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Letter from a Kilimanjaro Climber

Alpine Ascents International
121 Mercer Street
Seattle WA  98109

Re:   Kilimanjaro July 5-19
        Allen Carbert, Guide

    Seldom, if ever, do you get a chance to thank a company for giving you more for you money than expected.  The accommodations, logistics, safari, and climb far exceeded what I thought would be provided for the cost of the trip.  The information forwarded prior to the trip, including the gear guide, was right on point.

    Additionally, I felt as If I had known our guide, Allen Carbert, for years, after our first dinner.  He filled the role of tour guide, mountain guide, camp counselor, porter, liaison, nurse, coach, and all-around good guy with with confident ability.  His bio in the booklet is perfect; as he truly works easily with the experienced climbers and with us novices.  I personally cannot praise or thank him enough for getting me to the summit.  My only regret is my lack of physical strength to travel with him again.  Nevertheless, I would follow him any place he wanted to take me, which speaks volumes on his ability as a leader.

The travel agency and Bushbuck are also a perfect fit for your operation.  Thanks again for a great experience.


Andrew C. Rambo

P.S. If someone has a good answer for why old men climb mountain, I would like to hear it.

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