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Everest School Projects

Teachers and educators throughout the country have been using mountaineering as a way to integrate and apply academic subjects to real life adventures. Because of the unique nature of many of the educational requests Alpine Ascents has received over the years, we have decided to host this forum for educators to share information and ideas. If you are interested in adding your curriculum to this site, please contact Matt Lepisto -  We will be expanding this site in the next few months. Thanks for your patience.

Qomolangma Project
Qomolangma - A Reese Lamb Expedition
For some students in Portland, Oregon the journey to to the summit of Mount Everest is measured in lessons learned. While the climbers from Alpine Ascents International guide from thousands of miles away through the Internet, these kids spend each day of their expedition better understanding the science, logistics, and climbing skills necessary to reach the top of the world. The ice, snow, and, altitude are made real by the dispatches, but the challenge comes from within. Check out their expedition.

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