2006 Elbrus Cybercast

Hey there friends, family and loved ones this is G-16 Summit team, reporting in from the huts at 13,200 feet at the side of Mt Elbrus. Well today was a challenge as a matter of fact. We got up early before the light came up and we were out of the house at about 4:00. We jumped on two (snow) cats and they pulled us up to a place called the Pastukov rocks at about 14,500 feet. We jumped out right into the teeth of a storm. We had a great time trying to get through the whiteout, thunder, lightning, snow, hail, snow balls and anything you can think of, it was there. Other teams were heading down and we kept on pushing into the storm. We pulled up to about 16,500 feet when we too decided to turn tail and run. On the way day I happened to get a little off course and ended up sticking my leg into a crevasse, so that was an exciting moment for me but I am still smiling as is everybody else. We found our way back down with GPS, got back down to the hut and have been tanking up, eating and drinking all afternoon with a little bit of sleep thrown in. We will see what happens tonight, hopefully we will have a little bit better weather and we will try it again at 4:00 in the morning. Stay tuned to the further adventures of G-16.

Hello friends, family and loved ones this is G-16 Summit Team calling in from high on the flanks of Mt. Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe. Good gosh its been a stormy day, we are stuck here like rats on a sinking ship. Good gracious you should be here too. Mariana has been fixing banquet quality food and we have just been sitting around telling jokes. I have become the target of entertainment I have noticed but other than that it has been a great day to for resting, recuperating and getting ready for our summit push. We are going to get up around 12:30 tonight and shoot for it by hell or high water so stay tuned to the further adventures of G-16 Summit Team.

Hello friends, family and loved ones this is G-16 Summit team calling in from high on the flanks of Mt. Elbrus. We are not up in the high alps at 13,200 feet above sea level. We will all be going to bed early tonight after a blue bird day; we were able to move up from the barrels and up to the high alp and learn how to glissade with a plastic bag diapered around our bodies. We also had a nap and rested up and got a lot of acclimatization going today because early tomorrow morning we are planning on getting up and going for the summit if the weather holds. Please keep your fingers crossed for us and stay tuned to the further adventures of G-16 summit.

Hello there friends, family and loved ones this G-16 Summit team, at 12,00 feet, high on the flanks of Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. It was a very full day today; we were able to move all our gear up from the valley floor along the chairlift up to a nice place that we call the ‘barrels. The ‘barrels are just big oil drums, laid on their side, that have been refurbished so that we can actually sleep six of us inside one of these things. Its not exactly what I call the four seasons but its a very fine shelter up here. After we got here we had a very fine lunch and then head out on the glacier. We actually roped up and walked down through some pretty interesting terrain. There were some ups and downs, snow and ice and even some cravasses. Three of our members managed to stick a foot in cravass or two. Laurie actually went into cravass to about half way up her hips, it was pretty interesting but she is still smiling. We also had some great education in inclement weather; we had snow and hail and sleet and rain all in a short period, but everybody seemed to work through it with undampened spirits. We came back here and had another great meal. One of our team members, Valerie, was able to go out on the snowboard and do several runs on the hill. Another member, Jim, jammed with the local Russians on his guitar. We are having a great time and I was even able to break out my fiddle. Stay with us for tomorrows adventures when we actually ascend up to 15,000 feet to the Pastukov rocks. So stay tuned and see you there. Ciao for now.

Hello friends, family and loved ones this is Team G-16 Summit calling in from Terskol. We had a great day of acclimatization, we hiked up to the observatory and gain a couple of thousand feet to 10,000 from 7,500 down here at the Valleys lower base. Everyone is moving quite well and spirits are high and every one is ready to get up on the mountain. So that is the plan for tomorrow. We are actually going to move up to the ‘barrels up at around 11,000 feet. So stayed tuned and come join us up on the shoulder of Mt Elbrus, the highest mountain in all of Europe. Stay tuned and see you there.

Hello friends, family and loved ones this is the Elbrus Expedition in the Baksan Valley. We got in late last night and had a great day traveling all across the country. We are now safely ensconced in a brand new hotel which is right at the base of the lift that goes up on to Mt. Elbrus. Today we spent our time hiking and getting acclimated. We had a beautiful sunny day and had lots of good weather, good enough to see our entire route looking across the valley. Lots of photographs were taken and people are in great spirits. Tomorrow we will get some more acclimatization in and then hopefully continue further up the mountain. So stay tuned to the further adventures of Elbrus Team One, sliding into position. Ciao for now.

Hello friends, family and loved ones this Vern Tejas checking with our first Elbrus team of the season and we would just like to say that we are complete now our bags have arrived and so has Katherine and Rob. So we are one big happy family now, one big happy family that did a lot of touring today. We ended up going to the Hermitage and St. Isaacs Cathedral as well as the Aurora the battleship that fired the first shot of the revolution. We also got over to the fortress of St. Peter and Paul which was one of the corner stones of the city three hundred years ago. It has been a full day of touring and tomorrow we head to the airport early. We will get up at 7:00, eat, pack our bags and go to the airport. We will fly south from the north end of the country to the south end, right to the Georgia border. We will then be in the Caucuses. We are going to stop in Mineral Vody where we will catch a bus for the last four hours of that trip. So stay tuned and keep watching that knob on your radio for the latest updates on Elbrus Team One, Out of the Shoot. Ciao for now.

Hello there friends, family and loved ones this is Vern Tejas with Alpine Ascents first Mt. Elbrus trip of the year. Most of the team is now assembled in St. Petersburg and we have only lost two bags so far and only two people, we are still waiting for Katharine and Ben to show up. Otherwise we had a great rendezvous and we have just gotten back from the restaurant after making introductions and getting a nice orientation. The team seems fit and they all have a great attitude so this looks to be the makings of an excellent Elbrus climb. So please stay tuned to the further adventures of Mt. Elbrus Team One, we will have a name soon enough. Stay tuned, ciao for now.

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