Volcanoes of Ecuador

Antisana (18,874ft/5,752m), Cayambe (18,993ft/5,789m), Chimborazo (20,701ft/6,310m)

Why Climb in Ecuador with Alpine Ascents?

"I felt like, with Jose Luis, I was in the hands of one of the best guides in Ecuador. He is fun to be with and had a great rapport with the group. The trip was extremely well-organized, and I had fun the entire time. Overall I thought the organization of the trip was flawless." -Hathy A. Read More

Alpine Ascents has been guiding climbs in Ecuador for the past 20 years and has built close relationships in the communities in which we guide and tour. We consistently run several expeditions every year. Our familiarity with the region, combined with our expertise and knowledge of mountain climbing, lend a depth and richness to every expedition that we feel is unrivaled in the guiding community.

We are blessed to have Jose Luis Peralvo, an Ecuadorian native, as our lead guide and local expert. He also guides for us throughout the world, including three summits of Mt. Everest. We also employ the best local guides, who have a wealth of training and experience on the volcanoes of Ecuador. Our guide-to-climber ratio is 2:1 on Antizana and Cayambe and 1:1 on Chimborazo.

The Mountains We Climb
Antisana (18,874 ft. /5752m), Cayambe (18,993 ft/5,789m) and Chimborazo (20,701 ft./6,310m) are each unique in their own way. The challenges they provide and the beauty of their environments are truly amazing. These climbs are an excellent training ground for those looking to take on higher mountains. (They're perfect for those who successfully climbed Rainier and have an eye on Denali).

Gradual Acclimatization
Multiple nights are spent in Quito (9,000 ft.) and Papallacta (11,800 ft.), followed by two more nights in our own private Base Camp at 13,300 ft. before moving to High Camp (15,500 ft.). Traditionally climbers have had to move from one camp at 10,000 ft directly to another at 15,500 ft., which can be challenging.

We spend three nights in the capital city, enjoying incredible restaurants and local entertainment. During the days, we have cultural tours combined with acclimatization hikes. On our second day, we take a gondola to 13,012 feet and slowly hike to the summit of Ruco Pichincha (4,698m/15,413 ft.). It is a magnificent hike with great views of the city and surrounding volcanoes.

Papallacta Hot Springs and Spa
We spend two nights at this magnificent spa and hot springs, acclimatizing. In front of our rooms, are spotless baths of different temperatures that are drained and refilled every day. Papallacta is a real luxury following a mountain hike.

Private Cooks and Accommodations in the Huts and Our Base Camp.
Each of our climbs has dedicated chefs who prepare excellent meals so the guides can focus on you. In the sometimes-busy huts, our group has a private dormitory to allow for better rest and a quicker start in the morning. Our Base Camp on Antisana has cooks with a large dining tent.

Schedule Flexibility
If you do not have 16 days for climbing, you can join our 12-day program. We recommend the 16-day climb because the acclimatization time allows you to climb more mountains. But both choices make for a great adventure and great climbing.

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