Mount Elbrus

(18,510ft/5,642m), Russia

I'm just back from your Elbrus July 2015 trip and I wanted to drop you a line while everything is still fresh in my mind. First of all, I must congratulate you on running a first class operation, from top to bottom. My overall impression of your company and employees is extremely high coming off this trip. When looking around for an Elbrus outfitter, I reviewed several companies, and your safety and summit success records spoke for themselves. This, along with a resounding endorsement from my pal Michael, made AA the only real choice. And what a good choice it turned out to be!

Why Climb Elbrus with Alpine Ascents?

As the highest peak in Europe, Elbrus is a premier ascent for climbers who wish to test their skills at increasing altitude. Although only basic mountaineering skills are required, high-altitude and unpredictable weather make this a challenging and enticing ascent. Elbrus expedition is logistically demanding and we offer several key elements that separate our climb from other outfitters. One of our most popular climbs, this trip has filled five to six months in advance for the past five years.

Key Elements of our Climb and Success

  • Lead guides: We always send a guide from the United States, generally an experienced Himalayan climber. 2015 saw nearly 90% success with Vern and Carole Tejas leading our teams. Our 2016 trips are scheduled to be led by Vern Tejas.
  • Starting in 2016 we will be using the more pleasurable "High huts" to launch out summit bid.
  • Summit success: We have had a 95% summit success since 2000, with most teams having 100% success. Compare our expedition record to those of other guide services.
  • Flexible schedules: We have built-in extra days for bad weather and acclimatization to give our team the best chance of summiting. This includes extra days reserved for High Camp, which is not common.
  • Logistics: Russia is a challenging country in which to operate. Our years of experience have helped us iron out many of the wrinkles. We are able to deal with issues as they arise (and they will!).
  • Russian guides: We have been working with the same Russian staff for the past ten years and our guiding systems are extremely compatible. We hire extra guides for summit day (and often earlier) to keep climber-to-guide ratios low.
  • Hotels, lodging and transportation: We offer quality hotels and meals throughout the climb. (This is one way that guide services usually try and cut costs.) The cost of the internal flight to/from Mineral Vody is included.
  • City tours: Our departure and return dates are set to give us access to as many cultural activities as possible. We offer tours of St. Petersburg and Moscow.
  • Costs: We try to be up front about all costs. Note our cost inclusions, which cover internal flights and most meals.

We are planning to cybercast your expedition on our website. If you have any objections to having your name included in the cybercast as a team member, please contact us as soon as possible. Cybercasts can be viewed by friends and family at: How it works: Guides will call in an audio report that is immediately posted to the website. This report is transcribed the next business day and posted on our website and relayed to Facebook....Like us on Facebook and the post will be sent to your Facebook page.

Our Guiding Team
Alpine Ascents is known worldwide for the unparalleled quality of its guide staff. Recent Elbrus guides include famed mountaineers Todd Burleson and Vern Tejas. While many other outfitters are little more than a "one-man show," our trips are led by professional mountaineers with great flexibility in guide staff, full-time office support, logistics and access, and information for other great climbs around the world.

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