Alpine Ascents Kilimanjaro Winter 2002 Cybercast

#12 January 21st, 2002.  Arusha, Tanzania
Hello, this is the Kilimanjaro Expedition, it's the 21st of January, 2002.  We had a successful safari in Tarangire yesterday, we saw quite a few animals.  Then we drove on back to Arusha and had an Indian dinner locally, and now we are headed to Nairobi in a few hours to get our flights home.  Everybody had a great time, everybody's healthy, everybody got to see plenty of animals and we're on our way.  This is the last cybercast, so take care and talk to you later, next time on Kilimanjaro. Bye, bye.

#11 January 20th, 2002.  Tarangire, Tanzania
Hey, it is the 20th of January 20th, 2002.  On a beautiful morning, at 6:00 in the morning, here in Tarangire National Park.  We are about to leave on another day of game viewing, yesterday we visited Ngorongoro Crater, we saw all sorts off animals.  We saw a near kill by lions of a cape buffalo, three male lions running down two buffalo, the buffalo won. Two buffalo, three lion, the lions lost.  But anyway, we had a great time and then we drove after lunch from Ngorongoro back over here to Tarangire, where we will be for the morning game drive.  We are hoping to see a leopard today, that will complete the big five.  And cheetahs, all sorts of neat animals here that we didn't see in the crater.  Everybody's doing great, we had a good time, we'll talk to you later, bye, bye.

#10 January 19th, 2002.  Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
Good morning it is the 19th of January, and this is the Kilimanjaro expedition ion safari.  We had a great day yesterday we drove from Arusha and through Lake Manyara and saw two of the big five, we saw elephants and we saw cap buffalo along with zebra and bushbuck and dik dik, giraffe, and a bunch of other small animals.  Then we drove on over here to Ngorongoro Crater. We got here at about 4 :00 in the afternoon after a brief rain, so everything was green and the air was clear, had a great view off the rim of the crater and then we drove over to a Masai village, where we spent nearly two hours talking with the local folks, and seeing the school and other things.  Everybody had a great time and then we came on up here to Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge where we had a great had dinner and everybody sat around.  The only complaint is that they don't know hoe to transition from getting out of a tent to getting out of bed.

It's about 6:00 in the morning and we're about to take off for another day of safari.  Today we go on to Tarangire Sopa Lodge and we see Tarangire National Park and then tomorrow back to Arusha.  So we'll talk to you later, that's all for now, bye, bye.

#9 January 17th, 2002.  Arusha, Tanzania
Hello, this is Jim Williams, and his crew off of Kilimanjaro.  We walked down yesterday and we didn't call you after the summit because it rained.  It rained and rained and rained all through the evening and into the night.  But it got clear this morning and we had a spectacular walk down.  They've changed the route now, we don't got to Mweka Camp, we got to Rau Camp which is a grassy area with a nice view of the mountain.  We made it al down to the gate, Mweka Gate, and got everybody taken care of.  We are now back in the Novotel Mt. Meru in Arusha, getting ready to go out to dinner this evening.  So we'll keep you up to date as we go on safari.  But everybody summited and everybody got down without any incidents, so we're all pretty happy.  Okay, thanks a lot, bye bye.

#8 January 16th, 2002.  Summit of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Hey this is the Kilimanjaro group standing on top of Africa! We're all standing here and are taking flash pictures on top of this thing.  We got up here at just about 6:00.  Actually the entire group is here together.  Everybody is healthy and happy and soon we're going to start down.  The visible quality around us is foggy so we won't have a great sunrise.  A couple of folks want to say something:

John Canning: "Hi I would just like to say that I am damn happy to be here, and there are no sightings of the dung leopard on the top of Kilimanjaro.  However, we're all happy to be here.  You all have a good one.

Hi Jeff Dossett, coming to you from the top of Kilimanjaro.  I just want to say thanks to Alpine Ascents, and all the folks at Bushbuck, all the porters, the cooks, the guides, assistant guides, Tobias, all the people who helped us, the entire team up on top of Kilimanjaro in some difficult conditions, so thanks a lot it's great to be here.

We'll call you back when when get down to some thicker air.

#7 January 15th, 2002.  Cosolo Camp, Tanzania
Hello, this is Jim Williams on Kilimanjaro, it's about 11:30 at night and we're on our way getting up and getting moving.  It snowed most of the night but it's stopped at the mountain. We're on our way to have breakfast and get on our way climbing.  So we'll try to call you from the summit.  Everybody's in good spirits, everybody's healthy, everybody's raring to go, so we'll talk to you in six or seven hours, bye, bye.

#6 January 14th, 2002.  Karanga Camp, Tanzania
Hello, this is Jim Williams on Kilimanjaro, we are here at Karanga Camp, It rained most of the morning on our walk over.  Most of last night was a little bit of excitement.  The couple made to the gate and has gone off to the hospital and got down safely.  So we're all relieved that they had no tragedy on the mountain.  Everybody is well over here, strong and healthy.  Our group is resting now, we're camped here by the river and we'll move up tomorrow up to Cosolo Camp and tomorrow evening we'll begin our summit push.  So we're all very hopeful that it will be a nice summit day, and we'll get up peacefully and get to the summit and get back down in good shape.  We'll talk to you later, everybody's had a good time, we had potatoes and grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches today and another big lunch with chicken stew and rice and we're all bedding down for the evening, we'll talk to you tomorrow.

#5 January 14th, 2002.  Barranco Camp, Tanzania
This is Jim Williams on Kilimanjaro.  Last night a person not in our group came to my tent presenting what was very serious pulmonary edema.  And we sent him down the mountain, using our O2 and the like.  We've become the central clearing house for people on the mountain again.  So everything's okay here with us, and the person who went down is too.  Thanks you.  Bye.

#4 January 13th, 2002.  Barranco Camp, Tanzania
Hello, this is Jim Williams and the group on Kilimanjaro, it is the 13th of January, 2002. We're at Barranco Camp and we had a good walk over here.  This afternoon it rained a bit, got everybody wet, got everybody wet, got us out digging trenches around our tents, but we're all dried off, it has cleared up nicely with blue sky above us, the Rebman Glacier above us, and everybody's doing pretty well.  We have acquired quite a group of folks around us, a few people have been ill, but nobody in our group, some folks have been tired on the way up.  I'm going to give the phone over to John Canning, he's going to describe the greatest things we've seen on our journey.

Hello this is John Canning. Well, today in our continued quest for the great dung leopard, we found scat tracks, we had a visual recording of the scat, not overly large, we'd say it's probably a lynx size, no tracks as of yet have been sighted. So we're hopeful that tomorrow we may actually get a sight of the beast, we're not sure if it's nocturnal or not yet, but there's plenty of small furry woodland creatures around here so we're hoping it finds plenty of food.  And we also noticed that the "little rain" that our trip leader described we would beg to differ that it was a "lot of rain", and when you have to start digging trenches that kind of equal the Marianas Trench, you know that you've got a lot of rain.  We're now looking at beautiful sunsets, but earlier we discovered the true mountaineering habit of, if it rains, bad jokes come out in the dining tent, most of which we can't publish, but needless to say, kept us going in even the coldest, wettest moments.  

But the group's out, we're about.  We're all kind of feeling a little rummy, noting that this is really a high altitude, but we feel good, we feel like we're going to make it to the summit, that's what we're all hoping, you all have a good time.  Talk to you tomorrow, bye bye.

#3 January 12th, 2002.  Shira Camp, Tanzania
On the 12th of January 2002, we had a great day today.  We walked up to the Shira Plateau, here, to the Shira Camp.  Everybody got here in fine time.  We had a nice hot lunch, and we're sitting here, and the mountain just cleared and there's fresh snow all around, it's quite a beautiful sight, you can see all the way to the plains.  And (momentary pause for effect) just look out there! (much background laughter and several seconds of unintelligible transmission)  So as you can see, we're having a pretty good time up here, we'll talk to you later. 

#2 January 11th, 2002.  Machame Camp, Tanzania
Hello folks this is Jim Williams and crew on Kilimanjaro, it's the 11th of January, 2002 and everybody is here, we had a nice day walking uphill.  We're at the Machame Camp, and I'm going to let everyone introduce themselves shortly, give a brief reason as to why they're here, and then we'll talk to you again tomorrow, I'll just hand the phone off and they can tell you who they are:

"Hi I'm Ron Pauldine from Maryland, and I think that I'm here because my wife told me I needed to be (much laughter).

"Hi, my name is Liz Pauldine, I'm from Baltimore Maryland and I came to Africa to experience the culture, to challenge myself in climbing a beautiful mountain, Kilimanjaro, and spend some quality time with my husband away from the daily grind (more laughter)

"Hi this is Jeff Dossett from Seattle, It's great to be underway today, I had the opportunity to climb Mt. Rainier in the summer and I wanted to take it up notch to a higher altitude, and so far so good, I'm enjoying it and it's great to meet a whole bunch of new people along the way.

"This is John Canning, also from Seattle.  My reasons for climbing the mountain are simply because it's there and it's always been a dream of mine.  It's one of those pinnacles that are always sticking in my mind as a place that one has to go to be complete.

"This is John Banes from Seattle, I've wanted to climb Kilimanjaro for years but I think my primary motivation is not turning into a couch potato.

"I'm Tom Spears from Omaha Nebraska, and thirteen years ago my wife and I came over on safari and we spent a couple of days at Amboselli Park, and during the morning one morning for ten minutes we could see the entire mountain, and I was just so inspired by it, I felt at the time that I wanted to come back someday and climb it so here I am.

"This is Eric Peterson from (unintelligible) I was looking for an adventure and to do something different, but the real reason I'm here is my beautiful wife was willing to take care of our wonderful kids and give me the opportunity.  (much more laughter)

"Hello this is Gene Bloch from Waterford, Virginia, turned 50 last month, and it must be a midlife crisis that was telling me to do something crazy, so here I am.

"Hi this is Michael Lanigan from Fremont California, I'm here at Kilimanjaro because a friend of mine convinced me that it was a good idea.  Hi to the family back home, hope all is well and I will see you in a week's time.

#1 January 9th, 2002.  Arusha, Tanzania
Hello this is Jim Williams, with Alpine Ascents in Arusha, Tanzania.  All is well here, I am waiting for the climbers to arrive and we will begin our expedition later this morning.   Everybody has arrived safely in Nairobi, and we are about to embark upon a climb of Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa.  I will call soon with more updates.  Bye Bye.

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