Carstensz Pyramid Cybercast

Hey out there it is November 1st in Papua it is about 7:30AM, this is Dave calling in for our Carstensz Expedition.  We believe that you have been getting some information along the way about our summit success.  This morning we are in a holding pattern to get out of Nabire. Yesterday we flew a couple of loads out of basecamp to Enaratoli and then we all got on a helicopter and came down here to Nabire and had a great dinner and clean up.  This morning we are actually in route back to Enatratoli for a quick stop over and then to Timika and from Timika to Makassar, which is south Sulawesi and then onward to Manado.  We should be in Manado at least by midnight, hopefully closer to 10:00 pm. 

It has been a great expedition, these guys had a great time, we finally got a few days of some of the best weather that you can get around here.  Summit day was spectacular with the bigger group, Perry and Dianette summitted the day before the bigger group.  Everyone else, we had a great day, about a sixteen hour round trip, a little bit of snow, a little bit of rain, a little bit of sunshine, a little bit of everything and a spectacular climb with everybody having a really enjoyable time.  So luckily everything worked out for us, we had a few days there where we were able to get helicopters in and out weather wise and everybody is really happy.  We look forward to spending some good time in Manado and Singapore together and then onward back home.  Happy Halloween over there in America and we will give you one more call before we are all on our way back home.  That's it for now, talk to you soon.

Morning From the office: We just got a short text message from Dave. It sounds like our whole group got out of Base Camp today and are in Nabire.
The plan is for tomorrow to head to Manado. We just wanted to give a short update. Thanks for watching and Congratulations to our team.

4:15am From the office: Dave just called in and it is another early morning for the group. The weather looks pretty good and they are hoping that 2 helicopters will be able to fly in today to pick the group up from Base Camp. We should know more soon and hopefully hear that the group will be slowly making their way home. Thanks for watching.

10:20AM From the office: Dave just called in with a quick message. It sounds like members of Team 2 have made the summit of Carstensz and are starting their way back down in the rain. He said all but one member was able to make the summit and he was on his way down to find out if that member would like to try to finish the route. Dave said he would either call in from another summit attempt or from when the group returns to base camp. The office would like to send out a congratulations to our second team. We should be hearing more from them soon. Thanks for watching.

1:00pm From the office: Dave just called in and I could hear the rain in the background. The group just got back to base camp about an hour ago and was greeted by the rest of their team. Sounds like the 2nd group will head up with Dave tomorrow. Everyone sounds like they are doing well. More to follow. Thanks for tuning in.

8:30am From the office: Good news - Dave Morton just called in from the summit of Carstensz Pyramid with the Alpine Ascents first group. As he was calling in we could hear the excitement as Perry and Dianette got up to the summit. The group said the climb was incredible and a lot of fun. They were amazed as they stood on the summit without any rain. They also were excited because as they were climbing could hear the sounds of a helicopter coming in. They are not sure if one or both helicopters made it in with the rest of the group. They will call once they get back to base camp and will be able to celebrate the arrival of their teammates. Stay tuned as we get updates about the rest of the team and more summit attempts. Thanks for watching. Congratulations to Dave, Dianette and Perry. We'll be in touch soon.

From the office: Dave just called from the field. He reports that the first helicopter was able to fly from Enaratoli to base camp before the weather shut down again. The group at base camp plans to make an attempt tomorrow morning for the summit and hopefully return to BC to greet the other members of our group who are still in Enaratoli. Dave said he has been in contact with the group in Enartoli and everyone is doing well and hoping that the weather gives them another break. We will post as the phone calls come in.

Thanks for tuning in. t's around 4 pm here in Enarotali.  The rain has stopped here this afternoon but still some grey out there.  There's been some good hearts games today (Al keeps losing despite our efforts to keep him afloat).  We hope again to be flying up to BC tomorrow morning with our helicopter coming to Enarotali this afternoon to stay over.  We're getting to know a few of the friendly locals on our 'block' and eating well.  The point of exchanging books will probably come tomorrow if we're still here!

We'll be in touch.

All the best, Dave

Hello everyone this is Dave Morton calling in for the Carstensz Expedition, it is October 27th here in Papua, it's about 7:00 am and I am looking out into a very cloudy, mountainous area.  We are stuck, everything has been going really smoothly up until now.  We were hoping to fly three helicopter flights into basecamp this morning but it has turned out to be the worse weather that we have had on Papua so far, which has been a little bit unfortunate for us.

Everyone here is in high spirits.  We are hoping our helicopter will make it to this town this afternoon and we will be hoping to fly out tomorrow morning.  The helicopter was trying to make it in here earlier this morning.  They are working on getting to Enaratoli, where we are now, today and then getting into basecamp camp in the morning.  So we are keeping our fingers crossed that things clear up here, I am looking through the sun poking through the clouds, at the moment.  Everyone here says hello and they are thinking about all of you back home.  We will be in touch later this afternoon, if anything changes.  Until then, we are going to try to get a little community soccer game going and get another round of hearts going as well.  That's all from Papua and we will be in touch soon.  Take care. 

From the office: The team just texted that the group is getting ready to leave Enaratoli. Sounds like they will try to send a cybercast in from basecamp. Thanks for watching. Dave

From the office: Dave just called in to check in with the office to say that the group is doing well and are waiting to catch their next flight to Enarotoli. The team is planning to spend the night in Enarotoli and then meet up with the helicopter to fly to Basecamp on the 27th. It sounds like the team has also been able to organize with another team coming out, some gear for Al, which is great. The team sounds great and are excited to be getting close to basecamp. They will give a call later from Enarotoli.
More to come...

Hello everyone out there and welcome to the Carstensz 2007 Expedition!  Hopefully you've been able to follow little bits of our movements the past couple of days.  We are just finishing up a lunch here in Nabire, West Papua.  Everyone has been racking up serious flying miles the past few days but we've had a couple brief breaks when we've been able to fit in a bit of activity.  Everyone arrived in Manado, Indonesia on the 23rd.  The only hitch was that Al made a short connection in LAX but his bags did not.  They've now arrived in Manado but won't be able to catch up with us.  Our backup plan has worked out to get him enough gear to climb the mountain.

After a quick bit of sleep in Manado we were up very early yesterday morning (2am) in order to catch our first flight- to Sorong.  Then off to Jayapura.  After Jayapura we arrived in Biak.  If you have a map that's way east and then way back west.  This morning we caught another flight to  Nabire.  We were crossing our finger that we would get up to Enarotali this afternoon but that will wait for the morning.  Our heli ride to BC is scheduled for the 27th which has been the plan for the past few days so all is on schedule.

The team is having a great time together despite the humidity.  The body has a tough time adjusting to this after just starting to enjoy N. America's cold autumn!  Yesterday we arrived early enough in Biak to get out for the afternoon and visit a beautiful garden with many of Papua's native birds in a really well done orinthology park.  We also went to the cave where many of the Japanese were stationed during WWII as well as the displays they've set up nearby.

To top it off most of us went for a great swim in the ocean and were back for a nice sunrise.

So far so good here in Papua.

We'll be in touch!

All the best,


From the office: We just received a message from our Carstensz expedition. Dave Morton, the guide, just texted in that the group is all doing well and that they are getting ready to leave for Nabire in an hour. Sounds like they will call from Nabire and post a cybercast.

Thanks for watching. More from the field - Dave

From the office: We are happy to annouce that the team has arrived in Manado, Indonesia and now are on their way to the island of Biak. We should hear from the team again soon and will start posting more regular cybercasts as events happen. We wish the team the best of luck. Stay tuned.

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