2005 Everest Base Camp Trek Cybercast

4/16/05 Kathmandu
Hi Everyone.

We have been having a great time in KTM. Last night we ate dinner at Ying Yang Thai restaruant. Then to the Rum Doodle for late night drinks. It's always fun to see what the lastest foot prints have to say. ( In the Rum Doodle, climbers and trekkers get a wooden foot to write about their latest expedition and hang it on the wall). Lots of shopping took place all around town. I took three people over to the antique shops where you can buy 300 year old Tibetan Boxes and other artifacts.

Today about half the group left for Bangkok and the rest leave tomorrow. Also, we are waiting for Island Peak climbers, Chris, Janet and John to see if they made the summit. We will let you know as soon as they get back.

Thats all for now.

4/14/05 Kathmandu
Sorry for not being able to check in for the last three days. The phone was not recieving a signal and we could not transmit.

After leaving Dingboche for Namche we were able to visit Lama Geshe and spent a wonderful hour getting blessed and discussing life in both our countries and the good that can come from mutual understanding. Everyone enjoyed his playful manner. After lunch in Tengboche we headed down the long hill to Phunky Thanga then up a 1500 ft climb to reach the 3 mile traverse to Namche. The entire time the wheather was great. As always, the most stunning views in the world.

In Namche we stayed at the Panorama lodge, which is owned by our good friends Sherap and Lakpa Doma. The have just built new rooms with private baths. It was wonderful to take hot showers and relax in beds with thick mattresses. We spent half of the next day shoppping and then headed off towards Monso, about a 4 hour hike down valley. We were able to lose a couple of thousand feet and enter the thick pine forest of the lower valleys. It was a wonderful walk. We visited a few families that I knew along the way and enjoyed the leasurely walk to Monso. 

Yesterday we walked from Monso to Lukla, again through the beautiful pine forests and small villages of the lower valley. It took us only four hours to reach Lukla so we had all afternoon to enjoy relaxing in the warm sun and talking about our last two weeks of adventures up to Base Camp. At around 7PM we had a great dinner of fried chicken and roasted potatoes, then started the Sherpa party where we danced to Tibetan, Nepali and then rock and roll. The sherpa staff really came to life when they turned on 80's disco. Everyone had lots of fun and stayed up late. We only had a few hours of sleep before getting awakened at 5:30 am to get ready for our early flight to Kathmandu.

Everyone is now in the Yak and Yeti and eating hamburgers and enjoying life,just relaxing. It is Nepali New Year today so most of the shops are closed but tomorrow will be a big shopping day for most of us.

We will check in tomorrow. Thats all for now.


4/10/05 Dingboche
Hi this is Todd, we’re in Dingboche, at 14,000 feet. We just came down from Gorak Shep after climbing Kala Pattar this morning.  It was a beautiful day, the wind blew hard, but clear skies.  Six of us went up to the very top and the rest just moved down and decided they would just as soon stay lower, so they went down to Dingboche and had a rest.  It’s been a very, very windy day, clear skies, but very windy and the mountains are blowing high at the top, I’d say there’s probably blowing 100 mph today on the top of Everest and all the mountains down low. Things are great in Base Camp and we talked to Willi and Vernon.  All is good here, we had a wonderful dinner, and we’ve got three people going off to climb Island Peak tomorrow, that’s John Janet and Chris, so we’re hoping they have a successful climb and we’ll party tonight, so we won’t see them again, as they will be a few days behind us.  We’re on our way to Deboche and then sleep in Namche tomorrow night.  We’ve got three days left and it’s been a wonderful time, everybody seems to be in good health and things are positive and going well, talk to you soon, bye.

4/9/05 Everest Base Camp
Hi this is Todd from Everest Base Camp, all the trekkers just rolled in about noon.  Everyone is looking good.  We’re getting a little snow today, so it’s kind of cooler.  But Base Camp is all set up and everybody is very excited to be here.  We’re going to have lunch for about an hour or two, and then start heading down, we would all like to get back to our high camp in Gorak Shep.  Tonight we will sleep in Gorak Shep, and then our plan is tomorrow, to climb Kala Pattar and then start heading back down the highway towards Namche, and then Lukla, then on Kathmandu.  Base Camp is beautiful, we have some brand new tents with carpeted floors, I think the climbers should be really happy; everything seems to be in good form here.  Turns out the Ice Fall is already fixed up to Camp II, so things are progressing nicely. No climbers have gone up yet, just the icefall doctors.

The climbers should be about an hour behind us, they left from Lobuche, whereas we left from Gorak Shep, and they will be sending a cybercast in a few hours I imagine.  That’s it from Base Camp, everybody says hi, and everybody is excited to be here at the base of the top of the world.

4/8/05 Gorak Shep
Via the Seattle Office: Our trekkers are doing well in the area know as Gorak Shep. The team will likely make the 2 hour ascent of Nearly Kala Pattar and head to base camp tomorrow

4/5/05 Deboche
Hi this is Todd, we’re in Deboche. We had a great night last night, we camped out in a beautiful field, and we’re just getting ready to head up to Pheriche today and we’re packing up our yaks, and everyone is just having their breakfasts. A beautiful, sunny day, we’ve got Everest and Lhotse and Ama Dablam at our eye level, and the mountains are out in all their glory. Everyone is in great health and everything looks absolutely beautiful, the Rhododendrons are just about to start blooming, things are great up here.

We went up to the Tengboche Monastery yesterday on the way to Deboche. The Rinpoche was in Kathmandu, but we got to sit with the monks while they were chanting and that was a great experience. Then we visited the museum containing the history of the Khumbu, and the history of Tengboche Monastery and learned a lot of facts about this beautiful place; the Sherpas came here about 400 years ago, Tibetan Buddhism was brought here about 350 years ago at a similar time that the monasteries were founded. A lot of ancient history here.

We are having a wonderful time, our staff cooked us a 9-Course dinner last night, the food is amazing and everything is wonderful, so we will give you a call when we get to Pheriche, that’s all from Todd, bye bye.

4/3/05 Khumjung
Hi this is Todd, we’re in Khumjung, we had a great hike down yesterday from Thame, it snowed on us part of the way though, so everything was covered in white, but not enough to make it hard walking. We went up to the Thame monastery, we did a Puja with the Lama, he was great, he blessed us all and we gave him Khatas, and he gave us schrungis, little ties to keep us safe that we tie around our neck. And we did some group photographs, looked at all the books in the monastery. The monastery in Thame is about 350 years old so there were a lot of ancient artifacts there to look through. All the young monks were very kind and took out some of their scriptures and read them to us.

On the hike down we visited another monk who I have known for many years and he makes masks for the Mani Rimdu festival and he was exceptionally nice and gave me a thanka, and some other people purchased some paintings, and we had a great night last night in Khumjung. Man, the hotels are so nice now, we have indoor showers and plumbing and private rooms, so far it’s been great.

Right now it’s about 9 in the morning and we are on our way to Tengboche Monastery, where we will drop down to Photsi Tenga and have lunch at about 11,000 and climb up to about 12.5, 13 thousand at the Tengboche Monastery. We’ll visit the Lama and Rinpoche there and then we will head down about 100 meters to our campsite. Tonight is the first night outside, so it will be a challenge for everybody, but hopefully everybody has a good time. We’re all in great health and it is sunny and beautiful, we’ll talk to you again, bye bye.

4/2/05 Thame
Today was a great day. We visited the Namche market. Sherpa came from all the villages to trade their goods. Lots of interesting things to see and buy. All the trek is in good health and we had clear skies all the way to Thame (12,500). The mountains were out in all their glory. The trek took about six hours and we stopped for an hour for lunch. We will be heading to the Thame monastery in the morning for a puja with the Lama. We will touch base tomorrow. All for now from Thame. Todd

4/1/05 Namche Bazaar
Hi from Todd with the trekkers

Hi All, this is Todd in Namche. We had a great hike today. We climbed up to 12,600 feet and had great views of Everest, Lhotse, Ama Dablam and the surrounding valley. We have had great weather for the last two days. It is a little chilly at night and the days have been quite warm. Everyone is in good health and having fun. We plan on going to Thame tomorrow and spend the night. We will touch base then. All for now. Todd

3/31/05 Namche Bazaar
Hello there friends family and loved ones, this is Vern Tejas reporting in for the Alpine Ascents trekking groups to Base Camp on Everest. Today was a very productive day, we gained approximately 3,000 feet and made it all the way from Phak Ding all the way up to Namche Bazaar. Everybody was feeling the altitude, especially the last part of the day where we climbed up the Dudh Kosi River up to the town itself, it’s quite steep, and we always take a lot of time and tell a lot of jokes and take a lot of breaks and here we are. People are feeling it but we are very pleased to be here, where we are going to spend a couple of days in and around this area, getting fully acclimatized. The climbing group has all made it in as well, and I will be shifting back over to the climbing team and Todd will be taking the Trekkers into Base Camp. So you will be getting different reports, but stay tuned for the further adventures of Base Camp trekkers. Ciao for now and sweet dreams.

3/30/05 Dudh Kosi
Hello there friends family and loved ones, this is Alpine Ascents ’ Trekking to Everest base Camp group. And we like to say that we got out of Dodge today, we left the big city of Kathmandu after a wonderful tour of the city yesterday. And we’re no on our way up into the Khumbu. We got up quite early this morning, at about 4:00, got all of our gear together and packed and went down for breakfast at 5:00 and right on o the airport where we flew on a DeHaviland Twin Otter through quite bumpy but clear weather and landed at the quaint and very extreme airport of Lukla. It’s about 9,000 feet in the foothills of the Himalaya . Our team is in great spirits and we unloaded with glee and got on the trail and made our way up, or down I should say because it’s actually a lower elevation, and we’re now down at about 8,300 feet camping along the Dudh Kosi River and we’ve got a beautiful, beautiful hotel here surrounded by blooming apple trees because Spring is happening out here in the Khumbu. And we just had a wonderful 5-course dinner and everybody is getting ready to go to bed early because we’re still trying to get over our jet lag, so a few people are going to stay up late and play cards and the rest of us are going to bed. Thanks for tuning in and just know that all of the trekkers are safe and sound and on their way, so ciao for now, Vern Tejas signing out.

3/28/05 Kathmandu
Greetings from Todd in Kathmandu. We are all gathered this moring for our tour of the city. We are a group of trekkers and climbers anxious to get on our way. All the trekkers have made it with 1-2 clibers arriving in the next day. We will also be joined by some of the school children that the Alpine Ascents Foundation supports. We'll send a few updates on way to base camp. Willi and Ellie will also fly in with the trekkers and I will be leading the trekking group that will weave in/out with the climbing group. Once we arrive at base camp we will set up our full commumication system. So namaste to everyone following the climb and trek and away we go... Todd signing out...

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