5+Years of Service Matthew Emht
Guide: International, Washington, Alaska

After growing up in Missouri, Matthew spent time in Washington and California developing a passion for the mountains. As a mechanical engineer he has designed and tested products such as the dragonfly stove and heat exchanger for MSR. About 12 years ago he moved to Alaska. There he has climbed and guided in the Alaska Range, the St. Elias Range, the Chugach, the Kenai Mountains, and the Wrangells. Matthew built his own Alaskan cabin near McCarthy about seven years ago and lives out there when not traveling. He is also a private pilot. Other experience includes climbs in Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, and Chile. Matthew has about 20 years of guiding experience.

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Significant Ascents

Denali (7 trips) 
Mt. Dickey (AK Range)
Middle Troll (AK Range)
London Tower (AK Range)
Pyramid Peak and multiple unnamed peaks (Wrangell's)
Aconcagua (11 trips)
Mt. Rainier
Mt. Hood
Devil's Tower
Mt. Conness via 2 routes (Sierras)
Torre Principal (Frey, Argentina)
Aleta del Tiberon (Torres del Paine, Chile)
Various rock routes in Yosemite, Red Rocks, Hatcher Pass, and Patagonia
Assorted ice climbs mostly in Alaska
Grand Teton


Emergency Medical Technician
Wilderness First Responder/ CPR
Avalanche Level II
Eagle Scout