Mount Elbrus

(18,510ft/5,642m), Russia

Alpine Ascents Elbrus Maps & Facts

Map of Russia and Elbrus Region.

The Caucus Range
This mighty mountain range links the .phpian Sea to the Black Sea, and creates the natural boundary between the steppes of Russia and the southern states of Azerbaydzhani, Georgia and Armenia. Mt. Elbrus, the pinnacle of this 700-mile stretch, has long been a distinguished climbing center for the European and Russian climbing communities. Elbrus can easily be seen from most of the high passes in the area and is a traditional climb for those looking to ascend above 18,500ft. The Caucasus (or Kavkaz meaning 'more than mountains'), offers excellent climbing and skiing terrain to the outdoor enthusiast.

The Name Elbrus
Ancient people of the region called the mountain Strobilus and believed it to be the location where Prometheus was chained. Also called Elborus, the origin of the name is unknown.

First climbed
British Grove expedition with Akia Sottaev. 1874.

Elbrus was first attempted in 1829. Akia Sottaev initially climbed the lower east peak. Almost forty years later, in 1868, Sottaev was hired to be part of a summit attempt with British explorer, Douglas Freshfield. In 1874, six years after the unsuccessful attempt with Freshfield, Sottaev summitted with the Grove expedition. He was the first person to summit both peaks and was 86 years old at the time.


Formal Name: Russian Federation

Local Name: Rossiya

Local Formal Name: Rossiyskaya Federatsiya

Visa Info: All US citizens are required to have a visa before arriving in Russia. We will mail all applications and letter of invitation to you and you do not need to do anything until you receive this package ( about 60 days before departure) Visas need to be obtained well in advance of the climb and may be obtained from our travel agent (see flight info above) or can be procured directly from a Russian Embassy or consulate. Before obtaining a visa, a letter of invitation from Russia must accompany your application. We will contact you with information on how to obtain a visa.

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