2009 Everest Base Camp Trek & Kala Pattar Cybercast

2009 Trekking/Climbing Team Roster

April 20, 2009


We had a long hike down from Namche yesterday. One described it as pleasant, another as long and grueling. There was a slight mist in the afternoon that helped keep us cool on our brisk walk into Lukla. We had an exciting night celebrating with all of our staff at the Irish Pub. We taught them how to play pool and danced to U2 as well as local Nepali music. Unfortunately today it is raining all day here in Lukla, so we will be entertaining ourselves here another day. Hopefully we will get out tomorrow, as many of us have flights home the day after. It was very fun to hang out with our local staff and get to see them playing. They are a cheerful crew always offering a smile even after a hard days work. They are returning to their villages today some of which have a 3 day journey below Lukla to get home. It has been a wonderful journey trekking with these guys, and we are a bit sad to say goodbye. Thanks to you all for following along!



Little guy with his dhoko basket.

Ernst teaches Utam Rai to play pool.

Group celebration with Staff in Lukla.


April 19, 2009


16 Bridges to Namche Island Peak contingent!

We have now arrived in Namche where we are enjoying a shower and nice accomodations. Yesterday we hiked from Island Peak base camp to Pangboche. We were sad to say goodbye to our climbing sherpas Chewang and Tsering who had to go back up to Everest Base Camp to climb the big one. The journey down has been pleasant and has offered a different reality than on the way up. We had great views today from Tengboche of Ama Dablam, Everest, Lhotse and Nuptse which we did not get to see due to clouds during our ascent. Our appetites are slowly coming back, and we are looking forward to a good meal tonight. It is amazing to see the changes in the ecosystems as we hike back down into the rhododendron forest. We are starting to see more flowers and a few green pastures. We again enjoyed seeing all the beautiful children of the Khumbu.

Tomorrow we will descend to Lukla, and we hope to fly out to Katmandu the next day.

Lots of Love to our families and friends! Namaste!

Island Peak.

Dave Jumping the Crevasse on Summit Day.

Bernard taking his turn while on belay.

Ernst topping out on the headwall.

Summit photo on Island Peak.

April 18, 2009

Updates from the Trekkers

April 15

We left Dingboche today along with the Island Peak climbers. It was a beautiful weather as we walked through Thangboche Monastery and on to Namche. It is a long ways but our acclimatization allowed us to make it in around 6 hours. All felt great as we were greeted by Lakpa Doma and Sherpa at the Panorama hotel. They have one of the best hotels in all the Khumbu. You can talk a shower for half an hour and still have water for your room mate.

We had an amazing dinner with lots of celebration with our friends in Namche. All trekkers doing well and ready to hike to Lukla in the morning.

April 16

We left around 8:30 AM for Lukla. It is a long way but mostly down hill until the very end where we ascend up and down terrain to finally gain 500 ft to reach the Lukla airport. (9500 ft) We all feel super human in the thick air and are ready for a big dinner and Sherpa party tonight.

Dinner came at 7:30 PM and after the Sherpa offered us a local drink of rice beer (Chang). Later we acknowledged them individually for their hard work and gave them their tips. This led into dancing (both Sherpa and Nepali dance). By the end of the night we had Christine dancing on top of the stove fireplace inside the dining room, fortunately it was not lit. What a great night and all are excited about the flight to Kathmandu tomorrow.

April 17

We rose early and backed our bags. We could hear Airplanes landing on the short but steep 1200 foot strip. We quickly headed to the airport where we boarded twin otters (each holding 16 people) and launched off the side of the mountain and headed to Kathmandu. As we rose to around 11, 000 ft we had great views of the mountains. One can only think about how great it would be to stand at the foot of each one of them as we did for Everest.

After landing in Kathmandu we headed to the Yak and Yeti for a long shower and clean clothes. At dinner we reflected on our amazing experiences with our Sherpa guides and the mountain range in which they live. It was a remarkable journey for all of us. It is difficult to translate into words challenging one's self for so many days in the high mountains and finally reaching our goal. All of us look back with wonder and satisfaction that we stood at the base of Mount Everest.

Tomorrow we do some shopping and get ready for our flight home to family and friends. Our best wishes are with the climbing team as they prepare for their journey to the top of the world.

April 17, 2009
Namaste from 16 Bridges to Namache Island Peak crew the 17th of April, tonights cybercast is prepared by Dave. We crawled into our sleeping bags last night to blustery winds and cold temps. We awoke this morning to find a dusting of snow on the ground however there was nota breath of wind and skies were clear. After a quick breakfast we were on the trail by 2:45 am. We hiked by headlamp under the stars and half moon, Winslow was pointing out different constellations in the sky and Ernest was enjoying his first experience rock scrambling. After several hours of climbing we eventually reached a glacier we donned our harnesses and continued only to find a few open crevasses, nothing that Winslow and our Sherpa Team couldnt handle. We utilized our long jumping skills with a belay from both sides and eventually made it passed the gaping crevasses and up to the headwall. The headwall was a piece of cake for us thanks for the extensive training given yesterday, we cranked on through it and onto the summit ridge. The ridge its self offered spectacular views of the mighty Himalaya including the massive south face of Lhotse. We continued up the ridge for an hour or so until approximately 11:28am the team safely reached the summit of Island Peak. The views continued to amaze us all, we took a few photos and exchanged a few hugs and eventually set off for the long journey down. We are now back at base camp, eating and drinking and getting ready for our long hike out of here. Special thanks to Winslow, Tshering and Chewang and all of the team for their wonderful guidance for seeing us safely up and down the mountain. Namaste.

April 16, 2009
Namaste from the Island Peak contingency of 16 Bridges to Namache, it is the 16th today and we are headed to bed early, getting prepared for the summit. We had a very relaxing day today, we slept in, had a wonderful breakfast of cinnamon rolls, eggs and pancakes. We reviewed skills of ascending a fixed line and repelling and then we relaxed this afternoon and packed our packs. We also had today what we perceived to be spring rolls (…transmission garbled…) put ketchup over it then we found out that it was most decadent chocolate roll with almonds inside. So we are very happy and well carbo loaded for our adventures this evening. We are going to get up at 1:30 in the morning and leave at 2:30 and expect to take about 12 hours round trip for the journey. We will call you tomorrow evening and let you know how it all goes. Thanks for tuning in, Namaste.

April 15, 2009
Namaste from Team 16 Bridges to Namache, this is the Island Peak group. We had a great day today, this morning we were sad to leave the trekkers as they went down and we came up but we had a lovely stroll up the Chhukhung Valley and had absolutely stunning views of Ama Dablam to our right, Lhotse and Nuptse to the left, Island Peak directly in front of us. Folks really enjoyed the Chhukhung Lodge where we had lunch, it was very clean, neat and orderly and we are hoping to make our way back there sometime. We continued on up the valley to the Island Peak base camp where we are happily situated in our dinning tent that we have called the Hotel California as we are listening to the ipod and Jacks speakers, we have got the whole Eagles concert going here. Everyone is feeling great, happy and looking forward to a rest day and skills day tomorrow and early to bed for our summit attempt tomorrow night. Thanks for checking in. Namaste.

Angela doesn't let the altitude slow her down.

Chris deomonstrates the Dragon.

Todd doing yoga with Cholaste behind him.

Bernard and Ken rest after lunch.

April 14, 2009
Namaste from 16 Bridges to Namache we are all down in the town of Dingboche, a little below 14,000 feet, everyone is enjoying a little thicker air down here. This morning we got up earlier, half the group hiked up Kala Pattar where we had wonderful views of Everest and Lhotse. There was beautiful weather, blue skies and not much wind. Some of the group stayed down to save their energy for the descent. We came down half way through the day, the weather changed, the clouds moved in and we were hiking head first into a blustery snow storm that felt more like a wind storm, it felt like Ireland as we hiked across the high plateau. After a long day we found ourselves down in Dingboche as we celebrated our last evening together, our cook made a beautiful cake for us. We are looking forward to sleeping well down here, one more breakfast together before the climbers go up to Island Peak and the trekkers make their way down towards Namache tomorrow. Thank you for your support, we will talk to you tomorrow.

On the way up to Kala Pattar.

Group on the way up to Kala Pattar.

April 13, 2009

Hi it is Monday the 13th , 16 Bridges to Namache todays cybercast is prepared by Andrew. This morning was an early start 6:00 am breakfast and a 6:30 departure. I was surprised to see Sherpas sleeping outside my door, they were pilled up in a large square, bundled up and looking comfortable. At breakfast we were all excited for French toast, Jack had at least Ľ pound of butter on his. We cast off for base camp missing only Kristine, Harris, Winslow and Colleen. On the start of the hike it was cold as we scrambled over rocks and frozen pools but the day warmed up quickly with a cloudless sky and everyone stripped to their base layers. My mom, Jane was wearing her heavy weight long underwear (which I advised against) Todd Burleson dubbed her the green hornet as she is now in her skin tight forest green body suit with a lime green hat. We cruised up and hiked on rolling glacier moraine battling yaks and porters. We took our breaks along the way to recover, I had a small head headache and about half way through Passang our lead guide offered to take my pack. Todd said “youll take mine if you take his” needless to say I had too much pride considering that my mom was still sporting hers.

During a couple of sections of trail we had to space out as there was risk of rock fall, all made it through safely. We finally made it to through the glacier around 10:30 am. The terrain consisted of ice covered with gravel which was at times difficult to navigate. Ken enlightened Dave on his theory on why the Himalayan Yeti was so difficult to find, he lives in the cracks in the glacier and since the glacier is moving down every year, his house is hard to find.

Through the day we enjoyed views of Nuptse, Lho La Pass, the tea houses and the treacherous Khumbu ice fall. We finally made it into base camp around 11:30 am, little did we know that we still had a 30 minute hike over difficult terrain to reach the Alpine Ascents base camp on the far side of town. It was interesting to see Alpine Ascents base camp which consisted of several mountaineering tents, a large dinning tent, a kitchen tent, shower tents and some tent toilets. Lunch was enjoyable and everyone was in good spirits and relatively good health. We watched a team of climbers navigating through the Khumbu icefall up to camp I, likely securing new routes. We took our last photos on our way out of base camp and passed the climbing team coming up. We left Ellie behind and were glad that she had first dibs on a tent before the climbers arrived.

In the afternoon the clouds rolled in and the temperature began to drop. We made our way back to Gorak Shep, thankful for everything that the day entailed. We were all happy to see Winslow and Harris in our lodge looking much better than when we left them, Kristine was looking better as well. Now we will all rest in the lodge warmed by the yak dung fire. We will attempt to hike up to Kala Pattar tomorrow for hopefully beautiful views of Everest and surrounding peaks. Who knows what dinner will bring tonight, I am hoping for sushi although I know it is unlikely. For all who are reading, thanks for your support – Andrew. Namaste.

April 12, 2009
Namaste this is Winslow with 16 Bridges to Namche it is the 12th of April, tonights cybercast is prepared by Bernard. We woke up this morning, Easter Sunday in Lobuche at 4,910 meters with hardboiled eggs marking the significance of the occasion. The day started with blue skies contrasting the snow covered mountains and the weather graciously held for the entire day. The other special significance of the day was a double birthday Dianette and Ernest with both looking as radiant as possible in days old hiking gear. Winslow took her turn, succumbing to a tummy bug and remained in Lobuche with Harris to recover for the day hopefully to come up tomorrow.

With Ellie basecamp manager of the AAI Everest expedition taking over the reins at the front, Todd played tail end. Ellie ably demonstrating her 12 years of experience of the region by giving us talks of local features, glacier moraine pushed aside by the Khumbu glacier noting that she has seen the effects of global warming in her time. The lady up front, lady of the mountain with her long braid stepped on her glasses at one point, bent them back into shape and led the team (…transmission garbled…) to Gorak Shep. We had stunning views of Nuptse for most of the day and were inspired by the amphitheater of mountains surrounding Gorak Shep. The first view of Everest base camp and Kala Patter marked the approach of our half way mark. Ellie led us half way up Kala Pattar to 17,000 feet for an after lunch acclimatization where we saw our second glimpse of Everest for this trip. With Jack entertaining us as usual with his growing Sherpa vocabulary and (…transmission break…)

April 11, 2009
Namaste it is the 11th of April we have changed our name now to 21 Bridges to Lobuche, tonights cybercast is prepared by Harris. Winslow and Todd were very nice to us today as we were allowed to sleep in an extra half hour before beginning a leisurely climb from Pheriche to Lobuche at 15,900, a gain of 2000 feet. The weather was perfect, sunny blue skies with few clouds and just enough wind to keep everyone cool. We enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch at Dughla and were surprised by the re emergence of Roger the dog our part time mascot. At the first pass on the climb out of Dughla we rested at the climbers memorial, this provided an abundance of photo opportunities especial for Ernest our group photographer. From the top of the pass the trek in Lobuche was a lovely stroll along a glacier moraine, here we reunited with our friends the Taiwanese Team who are going for the 7th summit on Everest. We are looking forward to getting to Gorak Shep by noon tomorrow where we will enjoy a leisurely lunch and potentially climb Kala Patter in the afternoon in hopes of catching the sunset on the way down. The weather was fantastic this evening and the Mexican Pie went for double servings and the fried mash potatoes was also a hit. Lakpa and I could not find a single person in the entire lodge to play hearts, word must be out that we are kicking butt around town. Thanks for tuning in we will check in tomorrow.

April 10, 2009

Namaste from 16 Bridges to Namche tonights cybercast is prepared by Jack. We are at Pheriche, 13,900 feet; it is the 10th of April. We awoke to a dusting of snow and about 20 degrees Fahrenheit and clear skies with magnificent views in all directions. After a great breakfast of eggs, hash browns, tomatoes and poppy seed cake the group headed up the adjacent hill for an acclimatization hike. Everyone remained in great spirits and climbed to 15,500 feet or higher. Upon returning to Pheriche after the hike, some enjoyed apple strudel at the German bakery then followed with a lunch of California rolls and the ever so perfect miso soup, we must stay hydrated. The group also rejoined with Roger the local Khumbu dog who has followed us on and off from Lukla, one of the guides swears that Roger made it to camp II on Everest, 21,000 feet in 2006, quite a feat considering the Khumbu Ice Fall. All of this was followed at 3:00 pm by a terrific mandatory seminar on altitude sickness given by Tracey a MD volunteering for three months here at Pheriche from the US. Everyone enjoyed this informative talk and we are now standing around the stove staying warm and telling stories many of which are quite riveting. This trek continues to be an amazing experience, especially the interface with the Sherpa and yaks, we are fortunate to have avoided any serious health issues and we look forward to giving everyone an update tomorrow. Namaste.

April 9, 2009

Namaste this is Team 16 Bridges to Namche, it is Thursday the 9th of April. We went from Deboche at 12,400 feet today to Pangboche for lunch where we also got a blessing from the Lama Geshe then we continued on to Pheriche 13,800 feet. The cybercast this evening was prepared by James. Happy Birthday to Chris Dillon who today celebrated is 55th birthday in a uniquely spiritual fashion. As we ate breakfast of pancakes and omelets, Chris received gifts of a long shawl from Todd Burleson, an engraved bracelet from his beloved Angelia and a sliver locket that was filled with incents from the blessed Dali Lama and was blessed by the Lama Geshe and filled with rice today. (…transmission garbled…)

Along the way we saw bright blue blood pheasant, several Himalayan tahr, a large vulture and a golden eagle flying high above us (…transmission garbled…) The prayer from the Lama Geshe is as follows: our quest to all sentient beings on the planet, give up all intentions to harm others from your heart and do your best to benfit them all. If each and everyone fills the universal responsibility to do so we all enjoy (… transmission garbled…)

As we continued on we had lunch in Shomare and hiked on up, it was very cloudy and began to snow on us and by the time we got to Pheriche there was an inch or so of snow on the ground and it was blowing sideways which was a real treat to be in the snow up here. A few hours later it cleared off and we had a few views of the mountains around and now it is snowing heavily again. We are looking forward to waking up to some beautiful snow covered peaks in the morning hoping for a sunny day. We are going to go on a day hike tomorrow, we are just doing an acclimatization hike and then take the afternoon off and rest here in Pheriche. Thank you for tuning in and we will talk to you tomorrow. Namaste.

April 8, 2009

Hi this is Winslow with team 16 bridges to Namche. I have to thank Angela for preparing tonights cybercast, it is Wednesday the 8th of April and we all safely arrived in the town of Deboche. It was day filled with paradox as we viewed the highest mountains in the world and deep valleys as well. We trek along the beaten path taking in cedar covered gorges and cross a wooden planked bridge at Phunki Tenga. The bridge across clear and white water rive is our connection to the long and dusty trail to the Tengboche Monastery. When we arrive it becomes clear that we are on holy ground. After refreshing ourselves at the best bakery on this side of Everest we venture through the threshold of the monastery. We witness an evening prayer service filled with chanting, drum beats, horns and blessings; our senses are awakened with the colorful wall paintings and the sound that to many bring a feeling of reverence. As we leave the Monastery we are gifted with a view of Everest that fills us with awe. We trek a bit further to a rest stop at Deboche where we are staying at the Rivendale Tea House. Lots of love to our friends and family, thanks for following our cybercast.

April 7, 2009

Team: 16 Bridges to Namche


We have finally decided, after days of deliberation, on a team name of 16 Bridges to Namche. Chris paid carful attention to count them all. Today was a busy and exciting for a layover day. We hiked up to Khunde which is 12,600 feet. We had wonderful views on the way seeing for the first time Ama Dablam and Everest. It was so breath taking, that I can only imagine how many photos were taken amongst the group. Could be up to a 1000 the way Ersnt, the group photographer, snaps away.

In Khunde we visited the Hospital that services about 8000 locals who aften have to walk over 10 miles to receive treatment. We learned that 60% of births are done at home with a birthing kit, stomach cancer is the most common cause of death, immunization has become standard now, and visiting doctors come to perform cateract surgeries. They used to have volunteer doctors from out of country rotate in, but now the doctor is a local Sherpa from Thame practicing as the lead physician since 2000.

We saw a helicopter land in Shangboche in a cloud of dust where our clibers received the rest of there supplies. We then traveled to Khumjung seeing the very nice Hillary school, which is the main education facility in the Khumbu.

We named our stray dog Roger as he has continued to stick around. In fact, he does not leave our side on the trail being careful never to pass the leader.

After lunch some people visited the interesting Sherpa museum across town, others went shopping, read a book, wrote in their journal, or surfed the internet.

We experienced our first snow storm lasting for a few hours. It was much needed here as they had a dry winter leaving the grass dry making in difficult to feed the Yaks. We saw our first real yaks today as well. Below here they use zoe's which are a cross between a yak and a cow. The yaks just can't handle the heat down there.

Our evening was capped off with yoga for some, and a moonrise over Tamsurku for others. We also enjoyed purchasing paintings from Pasang who lives in Thame. He is a painter that lost his fingers on both hands while guiding on Cho Oyu. Lucky for us he found a second career painting.

Tomorrow we are heading to Deboche at 12,400 feet. Thanks for listening!



Mount Everest with lenticular cloud.

Grant tries out yoga.

Group photo near Khunde.

Yaks lined up for duty.

Andrew and Jane with Ama Dablam behind them.

Group photo above Namche Bazar.

Thamserku and Kusum Kangaroo in the background

April 4, 2009

Namaste friends and family,

We had another interesting day yesterday. Six people were able to make it into Lukla, and the rest of us did not leave the ground. We are hoping for more suceess today. Todd B made it in with Dianette, Ernst, Dave, Bernard, and Harris. They are waiting for us in Lukla. On the up note some of us took a trip to the Katmandu Durbar Square where the Choti Machendranat festival was taking place. It was truely an amazing experience, and we felt lucky to see it. The locals pulled a 40 ft tall chariot through the streets. If they made it to the end, it is good luck. It looked like a challenging task. There were a few band that preceded the chariot, and the people where dressed in lovely bright colors. In the sqaure there are many cultural things to see like the large town bells and drum, the largest in the valley, used to call town meetings. We also saw the White Bhairab is the god of alcohol who is only seen once a year in a drinking festival, and the Black Bhairab who is the god of death. If you lie in front of him you will supposedly die, so they would bring criminals here to see if they were guilty. We saw the Kumari's house. She is the only proclaimed living goddess. She is now four years old, and will be the goddess until she reaches puberty, and then another will be choosen.

Some people enjoyed reading and catching up on their sleep while others, went to dinner at the Garden of Dreams. It is the most beautiful garden in Kathmandu with its ponds, roses, trees, and flowers. We throughly enjoyed our dinner there and hope to get back be before we leave. But not as much as we hope to fly to the Khumbe today.

Thanks for following our trip!


Sue and Angela hang with some locals before the festival.

Band precedes the chariot.

Ken, Chris and Grant in front of the Balck Bhiarab.

Locals gathering for the festival.

Sue and Angela with the Banyan Tree.

April 3, 2009


We did not fly today, and we were happy to spend the day here at the Yak and Yeti instead of waiting at the airport. The weather was socked in all day at Lukla again, so no flights went out. We now get to sleep in a little later tomorrow with an 8am departure to the airport if it is clear. On the up note, we had a yoga session in the grassy lawn out back which was fun. In the afternoon we took a tour to the Patan Durbar Square, one of the original old cities of Kathmandu with beautiful temples and interesting culture. Some folks visited the Kathmandu Durbar Square instead. Both are fascinating. We then enjoyed another buffet here at the hotel including an amazing dessert selection of cakes, mouse, creme brulee, and fruit. So I can't say we are suffering too much despite our desire to get out to the mountains. It is now raining outside so perhaps all the clouds will be washed away. Thanks for tuning in!

Warm reguards from across the world!


Group photo, mix of trekkers and climbers.

Ken Shopping.

Dance/Act at Restaurant.

Some of the group at Nepali Chulo for dinner and dance.

Photo of Sherpa Outfit.

Young student painting a Thanka Mandala.

April 2, 2009

Namaste from the EBC and IP group. We had a lovely day at the airport waiting to fly out only to return back to the Yak and Yeti in the afternoon. It remained cloudy all day in Lukla, so no flights went that direction. The airport visit was somewhat productive as we mailed post cards, checked the internet, read our books, socialized and had a delicious meal upstairs in the restaurant. Not quite ideal, but everyone is still happy and content to be experiencing Nepal. On the return we were in a most interesting traffic jam where we witnessed how the large bus teaches the small van the rules of the road. We thoughly enjoyed dinner tonight at the Nepali Chulo restaurant where they performed 5 different rounds of dance with coustumes representing various regions of Nepal. One dance was a peacock that took a liking to Christine. We are in line to fly out tomorrow, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather. After a 4am wake up today, we are looking forward to a good nights rest. Thanks for following along!



Team visiting Boudhanath.

Everest Trek and Island Peak Team.

April 1, 2009

This is Winslow Passey calling in the first cybercast for the Everst Base Camp trekkers and Island Peak climbers. Everyone has arrived safely to Katmandu with only a few delays and missing bags, but happy none the less. Bernard arrive just today, a few days late, and Andrew is still waiting for his luggage, which should come tomorrow. We are scheduled to fly into the Khumbu tomorrow to the lovely town of Lukla at 9000 feet. We are getting up at 4am to head to the airport.

We have a great group of excited people. Introducing to you: Todd Burleson (guide), Susan Martin, Jack Martin, Colleen Crowley, Grant Beverage, Christine Damico, Jane Unzeitig, Andrew Unzeitig, Harris Powers, Bernard Robinson, Ernst Merkhofer, David Simms, Ken Smith, Chris Dillon, Angela Dillon, Dianette Wells, and both Todd Dupuy and Dane' Tiensch who are mostly hanging with their brother/spouse respectively in the Everest climbing group.

Today was action packed as we took tour of Katmandu. We went to the famous Buddhist Swayambhunath stupa, also known as the monkey temple as there are many running around, thought to be build 3-4000 yrs. ago. It was colorfully decorated with new flags, and was freshly polished and painted.

Next we visited the school where the children that are sponsored through the Sherpa Foundation attend. They were so cute as they showed us around there school, and sang a song for us as one kid played the guitar. We then traveled to Bodnath, a another beautiful stupa famous for Tibetion Buddhism under which many ancient prayers are stored. Finally we toured to Pasupatinath, a Hindu temple on the holy Bagmati river where the locals creamate the dead.

After a lovely lunch, we headed many different directions to prepare for our departure tomorrow, we were busy picking up last minute items and packing our duffles. Andrew's bags have not arrived, so he has collected clothes from climbers and trekkers to get him by for a few days. They are suppose to be close behind us coming in the afternoon tomorrow. It looks like he has enough to survive anything but a Yeti attack!

We hope you stay tuned for our journey into the Khumbu. It should be interesting as Todd Burleson, the other guide and owner of Alpine Ascents, has shaved his head and given up all his earthly possession except for the clothes on his back to see if he can survive. He is taking light and slow to a new level! Nothing but his flip flops really! So stay tuned! Well the fine print here may say something like april fools!

Namaste is the Nepali greeting meaning, may the divine in me bless the divine in you!

Thanks for following our trip, Winslow

2009 Everest Base Camp Trekkers
Grant Beverage – Nagoya, Japan
Colleen Crowley – Washington
Christine Damico – Connecticut
Angela Dillon – Minnesota
Todd DuPuy – California
Susan Martin - Washington
Harris Powers _ Mississippi
Dane Tiensch
Andrew Unzeitig - Texas
Jane Unzeitig _ Texas

Island Peak Climbers
(After visiting BC, climbers will leave the trekking group in Dingboche/Pheriche)
Christopher Dillon _ Minnesota
Jack Martin – Washington
Ernst Merkhofer – Germany
Bernard Robinson- South Africa
David Simms – Rhode Island
Kendall Smith – Minnesota
Dianette Wells – California

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