Alpine Ascents International

Director's Statement

In 2016, we began our 30th year of operations. During that time, we have seen incredible growth in all aspects of the outdoor industry. Many more people are choosing to get in shape, undertake intrepid journeys and explore remote wildernesses around the world. Climbing high mountains in remote areas has been my life's passion.

As our numbers grow, hopefully so does our overall consciousness of the need to protect these environments that we love and enjoy. It has become apparent that only through our participation in wilderness protection will these areas remain as they were with our first visits. Commitment to practices like Leave No Trace gives us an immediate impact in wilderness protection, and supporting legislation with long-term goals, such as carbon dioxide reduction, gives us a chance for a sustainable future.

We appreciate your participation in protecting the wilderness and look forward to sharing these remarkable places with you in the coming years.

Great climbing!
Todd Burleson, President