Denali Preparation/Winter Mountaineering Course

I want to express my sincere satisfaction with the Denali Prep Course. Both of our guides were extremely knowledgable and personable and understood that the main objectives of the course were to develop the skills necessary for a Denali Expedition. The curriculum was thorough and well taught, the food was plentiful, and the experience in dealing with changing conditions was outstanding. I felt like we had ample opportunity to work on our weaknesses with excellent guidance in order to improve our individual skills, which would enhance our comfort in alpine environments. March 2005 Student

Course Overview
The Denali Prep/Winter Mountaineering course is specifically designed for those who want to embrace the challenges of climbing Denali and/or develop extreme winter mountaineering skills. It offers comprehensive training to prepare for the challenge of The Great One. Throughout this extremely rigorous course, we encounter numerous challenges (closely matching those found on Denali and other similar "big" mountains) in an effort to develop highly aware, knowledgeable and competent expedition climbers. Hands-on experience in all aspects of expedition climbing will be covered.

Note: Early spring conditions often present high avalanche conditions or inclement weather. In such cases, low traverses around the mountain will be undertaken instead of summit attempts. Often the overall experience is enhanced by experiencing and evaluating these conditions, rather than focusing on the summit as a goal.

Course Objectives
Develop cold weather survival skills.

Cover all technical snow climbing skills necessary for winter mountaineering and climbing Denali.

Discuss climbing at high altitudes and proper acclimatization processes.

This course has been successfully used as a training ground for skilled adventurers, rangers, law enforcement, fire fighters, military, stunt people and many others who require climbing skills as part of their career.

These courses take place on Mt. Baker, Mt. Daniel, Eldorado Peak, Sahale Peak and throughout the Cascades. We utilize a variety of locations to distribute land use and provide pristine, less populated environs for our training. It also enables us to take advantage of the best possible mountain conditions for each course.

Physical Conditioning
In the best interest of personal safety, success and team compatibility, adequate training and excellent physical condition is required. Prior experience carrying a heavy pack for multiple days serves as excellent preparation for this course; Climbers must be able to carry an average of 50-60lbs. Climbers need to be in excellent physical condition for both personal enjoyment and to be an integral team member. We encourage you to contact us so that we may assist you in developing a training program that meets your particular needs. Comprehensive training information can be found here.

Environmental Responsibility
Alpine Ascents is deeply committed to maintaining ecosystems at home and around the world. With each expedition, trek and course, we not only attempt to leave the environment as we found it, but strive to assist the local population in protecting the land and people indigenous to that region. Alpine Ascents reaches for the highest ethical business practices at home and abroad. Each staff member is dedicated to environmentally sound alpine ascents.

Environmental stewardship remains one of our core values, and we take Leave No Trace ethics and practices seriously. The mountains are our home and we are unwilling to sacrifice their preservation for human objectives. On every one of our courses and climbs, we teach and follow the environmentally appropriate Leave No Trace principles and practices.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship can be seen on our programs around the world. Over the years, with the assistance of our Sherpa teams, we have stepped up efforts to clean Mt. Everest. Our Wag Bag® program made a pioneering step in human waste management for the National Park System and Forest Service in the North Cascades. On Aconcagua and Mount Vinson, we pioneered a waste removal system on our climbs, utilizing the WAG Bag® system. And we continue our maintenance and minimal impact plans wherever we guide. We believe that given the proper information, most people will do all they can to help protect and maintain the environment.

Alpine Ascents is committed to developing safe, self-reliant and environmentally conscious mountaineers.

Private Groups
We regularly organize private climbs for individuals, corporate groups, families and friends. We encourage you to book these climbs early, to help us be better able to fit these climbs to group-specific desires. Contact us to further discuss the benefits of private courses.

Alpine Ascents International is an Equal Opportunity recreation provider under the Special Use Permit from the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Okanogan National Forest, Wenatchee National Forest, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Goat Rocks Wilderness and the North Cascades National Park.

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