Great Peaks of Bolivia

Huayna Potosi (19,974 ft/6,088m) - Pequeño Alpamayo (17,618 ft/5,370m) - Illimani (21,125 ft/6,439m)

Why Climb in Bolivia with Alpine Ascents?

The expedition was great. Very well organized. Very good acclimatization schedule. I would highly recommend this climb to anyone wanting to gain experience and take the next step to climbing over 6000 meters.

Schedule Flexibility
An important factor in our climbers' success and enjoyment has been the ability to adjust our climbing schedules as needed to account for the ever-changing conditions in the mountains. Rather than throwing our hands up and ending an expedition when a route may become unclimbable, we treat these situations as challenges, and thanks to our experience and local expertise, we can change locations mid-expedition if necessary and offer alternate climbs and adventures. When such occasions have arisen our climbers regularly praise these adjustments as highlights of their expeditions.

Alpine Ascents guides are revered as outstanding mountaineers, instructors and cultural enthusiasts. We have been guiding in Bolivia for the past decade and have consistently run expeditions from year to year. The familiarity with the region, combined with our expertise and knowledge around the world, lend a depth and richness to every expedition that we feel is unrivaled in the guiding community.

Success in 2014
Continuing our tradition of reaching summits around the world on enjoyable expeditions, our 2014 trip was a great successes.

We are blessed to have Jose Luis Peralvo, who also guides for us throughout the world, as our lead guide and local expert. In addition to Jose Luis, we employ top local guides who consistently make the expedition enjoyable, enriching and extremely educational.

Alpine Ascents remains on the cutting edge of multimedia cybercast technology. For the past 15 years, we have webcast many of our expeditions from remote mountains around the world. Family, friends, and the public can follow the team's adventures in South America.

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