David Dietzgen
Guide: Washington, Alaska

Swiss born adventurer David has traveled the world in search of great stories, insights and mountains. He formed his passion growing up in the Alps focused on backcountry snow sports. On this path he has traveled to the Siberian Altai on a film expedition, led Denali Expeditions, volunteered for the Denali Climbing Rangers, snowboarded down Pico Del Orizaba and put countless miles on his old Subaru guiding, climbing, and skiing the Northern Hemisphere.

David is based in Portland, Oregon, working as a helicopter pilot and is on call for Alpine Ascents International. 

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Significant Ascents

7 Denali Expeditions, 5 summits
Rainier, Baker, Olympus, Jefferson, Adams, Hood, Shasta
Orizaba, Snowboard Descent
Winter ascent of the Leuthold couloir on Hood
Various additional summits: Yosemite, East Side of the Sierra, Tahoe,
Belucha region, Altai Siberia,Tetons, Exum, British Columbia
Wallowas backcountry skiing
Alps, stomping grounds


Wilderness First Responder/ CPR
Avalanche Level II
Canadian Rec Avalanche
Commercial/Instrument Rotorcraft, FAA