Backpacking & Wilderness Navigation Course


Backpacking & Wilderness Navigation Course Itinerary

Upon sign up, we will send you our richly detailed, pre-trip information package.

Day 1: We begin the course at 6:30am with a thorough gear check, food check and review of proper packing techniques. Next, we review map and compass skills, then load the van. We take a scenic ferry ride across Puget Sound and drive to the trailhead and set up our first camp. Techniques taught include: obtaining backcountry permits, preparing and storing food, constructing and selecting tent sites.

Days 2-3: We'll leave the campground and hike into the backcountry. We will spend two full days on the trail and set a different camp each night. We'll learn proper wilderness camping and survival techniques, and apply this knowledge in a direct and immediate fashion. On the trail's varied terrain, we'll encounter diverse flora and fauna. Weather conditions are taken into consideration as we pair correct technique with decision-making. We'll also place emphasis on safety in the wilderness and discuss proper first aid.

Day 4: We'll break camp and return to the trailhead, then to Seattle. The last day of the course provides the opportunity to use all the skills we have learned.

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