Island Peak & Kala Pattar

20,305ft/6,189m - 18,187ft/5,545m, Nepal

Island Peak Maps & Facts

First Climbed: 1953, C.Evans, A.Gregory, C.Wylie, T.Norgay + 7 sherpas.
Named Island Peak: By Eric Shipton's 1952 Party for its resemblance to "an island in a sea of ice". Renamed Imja Tse in 1983 by Nepal Mountaineering Asoc. Retains Island Peak as its popular name.


Formal Name: Kingdom of Nepal

Local Name: Nepala

Local Formal Name: Sri Nepala Sarkar

Visa Info: Passport and visa required for US Citizens. Tourist visas can be purchased upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu and at all other ports of entry. Nepalese Embassy:

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