "Mt. Adams, the 2nd highest mountain in Washington Adams is a member of the Cascade Volcanic Arc, and is one of the arc's largest volcanoes, as well as a glaciated dormant volcano. The four active glaciers of Mt. Adams cover an area exceeding 6 square miles. Mt. Adams has a volume of 85 cubic miles, placing it second only to Mount Shasta in that category among the Cascade stratovolcanoes. The altitude and use of ice axe & crampons make this climb a great prep climb for the steeper and higher Mt. Rainier to the North."

This climb will be conducted by two or three of our experienced guides in what will be an unforgettable adventure. Join us!

Tents Equipment & Meals
Provided: All group equipment: breakfast, dinner, and tents.
Not provided: Personal equipment & lunch/snack food. You are responsible for all items on the gear list. Transportation is not provided for this climb. Climbers will need to provide transportation to the trailhead.
Note: If you are a beginning climber, we strongly advise renting as much gear as possible. Specialty outdoor equipment can be quite expensive. Alpine Ascents and other local retailers provide quality rental equipment at reasonable prices. Other personal items are available through local outdoor stores.

From our technical ascent option: I did want to let you know that this was the best trip I've ever had with you guys. Gene was absolutely awesome as a guide. The route was fantastic... much more interesting than the Emmons Glacier route on Rainier. The views were incredible from Adams. The climb was more technical than what I am used to and I'll definitely do it again. Compared to Mt. Rainier, the Mount Adams summit climb is very underrated and underappreciated. I would do Adams 10 more times before I'd climb Rainier/Emmons again. As always, the climb was first class all the way. This is why I come back to Alpine Ascents every year. Thanks. - John D.

Our guiding team is comprised of world-renowned guides and full-time professional climbers. While some of these guides have historical climbing achievements synonymous with their names, others are well known for their guiding and teaching experience. A number of our guides have been recipients of coveted climbing awards and scholarships. Our guides are an integral part of Alpine Ascents because they understand and share our climbing principles. These individuals are dedicated to sharing their excellence with others. Many of our guides have been with Alpine Ascents for over five years, with a handful of veterans working with us for most of their careers. The quality of our Guide Staff is the primary difference between us and our competitors. The role of an Alpine Ascents guide is to impart knowledge, use calculated judgment and assist individual climber development. Our guides are experienced educators who evaluate their strengths by monitoring climbers' achievements. Thus we stress our acute ability to provide students and expedition members with personal attention, realizing the commitment to assist each climber in obtaining their goals. Our guides will be teachers and impart knowledge throughout the program.


Climbing Skill Level
This climb is open to any physically fit enthusiastic novice, beginner or advanced beginner. Prior experience with backpacking and camping is highly recommended. Climbers will be expected to training with and carry 55 lbs pack (approximately).

Physical Conditioning
In the best interest of personal safety, success and team compatibility, adequate training and excellent physical condition are required. A Climbers must be able to carry an average of 55lbs or more. Climbers need to be in excellent physical condition for both personal enjoyment and to be an integral team member. We encourage climbers to contact us so that we may assist you in developing a training program that meets their particular needs. Comprehensive training information can be found here.

All Alpine Ascents International climbs on Mt. Adams are run under an incidental use permit issued by Mount Adams National Park, NPS.

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