Cultural Tours of India


As Featured in the Nov. 2005 Issue of National Geographic Adventure

We are so pleased with the tour. You have opened a new world for us, a culture and place so beautiful, so complex, so rich. As usual in traveling we come home with another perspective on which to view our own world. The trip was a wonderful overview. I cannot wait for the opportunity to return with you and to explore more profoundly the richness of the culture. Thank you for everything that you have done.- Doug S.

Cultural India Tours with Alpine Ascents
For most of the past 20 years, Alpine Ascents Director of Programs, Gordon Janow has been visiting and leading private tours to India with a particular interest in small private groups. A labor of love, to say the least, Gordon puts together private tours based on group interest, using his vast knowledge of India to combine a personal experience with handpicked sights.

Past Tours have included: (Sample Itineraries available from the menu to the right)

  • Modern Art and Ancient Architecture Tours of North India including visits to some of India's most prominent galleries and meetings with local Architects
  • Temple Tours of South India, delving into traditional  Hindu lifestyle and practice
  • Cycling tours of Rajasthan on the old (now unused) highways as a unique way to see village life firsthand
  • Rural tours of the far less traveled central Hindu, with visits to the exotic and historic sights of ancient empires and Buddhist Caves
  • Tribal areas of to the Northwest , straddling the ancient lands and culture of China and Burma
  • Trekking tour in Ladakh (Little Tibet) one of the last untouched vestiges of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Golf and Tennis side trips while visiting the great sights of North India.

We invite you to contact Gordon to set up your own personalized India Journey.

About Your Guide
Program Director for Alpine Ascents International, Gordon Janow has amassed over three years traveling the subcontinent, with 16 visits. His most recent visit was the rarely traveled region of Nagaland. His writings about the region have been published in both the United States and India (including the Financial Times of India, Outpost Magazine, and MSNBC) and he has been a Asia consultant for such media as CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Outside Magazine and ABC News.
A Recent Article By Gordon

Gordon - Your deft guidance and deep knowledge of India made our experience unforgettably outstanding. All five of our senses were continually stimulated - to the max. Also the unusual bonding of the group was gratifying. We care about one another. Your background and experiences in India helped us experience India in a unique way that no other tour can offer. --Sue R.

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