Carstensz Pyramid Cybercast

The team has arrived home safely. Unfortunately the team did not summit this trip - we were unable to get a working helicopter and safe weather window to coincide this season. We look forward to trying again in March.

Todd called in and said that their helicopter has arrived. Unfortunately they are now waiting for the weather to clear for the team to fly to Base Camp. They will call in soon as they reach base camp.

The team called in today and reported that they are having a great time and spent the the 1st of December with the local Komoro Tribe, engaging in a variety of their traditional activities including Nakoro dancing, floating up river into the jungle for a couple of hours in their freshly made dug-out canoes (sampan), and of course feasting on the local delicacy of giant sago maggots (beetle larvae).

They should have helicopter transport ready by Saturday or Sunday at the latest, putting them a bit behind schedule. The team plans to stay longer if necessary.

Todd called in to report that the group is doing well and they are in standby mode in Timika. The group went on a tour of a local village today and hopefully will be reporting in later today.

The team arrived safely in Manado, Indonesia and transferred to the capital of Papua, Jayapura at 2:00am Indonesian Time. The team will remain in Jayapaura for a day. Weather is great and the local team seems excellent. Regular dispatches to begin soon.

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