Mount Baker

(10,781 ft.) Washington

Why Climb Mount Baker With Alpine Ascents?

  • One of the world's finest and most longstanding Guide Staffs.
  • We have been leading the 3 Day Baker program for over 20 years
  • 3:1 climber to guide ratio
  • Self arrest and ice axe training
  • Excellent value as compared to longer courses or courses inside a National Park
  • 2 nights on the mountain
  • Full day of instruction in the field with highly skilled professional teachers on superb glaciated terrain
  • 9 climbers per team maximum size
  • Full gear check and gear explanation before climb
  • Gear rental available for all Alpine Ascents climbers
  • Each climber receives t-shirt or logo item
  • Completes prerequisite for some of our more advanced climbs
  • Full mountain experience using our own tents as we carry gear and set camps each night

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