Mount Everest

(29,035ft/8,850m) Nepal

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Climbing Route
By the time we reach base camp, our climbing leaders and Sherpa will be well on the way to having the lower part of the mountain (the Khumbu Ice Fall) already fixed with ropes and ladders. We will establish four camps on the mountain. The first, at 19,500ft, is situated at the top of the ice fall. This camp functions as an intermediate camp until Camp II (advanced base camp) is established at 21,000ft in the Western Cwm.
Camp II will consist of large tents for cooking and dining and several smaller tents for sleeping. Camp II will be our base during the placements of Camp III and Camp IV (23,500ft and 26,300ft respectively). Camp III, which stands at the head of the cirque on the Lhotse face will consist of three and four man tents. This camp serves as an intermediate camp which climbers will use to reach Camp IV (high camp) on the South Col.

Most of our Sherpa are able to carry directly from Camp II to Camp IV, so large amounts of gear are not needed at Camp III to establish Camp IV. Oxygen will be used above Camp III to help aid climbers in reaching high camp before attempting the summit. From Camp IV, we travel along the South East Ridge to the South Summit. From here we traverse for a few hundred meters before reaching the Hillary step and then onto the main summit.

Legend of the Golden Chair
The evil deities were gathered together plotting to take over the world. Buddha heard of their plan and challenged the foremost deity to a race to the summit Everest (Sagarmatha). The evil deity sped quickly off while the Buddha remained seated in his chair. After a time, deep in meditation, the Buddha floated to the top of the mountain, winning the race and defeating the evil deity for all time.


Formal Name: Kingdom of Nepal

Local Name: Nepala

Local Formal Name: Sri Nepala Sarkar

Visa Info: Passport and visa required for US Citizens. Tourist visas can be purchased upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu and at all other ports of entry. Nepalese Embassy:

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