Alpine Ascents Kilimanjaro Summer 2003 Cybercast

9/2/03 2:15pm. Seattle, WA. Team Saba. 
Hello folks this is Allen back on-line at our home base in Seattle. Our last expedition The Magnificent Saba finished in good style. We enjoyed a good dinner our last night in Arusha and got caught up on some needed rest afterward. I want the thank the team members for the good times, the great conversation, and all the laughs. Guy wants to say hello to HNC.

As this was the last trip of our summer season I also want to thank every team member of the season who did their part in making for a great season on Kilimanjaro.

8/28/03 8:15pm. Tarangire N.P. Team Saba. 
Hello everybody this is Allen giving you a call from Tarangire National Park.  Team Saba has had an excellent couple of days of safari.  And as I promised, from our last cybercast in Arusha, I would share with you all the team member's more memorable moments of their climb on the mountain.  So here we go. 

Martyn thought that seeing the glaciers in the dawn light was his most memorable moment.  Tina says that feeling the team unity as we went to the summit was her most memorable moment.  Ivy remembers most the Chagga serenade on the midnight ascent.  (The local guide staff and porters often sing when they climb to the summit in the middle of the night). Bill, well the team picked this one for Bill.  Bill was was affectionately known as "Babu" for this whole expedition, which means  grandfather in Swahili.  We found that he had grandchildren back in the states and as a result of that, they showed him special respect by giving him this title.  Katherine's most memorable event was our descent into the valley of the Senecio trees.  This is as we descended  a steep switch backing trail in the Baranco Valley.  Guy also has similar memories.  They were both avid photographers on the trip and took lots of photos on the way down.  But they as well as I though that the Senecios were a magnificent sight.

Yesterday we went and visited the Masai Village that we regularly visit, and I think the team was very impressed by what they saw.  To see the confluence of two millennia explained by the chief as it was, was really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And the explanations that the Masai gave of their artifacts or cultural crafts I should say was Katherine's more memorable moment. All of the things that they had for sale, when we visit the village, are hand made but also have a ritualistic purpose in the Masai life and they were able to explain to us the significance of each and every item. Many of us though that the Masai Village visit  was the experience of a lifetime, and this is a really common theme, so it's a nice place to visit.

At any rate we had a great day of safari today, in the Ngorongoro Crater, seeing lions and lion cubs, seeing lots of elephants as we entered Tarangire National Park and we look forward to our safari tomorrow morning.  Everyone is in great spirits and in great health, we'll give you a call tomorrow and let you know how much fun we're having.

8/26/03 8:15pm. Arusha. Team Saba. 
Hello everybody out there is cybercast land, this is Allen calling from Arusha Tanzania.  Team Saba had a safe descent today, trail conditions were excellent , there's been very little rain in the region in the last several weeks, making for less mud and more enjoyment.  Our team reached the vehicles approximately noon, and were here at our favorite lodge in Arusha just a few short hours after that. 

We found the weather throughout the whole trip to be very cooperative with our mountain climbing efforts and especially today we were able to hike down from our Mweka Camp to the vehicles in very comfortable temperatures and found the scenery excellent.  We saw a couple of monkeys, I believe they were Colobus Monkey from a distance, an extra bonus for our descent.

Tonight we're going to go into Arusha for dinner to an Indian Restaurant, which has become a favorite place of mine.  While Hartsen, our chef makes some excellent meals on the mountain, it is really nice to go to a restaurant, sit down, relax, and enjoy good company and eat a well-prepared meal.

Tomorrow we head off on safari, at 8am our vehicles arrive and we are going to go to Lake Manyara and the Ngorongoro Crater.  With that our team members would like to share their experiences with everybody and we're going to give them an opportunity to do that tomorrow.  They can let you all know what their most memorable moments of the expedition were, and I think that provides a really nice snapshot into everybody's most treasured experience while on the mountain whether it be a sunset or a sunrise, and apparently yesterday I did describe seeing the sunset as we were climbing the mountain, and that's probably because I was walking on my hands or something like that.  To everyone back at home I want you all to know we're having a good time here in Africa our climb was excellent and we are going to carry on with that tradition of having fun.

8/25/03 10:00pm. Mweka Camp. Team Saba. 
Hello this is a news break from Kilimanjaro.  I am proud to report that all members of Team Saba, summited this morning at 8:01am!  We departed our high camp at 1:30 and in good form, left together all the way up the mountain and we reached the summit together.  We enjoyed beautiful blue skies, great views, a magnificent sunset and a lot of wonderful stargazing.

Right now all the team members are at Mweka Camp after a good dinner, they are resting in their tents getting a good night's sleep and preparing themselves for the hike out tomorrow to our awaiting vehicles and showers to follow shortly after that.  Everybody acclimatized throughout this trip very well.  The support staff we have here in Tanzania, did an excellent job through and through, we had excellent food and our tents held up nicely, and we just had a great time from beginning to end.  So until tomorrow this is Allen with Team Saba, signing off.

8/24/03 4:00pm. Cosolo Camp. Team Saba. 
Hey folks this is Allen calling in on August the 24th.  It's Sunday 4pm, I'm calling you from our Cosolo high Camp on Kilimanjaro.  Team Saba arrived this afternoon at approximately 2:30 and everyone is feeling very good. We have again nice weather conditions and we are all looking forward to going to the summit tomorrow.  Our plan now is to wake up at at midnight and then about 1am or 1:30 we will begin our ascents towards the summit.  Throughout our entire expedition our team members have been able to manage a very good pace, an even pace, and if we carry that through tomorrow, we will no doubt summit in good style.  There aren't a lot of other teams on the mountain right now, in fact most of the camp we have stayed at or been through have been less than half full from previous expedition.  I though that was an interest thing to note. I think that the season might be winding down as weather conditions change throughout most of East Africa. 

Of note, I would like to mention I would like to mention an expedition member from a previous trip. Jackie Lewis, she made a donation to a local orphanage in Moshi.  Everything went very well, and that did make the radio news throughout the region and also appeared in several newspapers, that news also made it to the Park Rangers.  And on behalf of them I have been asked to extend a warm thank you to Jackie.  So Jackie, thanks for putting your heart in the right place.  There are plenty of people here in East Africa who can use your help and help from others like you 

On this expedition as far as the mountain is concerned, our porter staff and our team members have been picking up a great deal of litter.  We're doing a lot this season to help clean up the mountain.  I think we brought into Karanga Camp and gave to the Rangers, something close to 20 Kilos of litter, that's an awesome amount.  We had our team members going behind rocks, our porter staff grabbing up every little bit of rubbish we could see.  So we're leaving things better than what they were before we arrived.  And I think that's the key to preserving our mountains and providing an enjoyable recreational opportunity for future generations.

I will give you all a call tomorrow, possibly from the summit if weather conditions allow.  But everyone should rest assured that all of your friends or family members are all doing very very well.  So from them to you we miss you all and we will look forward to give giving you a call from the summit if not our Mweka low camp.  This is Allen with the Magnificent Saba, signing off.

8/23/03 8:30pm. Karanga Camp. Team Saba. 
Hello everybody this is Allen calling from Karanga Camp and we've got some special people on board here who want to let everybody back at home how much fun they're having.  So I'm going to pass the phone around to the expedition Team members of Team Saba, soon to be know as the Magnificent Saba.

Hey everybody it's Martyn.  We're having a great time, this is an absolutely awesome place.  The flora here is unexpectedly spectacular.  There are flowers and plants that are truly unimaginable. It's like walking through Seuss-Land, truly amazing.  Sweetie I just want to say that I miss you and I love you and give the girls a big kiss.  I can't wait to see you and I'll talk to you later bye bye.

Hi this is Tina saying hi to everybody at home all my friends and family.  To those at work, we even have pulse ox up here and I'm checking, and I'm keeping my sats between 88 and 90, so that's probably my best.  Kids, Cap (?) and Paul you should know that Mom made a spectacular Jungle jazz split.  Kept me from wiping out in the jungle and Kim catching lots of (?) yet, I'm wearing the lucky pin you gave me. Bye.

Hi Jennifer this is Dad, please say hello to everyone for me and tell them I'm standing here looking at Kilimanjaro, the sun is setting, the mountain out and is absolutely gorgeous.  This is our fourth day of climbing and we've got one more day to get to high camp.  And then the next morning we are going to start out at 12:00 in the morning for a 6-7 hour summit Climb, so it's an exciting time, I'm looking forward to seeing you.  We're going to have a great safari when we finish this.  Tell everybody I love them and look forward to seeing them.

Hi it's Katherine, this is for Mom and Dad. It looks great from here, I brought that extra pair of socks you told me about Mom, heh heh. And I've got this great big camera which should get you some fabulous pictures.  Hello to John, I love you and I will talk to you guys soon.

Hi this is Ivy, I'm having an amazing time seeing some spectacular scenery.  Learning lots, especially when I didn't think I could get any dirtier, I certainly could.  Mom, Dad, Viola (?) I love you all and no I haven't found any Tanzanite in Tanzania.

Well so there you have it gang, everybody's having a great time, safe and sound.  Dave will be online in the next day or so, he's watching the sunset, it is truly spectacular.  As usual we're having tons of fun, eating lots of food, and looking forward to moving to our High Camp tomorrow.  So until then, This is Allen with Team Saba, signing out.

8/22/03 7:50pm. Baranco Camp. Team Saba. 
Hey everybody this is Allen with Team Saba giving you a call from Baranco Camp. After a wonderful hike, again great weather prevailed and good conversation and a good pace and we arrived at around 4:40 this afternoon.  We have some avid photographers in our midst and they took pictures of the senecios and lobelias, and some of the magnificent rock formations that surround Baranco Valley. 

We are looking forward to our move to Karanga Camp.  We were able to get here in such good comfort that we are just rip-roaring and ready to go to get to Karanga.  Everyone is doing well, so well in fact that at the early time here of 7:50, most folks are already crawling in to their tents.  I did invite everyone to participate in the cybercast but after some good conversation at the dinner table, I think I put everyone just about half asleep. So they're turning in and tomorrow it's going to be the evening where they will say hello to their friends and family and loved ones back home.

That's all I have to report right now, things are going smooth and we're having a good time.  I guess that's the bottom line, this is Allen with Team Saba (Soon to become know as the Magnificent Saba, I understand but we're going to wait for that to change until we all reach the summit.)  So we're having a blast gang, everybody's in good health, acclimatizing well, so stay tuned for tomorrow's call from Karanga Camp, bye bye.

8/21/03 7:40pm. Shira Camp. Team Saba. 
Hey everybody this is Allen Carbert giving you a call from Kilimanjaro on Thursday August 21st.  Our team is now at Shira Camp.  We had a great hike on the first day of the trip, my apologies for not making a cybercast.  Well, I forgot and then I went to be early, Sorry!, heh heh. Anyway we didn't have a team name picked out, so I'll use that as a lame excuse.  We had a great hike on the first day form the trailhead to the Machame Camp: No Mud.  It was the best trail conditions that I have seen in 9 expeditions on the mountain.  We're all very fortunate in keeping our boots clean.  I know there are some other expedition members in the past who will be a little envious of our good fortune there.  We arrive at Machame Camp last night at about 4:30 in the evening after a very enjoyable hike through the rain forest there.

Today's hike went equally well, under overcast skies, moderate temperatures, and we made good time, there aren't; a lot of folks on the mountain right now, so we weren't delayed by porters.  Very often you have to step aside for porters on the trail when they have heavy loads, you let them by. We go there to Shira Camp at about 3:00 in the afternoon and that's allowed us a lot of leisure time to clean up and enjoy the views, so that's what we've been doing.  We were also able to come up with a team name after much discussion.  The fist team name that we came up with, but then voted down was Team 4.  And we were going to name our selves Team 4, but in Swahili.  And that is spelled Mne.  After discussing that that wouldn't sound too good on the phone, we said mne, we can come up with a better name than that.  So we are now Team 7.  And in Swahili that is Team Saba.  Why are we Team 7?  Well there are 7 of us. So that makes good sense.  Someone quickly said, "but 7 has no relevance", then we quickly counted heads at the dinner table tonight and discovered that it was very appropriate.  And it's a lucky number to boot.  So we had good time coming up with all this information.

Tomorrow we head to Baranco Camp, and I'll be sure to give you a call from there and let you know how much fun we're having, let you know the weather is still going to be great, as it has been all season long here.  So with that in mind, stay tuned.

I want to let everyone know that Guy and Catherine and Ivy and Bill and Marty and Tina are all doing very well, having a great time, myself included having a great time looking forward to a good run up the mountain and then heading back to the United States. So to everyone back home, stay tuned for tomorrow's cybercast. This is Allen signing off.

8/19/03 6:37pm. Arusha. Team IV. 
Hey everybody, this is Allen calling in from Arusha, with Alpine Ascents 4th expedition of the Summer Season.  All the team members arrived in Arusha today at approximately 1 in the afternoon with all of their luggage in hand and in good spirits and very much looking forward to beginning our climb tomorrow.  So for all of you back at home  rest easy, the group is here with bags in hand, and great weather to start off our climb tomorrow.  I've put together another great guide team for our journey so stay tuned for tomorrow evening's cybercast from Machame Camp, this is Allen signing off.

8/18/03 5:00pm. Arusha. Team Pole Pole. 
Hello this is Allen calling in with the last cybercast from team Pole Pole. As I promised I have several of our teams most memorable moments to to share with you all.

Several of our team members recall out local guides singing out loud as we approached the summit. Others remember looking to the horizon and seeing the sun rise as night faded to morning.

Many of us thought a highlight of the trip was when our latrine tent blew over leaving Fritz exposed to the whole camp at a most inconvenient time.

As usual the summit was a highlight for lots of people. Seeing the top after so many long hours of climbing in the cold.

Another highlight was seeing a pride of lions eating breakfast, a Cape Buffalo.

We had a great trip and these are just a few of the things people wanted to high light among so many good times. I enjoyed as did others the fantastic cake our cook staff put together for Stacy's 19th birthday. I want thank all our team members and the office staff back in Seattle for making this trip work out a great as it did. This is Allen saying good-bye and ending the cybercasts for Team Pole-Pole.

8/15/03 10:30pm. Arusha. Team Pole Pole. 
Hey everybody this is Allen giving you a call from Arusha Tanzania.  Team Pole Pole has just finished its last day of safari.  We ended a great day this evening, after safari in Tarangire National Park.  We got to see some great wildlife today, we saw a pride of lions enjoying their lunch probably not more than 10 meters away from us.  Quite an experience to see something in the order of 20 lions enjoying a freshly caught African Cape Buffalo.  Really something to be seen for sure.

We went out this evening for some fine Indian food and had great company.  The laughs continue now, it's about 10:30, many of us are gathered here in the lounge, it's our favorite gathering spot in Arusha and we're just having a ball, so it's been a great evening.  I should mention I'm calling on behalf of Mary Simone, who has somehow managed to evade all of the cybercasts. It must have been through a conscious effort on her part but the group has elected to disclose her anonymity, in hopes that she will feel a little bit more part of the group.  She's blushing right now, but she's alright this evening. 

People thanked me for my contributions and the excellent African Staff I put together, in helping them reach their goals, and our team members reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro.  And I just had to remind them all that it was their initiative that got them here to Africa, it was their training program that allowed them to ascend to the summit of Kilimanjaro.  The level of fitness commitments they made in terms of training, nutrition and planning that really had so much to do with the success of this expedition, so while they did thank me, I did have to turn those thanks back to them and salute them for their commitment to making this such a memorable experience for us all.  Tomorrow our team will be heading back to Nairobi.  They will be departing Arusha at approximately 1:00 in the afternoon, via a private shuttle and should arrive in Nairobi approximately four hours before their planes depart.   That will give them enough time to get a bite to eat at the airport and relax and make sure that everything comes in good order as they head back to the states. 

This evening I'm collecting everybody's most memorable moments, that's always my favorite part of an expedition cybercast, I will be collecting those and sharing them on tomorrow's cybercast.  So for now this is Allen from Arusha saying wait till tomorrow and beyond, bye bye.

8/14/03 9:05pm. Tarangire National Park. Team Pole Pole. 
Hey this is Justin coming to to you from Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. Today we started the day off at about 7:30 in the Ngorongoro Crater.  We saw hundreds of flamingo, gazelle, wildebeests, zebra, elephant, hippo, two lionesses with their cubs, two giant lions, we saw two hunting cheetahs and of course the black rhino. After having lunch in the crater we parted ways with our friends Neal and Kerrin, they're off to Serengeti National Park.  After that, we headed over to Tarangire National Park, the land of the snakes.  After seeing some cobras, dead of course, we entered the park gate, where we saw a Masai giraffe and also elephants. We all arrived safely at the lodge where we saw the sunset over the savannah.  That's about it from here, I just wanted to say hi to my mom, happy anniversary, to my brothers, Travis Brent and Tyler. To Brigid of course, and all my friends in Madison, WI. That's all from the Sopa Lodge in Tarangire.

8/13/03 11:04pm. Ngorongoro Crater. Team Pole Pole. 
Hey everybody out there in cyberland, this is Allen calling in with Team Pole Pole from Ngorongoro Crater. We had our first day of safari today and had a ton of fun at it.  We got to see all the neat animals that we came here to see at Lake Manyara and tomorrow we really look forward to heading down into the crater. The group members are all having a great time, many of them are in the lounge right now sharing stories from the climb, and also talking a little bit about our evening visit to the Masai Village, that's something that we often do on our trips. A lot of conversation about everything from politics, to different ways of life to culture, foods, its endless. It's truly a glimpse into a culture that many people have never experienced before and possibly a culture that may not be around for more than a couple of generations as modernity takes its approach towards the people.

Tomorrow, as I said, we will head down into the crater, hopefully to see the big five. The last expedition as you may recall had a great trip, seeing the cheetah, and several other of the large cats, a pride of lions, we were also able to see leopards.  So we're doing pretty good down there in the Crater, we've got a good history of great game viewing and tomorrow we will continue on with that tradition.  Tomorrow we will also let some folks get on the phone and let them share with you their most memorable moment on the climb. Stay tuned for that, everyone is doing well.  We will give you a call tomorrow evening after our safari in the crater. This is Allen signing off.

8/12/03 6:10pm. Arusha. Team Pole Pole. 
Greetings to those of you following Team Pole Pole's expedition on Mount Kilimanjaro.  We've just returned to Arusha today after a nice casual descent from our Mweka Camp Last night.  Everybody's in good spirits here, we're looking forward to a nice dinner and catching up on some much needed sleep.  Team members have all checked into their rooms and are doing very well and we're looking forward to going on safari tomorrow, to Lake Manyara and then up to the Rim of the Ngorongoro Crater.  We'll give you a call and lets you know about all the wild animals we are going to see and keep you informed about all the good times we are having.  For now this is Allen signing off.

8/11/03 8:34pm. Mweka Camp. Team Pole Pole. 
Hello everybody, this is Allen calling with Team Pole Pole, this was our summit day and we summited, placing 15 of 16 team members on the summit with one reaching Stella Point in good form. So we had a great day under blue skies, very cold night however.  We departed our high Camp approximately 1:15 and arrived at the summit at 7:15.  Everybody is down here at Mweka Camp, enjoying refreshments, relaxation and some warm water to clean up a little bit.  Tomorrow we'll be heading to Arusha.  right now we've got Stephanie Mapelli here next to me and she wants to say a few words. 

Hi everybody this is Stephanie, and as Allen said, we had an incredible summit climb of Kilimanjaro, it was truly a wow.  A many of you know, I'm a Team member of the 2003 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center's Climb to Fight Breast Cancer, and wanted once again to thank the donors and the supporters of all the team members, there are eight of us on this team.  Know that you are making a positive difference in the fight against breast cancer and with your support maybe someday women, and yes men, will not have to endure the ravages of this horrible disease.  On a personal note, I send out my love to my Mom and Dad in Palm Springs, Gina, Cindy and Pj in Durango and my daughter Melissa in Las Vegas.  Thanks for supporting me in these adventures and I will be home safely soon.  And hello to my friends in Seattle, Denver, San Diego and Palm Springs.  I felt the hugs all the way up here.  Everybody thanks so much for your support.

Well that's all we've got until tomorrow, so stay tuned for a report on our descent down the mountain, for our safari, this is a very tired Allen, signing off.

8/10/03 7:42pm. High Camp. Team Pole Pole. 
Hey everybody, this is Allen calling from our high Camp on Kilimanjaro.  Team Pole Pole arrived at about 3:00 in the afternoon, after about 5 hours of hiking at a nice leisurely pace.  We've got beautiful sunny weather, a full moon to light the way, we're going to depart about midnight, everybody on the team is here at Camp and prepared to go for our summit climb tomorrow.  With that, we'll give you a call from the summit just to let you know how things went and we'll keep in touch throughout the rest of our trip.

Right now I've got Fritz here who wants to say hello to some special folks back in the states.  Hello this is Fritz Olthof reporting to the entire Olthof Home Team.  I'd like to tell you that I am at the High Camp of Mount Kilimanjaro and will be leaving at midnight for the summit.  We hope to arrive at the summit at dawn, and see you soon and keep selling those homes.

Alright gang, so there you have it, from High Camp on Kilimanjaro, 16,100 feet under blue skies, this is Allen with Team Pole Pole signing off.

8/9/03 8:30pm. Karanga Camp. Team Pole Pole. 
Hello everybody this is Allen calling in on Saturday, August the 9th from Karanga Camp with the magnificent Team Pole Pole.  We had a great day today and we are planning on carrying on that tradition through tomorrow and our summit day.  Everybody is doing really well and we're going to take this opportunity now to pass the Satellite phone around and let people send some personal messages back to their friends, family and loved ones back home.

Hi this is Bonnie from Seattle, a member of the Fred Hutchinson Climb for Cancer Team.  I'm feeling great and thoroughly enjoying the climb.  The mountain is spectacular, I've bonded with her from day one and each day has brought has brought wondrous changes with the landscape from Rain Forest to Alpine to Desert.  Today's rock scramble was a blast. Hi to my husband Greg, I love you and miss you, don't let Sylvester fall off his diet.  This message is for my mother, Happy Birthday Mother.  Hi to my dad and brothers, my sister hope your surgery went well, my daughter and grandson, a big hug to Bren, you're a big reason I'm on this mountain, and I'm thinking of you every step of the way. A special thanks to all my family and friends and co-workers at UPS who donated to Fred Hutch for this very important cause, bye for now.

Hello this is Ron Tilden, I would like to say first of all, thank you to all my family and friends who supported Fred Hutchinson and this climb, I obviously wouldn't be here without you, it's a great cause and we're having a fantastic adventure.  I also want to say hell to my family, I love you guys and miss you very much, Gayle, Eric Allie, Hanna and Ollie, I guess I don't need to name the cats, I've never been much of a cat person, and finally to Tami Dowell, the person I've dedicated this climb to, I hope you're doing well, bye for now, hopefully by the time you get this message, we will have been to the summit and back.  To my family have a great trip to Whistler, I should be able to send you email in a couple of days from now, bye.

Hi this is Dean. Justin and I are doing extremely well, we're having a great time, every day has been a separate adventure, and we're enjoying it very much.  I want to say hello to my wife, Judy, I miss, you, the boys, Travis, Brent, Tyler, I hope you are all doing well back home, and I'm thinking of you every day, talk to you later, bye.

Hi this is Kerrin, to Stephanie, couldn't be doing better, all the special efforts that you put in getting us ready for this trip all the special equipment that you bought is really paying off as we stay dry, cozy in the cool nights, to Michelle, your backpack is doing yeoman's service, although it is full to the brim everyday, to Mom, I hope you are recovering well from your surgery, everything is going well, this first couple of day we gained a lot of altitude, the last couple we've been acclimatizing and getting ready for our big effort to the summit.  Contrary to expectations, Neal and I are performing well as a team on the trial and in the tent although his side is a bit messier.  Love to all see you soon, bye.

That's all till tomorrow, so stay tuned for another update from Kilimanjaro.  This is Team Pole Pole signing off.

8/8/03 8:20pm. Baranco Camp. Team III. 
Hello everybody, this is Allen calling from Baranco Camp, we've enjoyed another great day of travel, again under blue skies and sun.  The team is doing exceptionally well, the team, all 16 of them are marching along in great style.  With that update I'd like to end my transmission part, and hand the phone over to a very special person, Stacy, had a birthday today, she just turned nineteen, so I hereby declare her my guest speaker for the evening, hold on and listen close...

Hi everyone, it's been a great birthday so far, thanks to everybody who sent presents up and cards, I officially get to declare the Team Name, the name is Team Pole Pole (polay, polay) as I am the only one celebrating a birthday up here on the mountain.  We are just about to sit down for dinner, we just listened to our 50 porters as they sang Happy Birthday to me, our Leader Allen, says I need to take a husband, but I'm all alone tonight, sorry Sean, I guess I will see everyone in about a week.  I miss you all and love you tons, bye.

Well, there you have it gang.  Stacy herself, the world's newest 19-year old.  We wish her well in her future and you can keep posted for her progress up the mountain and we'll let you know if she actually finds a Chagga tribesman as her next husband, her mom is on the trip as well so I think there is going to be some serious chaperoning taking place.  To reiterate, we're all doing great, especially Stacy, and we'll give you all a call from Karanga Camp which I expect again to be under sunny blue skies.  This is Allen calling from Team Pole Pole, signing off.

8/7/03 7:49pm. Shira Camp. Team III. 
Hello everybody, this is Allen calling in from Shira Camp, under sunny blue skies once again, how fortunate are we? We had a great hike up here today from Machame Camp and everybody is in good spirits and acclimatizing very well.  I want to pass the phone on a little bit and let some of our excellent team members say hello to friends and family back home, so here we go...

"Hi this is Joanne, hey Andy, thanks for 30 great years.  I love you, say hi to all the boys, Petey, Stephen and Charlie, Mom's doing great and having a fabulous trip. I love and miss you. Kate and Mary tell the ladies all the weight training is doing the job, hard work, we'll see you in a couple of weeks."

"Hello this is Fred Olthof, hello Karen, we're having a great climb. I miss you, tell the kids I said hello. Today was a great day of climbing, it was a sunny day, yesterday we went through the jungle, it was very muddy but very enjoyable, thanks you and I'll see you when I get back."

"Hi this is Jacqueline, I wanted to say Hi to everybody, Sam and Margo and Maddie, you have been with me every step of this trip, I miss you and I love you very much, and we're not there yet, but we will be in a few days, and I'll call you when I get down, bye."

"Hi this is Neil Wachter.  As Allen said we are standing at the Shira Camp, we're on a plateau probably about 8,000 feet above the African Plains, far below us, looking across at Mt. Meru.  Everyone is doing fabulously on the team and on behalf of those of us climbing for the Climb to Fight Breast Cancer, We want to thank all of our donors and supporters.  Without you we wouldn't be here, and we're doing a lot of hard work, but it's all paying off with a great experience.  I want to say especially, hi to my wife Heidi, I love you and miss you, and hi to my mom and dad, sisters, Pam and Ron and all the rest of my family. I'm going to sign off for now, cocktail hour awaits and we'll look forward to sending you messages in the next few days.

8/6/03 7:30pm. Machame Camp. Team III. 
Hello everybody, this is Allen giving you a call from Machame Camp.  It's now 7:30 in the evening and we're just getting ready to enjoy a late dinner.  The team is all here in good spirits, and in good health, having a great time, sitting in the tent enjoying hot chocolate, tea, I think we've even got a coffee drinker in there as well along with some popcorn and cookies, we're having a blast like I said.   The day did not go without any noteworthy events, I should say we had an exciting start to the day with TWO flat tires on the way to the trailhead.  So after a late start, we managed to plod our way upwards in the muddy trail that really does mark the first day of al these trips.  Very viscous mud and ankle deep in places.  But we managed to forge our way up through the muddy trial, and through the rainforest and find our way to Camp. 

Tomorrow we are on our way to Shira Camp.  Everybody wants to send hello to family and friends, tomorrow we'll be getting into some personal messages for those of you at home, following family members.  But I will repeat again, everybody is in great health and we're having a ton of fun.  Talk to you later.

8/5/03 7:50pm. Arusha. Team III. 
Hi everybody, this is Allen calling yet again for yet another expedition.  All of our expedition members arrived today from Nairobi, they have all their bags and they are a highly motivated group getting ready to head up the hill tomorrow at 8am.

This afternoon we did a thorough equipment check, a logistics briefing, and had some casual conversation, getting to know one another.  We've got a full trip again this time, and that's great, I kind of like these big trips, they make things a lot of fun.  I have to say though that the large contingency from the Seattle area did manage to find some winter weather to bring into Arusha.  So we're hoping that our friends from Seattle will send the good weather back this way soon, because we've had rain and cold temperatures in Arusha the last couple of days and that's going to make tomorrow's hike to the Machame Camp a very muddy experience.  I'm being prepared for the worst.  We've got gaiters ready, we're seam sealing our boots, we've got rain gear handy all that fancy stuff that's on our equipment list that's going to help us get up this mountain with some measure of comfort.

I would like to welcome our contingent of climbers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  This climb is a fund raiser and these folks have worked real hard to gather sponsorships and generated awareness to help contribute to cancer research and allow them to come to Africa and draw attention to their cause, so a very warm welcome to that group of folks.

For now that's it until tomorrow at Machame Camp I'm signing off.

8/4/03 8:55pm. Arusha. Team Tusker. 
Team Tusker's Last Stampede: Hello this is Allen calling in after the dust has settled. Team Tusker is home by now. I asked the team to share with you all what their high lights of our trip were. As always it was difficult to pick a most memorable moment out of so many outstanding memories. But to little surprise Jenny, Andy, and Lars, all said it was reaching the summit and seeing the sun rise.

Andy hemmed and hawed a little and did admit driving through the market near the Mountain Village was quite memorable. For me I have to say seeing the Cheetah in the Crater was my most memorable moment. I have been on many Safari's and this was my first Cheetah sighting.

We enjoyed our last night out together by eating some Hamburgers in town and having good conversation. We were pretty tired folks I have to admit. Climbing a big mountain and then going on a game drive is hard work. For those of you who think this might be a vacation I have to let you know we hit the ground running in Nairobi and keep the pace going to the finish line.

Well that said I want to thank Team Tusker for doing their part in making this a great trip. I wish Jenny well in here move to the big city, keep those tractors plowing. To Andy as well I hope your new job provides you the great ride your slick car and bike does, keep the bugs out of your teeth when the top is down. Lars, I'll see you again, you are hard to miss. Keep climbing and remember to double check everything always, without exception. See you on Snow Creek Wall. Allen, signing off.

8/1/03 8:10pm. Arusha. Team Tusker. 
Hello this is Allen calling from Arusha, Tanzania, with Team Tusker.  We finished our safari today in great style.  We managed to see the ever-elusive leopard, we got to see more elephants up close than I have ever seen in all the safaris I've done.  A very special day.  Great temperatures, sunshine again over East Africa today, the team's in great spirits, we're looking forward to our final celebration dinner here tonight.  We're going to go into town and do something real special. 

The team has had a great trip, I personally have had a great trip, it's been a real enjoyable experience for everyone.  The team members will be taking off at around 1:00 in the afternoon, to allow them plenty of time for the drive into Nairobi and they're all looking forward to getting home, they've got lots of chores to do, but nonetheless I think as we'll find out tomorrow's cybercast, we just had a splendid time, I can't say that enough.  Everyone back home, we're back in Arusha, we're finishing up the trip, we're all in good spirits and you can look forward to your family members and friends returning here in the next two days.  So for now this is Allen signing off until tomorrow.

7/31/03 8:33pm. Tarangire National Park. Team Tusker. 
Hi this is Jenny calling and I want to say hello to everyone back home on behalf of Team Tusker.  We had an absolutely fantastic day today, we were on safari for the entire day.  In the Ngorongoro Crater we had a great day, we saw a cheetah eating a freshly caught gazelle, we saw a couple of lions, a lioness with some cubs, more elephants than you can shake a stick at, one elephant so close to our jeep we thought we would have to share lunch with him, so it was a fantastic day.  Allen and Lars really didn't do a good job with the summit updates so I'm going to let you all know back home about summit day.

We started our ascent at 12 midnight, we made really good time, we got up to the summit, it was probably well below zero, so it was very cold for all of us, even me from Northern Minnesota, it was very cold and we got there just perfect timing to see the sun rise, we got to take pictures, we high-fived everybody, and we made it down to a lower camp with our porters and our guide and they had a great lunch for us, then we continued on down to our low camp, got there just in time so we were able to take a nap, and the best best chef in the whole world, his name is Hartman, he prepared us a traditional Tanzanian buffet, and we ate until our hearts were content and we all had a great night's sleep, so summit day was absolutely just fantastic.  It was very very hard work, it was probably harder than any of the six previous days, because we really did climb from midnight until 3pm, so we climbed for probably 13 hours with a few breaks in there.  I want everyone back there at home to know it wasn't that easy for us.

I'd better wrap it up or they're not going to give me the phone again, first of all I just wanted to quickly tell Alpine Ascents that you gave us the best guide ever, Allen is so great and he's being really good to us and we are having just the time of our life.  Also I'm sure I'm not going to get the phone back so I have to say hi to my mom and dad and let you guys know that I'm healthy and I made it to the top and back, no injuries, only fell a couple a couple of times and that's really good for me.  We're looking forward to another great day of safari on Friday, and then Saturday we're going to get to relax for a few hours in the morning back at the Mountain Village in Arusha Tanzania.  Then we're going to drive back in our shuttle to Nairobi, Kenya.  So for those of you who are wondering where in the world we are, we are in East Africa, the only places we have been are, Kenya and Tanzania, so be sure to look on the atlas.  It's been a great trip and I hope that everyone is well back home and we'll talk to you and see everyone soon.  Bye bye. This is Jenny signing off on behalf of Team Tusker.

7/30/03 8:15pm. Ngorongoro Crater. Team Tusker. 
Hey everybody this is Allen calling with Team Tusker calling from one of my favorite places, that would be the Rim of Ngorongoro Crater.  We just arrived at the Sopa Lodge a few minutes ago after visiting the Masai Village, and having a chat with the village chief Louis, and getting to see how those folks live. 

We had a good day on safari at Lake Manyara, got to see some elephants right up close and lots of baboons and other nifty animals.  We're enjoying some fantastic weather, I guess that's been the case since day 1, really, we've been real fortunate there.  Here at the Crater Rim it's probably 60 degrees, beautiful blue skies and a nice breeze, so we are enjoying ourselves right here. It was a little hot and dusty down below, there was lots of craziness, tons of people, tons of animals, tons of fruits and vegetables. 

We're getting ready to enjoy a real nice dinner tonight and we're getting ready to hit the ground early tomorrow.  We plan on getting started before 7:00 tomorrow morning in hopes of having a great day of game drive.  We're anxious to get to Tarangire tomorrow afternoon, the evening hours can be some of the best hours, given the beautiful sunshine that sets over the baobab trees, and the acacia trees there in Tarangire. So we're going to spend a good half day here getting an early start and then round noon we'll be leaving the crater and heading for Tarangire which is a few hour drive. 

We're looking forward to tomorrow and it will be hard hard to beat today, but I'm confident that we will have a good time regardless of what unfolds. Everyone is in good spirits, I do want to pass on our best wishes to Vinnie, who departed the group a little early, I hope he's doing well and enjoying his time back in the states, I think he's heading back there right now, spending some time with his kids and getting back to work. To Vinnie, we're going to be thinking of you as we head on and have since you left.  This is Allen signing out until tomorrow.

7/29/03 11:30pm.  Arusha. Team Tusker. 
Hey everybody this is Allen calling in from the Mountain Village in Arusha, Tanzania.  Team Tusker has been carrying on in it's usual tradition of being on a rampage.  We stampeded down the mountain in great style amidst great weather, followed up by some fine Indian cuisine and our favorite good company.  We got down the mountain in great time for our 4WD vehicles and had the afternoon to enjoy at the mountain Village.  I think one of our team members, Lars was able to go out on a couple hour canoe ride.  Some of the others, myself included, decided to rest and catch up on some R&R.  Tomorrow we are looking forward to going on safari to Lake Manyara, and we hope the good weather continues.  For now this is Team Tusker signing off, bye bye.

7/28/03 7:22pm.  Mweka Camp. Team Tusker. 
Hello everybody, this is Allen with Team Tusker calling you from Mweka Camp.  Here's Lars: Hi this is Lars, we all had a great day yesterday on summit day, it was really cols so we all made it up there fine and in good health and had a lot of fun, so we'll talk to you all later, bye.

Well obviously Lars has a future in the broadcasting business, he couldn't figure out which end of the phone to talk into, but we'll cut him a little bit of slack.  We did have a great summit day Jenny and Andrew are sitting here as well, relaxing after a wonderful dinner.  We had traditional Tanzanian food, and we are just enjoying the good life here at Camp, looking forward to getting back to the Mountain Village tomorrow.  So stay tuned for our reports from the wilds of Africa as we start our safari.  Signing off.

7/27/03 4:22pm.  Cosolo Camp. Team Tusker. 
Hey cybercasters this is Allen with Team Tusker calling you on Sunday, the 27th of July at 4:22 in the afternoon.  Our team arrived at Cosolo High Camp, which is above the traditional High Camp used by many climbers on the mountain, approximately 2:00 this afternoon.  Good weather again prevailed throughout all of our trip, hoping that is will last for a few more critical hours.  

We're spending some time here at High Camp, we've got our litter crew making thing all nice and tidy.  Every climber that comes up this route walks right through our camp and it's quite often used for things like, oh, old tired headlamp batteries, band-aids for blistered feet and whatnot, so we're going to be a part of the solution here and clean up this camp real well and let the park rangers know that we are really doing our part to help manage our impact on the mountain and continue with the tradition that Alpine Ascents has with it's Leave No Trace ethics.

Everybody is acclimatizing real well and our plan right now is to wake up at midnight and start heading up hill at around one, one-thirty in the morning.  This is a very fit team, a very fast team, so we're going to give ourselves a little extra time to rest and sleep this evening. We do expect to be on the summit at or near sunrise. So we'll keep you posted as to how that actually unfolds, I'm quite confident that it will be the case.  So for now, from Cosolo Camp, this is Allen, signing off once again, and we're all eagerly awaiting the summit tomorrow. Bye bye.

7/27/03 7:45am.  Karanga Camp. Team Tusker. 
Hey everybody, this is Allen giving you a call on Sunday morning at a quarter to eight. Yesterday we made our move to Karanga Camp under good conditions. We had some high clouds develop late in the evening, but they turned out to be insignificant, as this morning we are under blue skies and beautiful sunshine with great views of the mountains.

The team is plugging along pretty fine, we actually got ahead of some of the porters yesterday and arrived before everything was set up, so we had a real good pace going.  We're going to bring it down here a notch, make a leisurely stroll to our high camp today.  So our next call should be from the summit if all goes well, and by all indications I think that will be the case. For now this is Allen with Team Tusker, signing off.

7/25/03 8:20pm.  Baranco Camp. Team Tusker. 
Hey everybody out there in cybercast land, this is Allen giving you a call from Baranco Camp on Kilimanjaro with Team Tusker.  We had a great day hiking under a blue sky, gorgeous weather and perfect temperatures.  We found ourselves at Camp this afternoon at about 3:00 and we're overlooking the clouds right now, just a gorgeous evening, with the mountain summit sections lit up under a beautiful evening alpenglow.  The team is doing real good. We're really excited about moving to Barafu Camp tomorrow.  The Baranco Wall is not intimidating at all for our team, we're actually looking forward to scrambling up that in style.

The weather has just been beautiful, this morning we woke up also to blue skies, and we were able to see the shadow cast across the clouds towards Mt. Meru, just a magnificent sight to see.  Golly that was probably the most memorable moment of the day.  We're all thinking of friends and family back home, we want you to know that we are doing well and we're moving right along, so stay tuned over the next couple of days as we get closer to the summit.  For now this is Team Tusker, signing off.

7/24/03 8:30pm.  Shira Camp. Team Tusker. 
Hey everyone, this is Allen with Team Tusker giving you a call from Shira Camp on a beautiful evening.  We just finished a great dinner, the team is hanging out here along with our number one Tanzanian guide, Nicholas.  We just had a great day hiking up from Machame Camp, beautiful sunshine, right now we are looking at great views of the mountain. Everybody is doing pretty well here at our new elevation of 12,700 feet, so we're way up here, and we're going to do some stargazing tonight.  More importantly than all that blather, we've got members of Team Tusker right here, ready to say hell to their friends and family back home.  So if we remember to keep the antenna pointed toward outer space, this transmission should do just fine.

Hi this is Jenny and I want to say hi to all my family and friends in Minnesota, Wisconsin and new Mexico. We're having a great trip and talk to you guys later, bye bye.

Hello this is Vinnie, I just want to say hi to everybody, especially Don and Bev (?)and Christina, and I'll see you guys soon, take care.

Hit this is Lars and I just want to say hi to my Mom and the rest of my family and all my friends in Washington and Illinois. I'm having a great time.

Hello this is Nicholas I want to say hi to everyone at home, okay bye.

Okay gang, very cool, that's it from Shira Camp, we'll give you a call tomorrow from Baranco Camp. Cheers to everybody back home in the home office in Seattle.

7/23/03 7:30pm.  Machame Camp. Team Tusker. 
Hey everybody out there in cybercast land, this is Allen calling with Team Tusker from Machame Camp.  Its about 5:30, we just pulled into camp under beautiful blue skies, great visibility of the mountain and the clouds below.  We had a great hike in, the trail was in better condition than it usually is but I don't think many people really believe me here on this trip, I see Lars over there shaking his head "no," Jenny is scraping mud off her boots right now and we've got Vinnie who is rolling on his back in laughter and Andy is just shaking his head in disbelief.  The trail is quite muddy, but we managed to climb it in good style, we just pulled into the camp, just getting our tents set up and looking forward to sitting down in our comfortable chairs and having a good supper and getting ready to move up to Shira tomorrow. 

From this Camp today, we can see Cathedral Peak, high on the Shira Plateau and a good view of the mountain as well.  We've got great visibility up here, we're happy that we were able to get out of the tress and actually see some of the mountain.  So until tomorrow, this is Team Tusker, signing off.

7/22/03 6:10pm.  Arusha, Tanzania. Team II. 
Hey everybody, this is Allen giving you a call from Arusha.  It's Tuesday the 22nd of July.  I just want everyone to know that all of our team members for our second expedition have arrived safe and sound with all of their baggage in hand, so we're ready to hit the ground running, 8am tomorrow.  We just did a quick equipment check and a little briefing on how our program will unfold in the next week or so. Everyone is in good spirits and we are all looking forward to heading to the mountain tomorrow.

Lars Jennifer, Andrew and Vinnie are here and we're ready to start taking this program uphill and we'll give you a call from Machame Camp sometime tomorrow evening. We'll let you know if we were able to come up with an expedition Team Name and let you know what kind of weather we encounter, but right now it is a beautiful 74 degrees here in Arusha, beautiful sunshine and all the rest.  We'll keep you posted, stay tuned for tomorrow's webcast. This is Allen signing out.

7/19/03 7:30pm.  Arusha, Tanzania. Team Mambo Poa. 
Hello this is Allen calling in with the final cyberblast from Arusha. Team Mambo Poa has officially changed it's name to team Chicken Fish.

I have for you all the team members our more memorable moments. A great way for you at home to know what stands out the most, among so many great memories:

Merrit remembers most seeing the summit sign in the sun light after hiking so many hours in the dark of night.

Andrew remembers me saying to the group just before high camp "don't be frightened by what you see coming down the mountain" referring to tired folks coming down from their summit bid.

Karen on summit morning could hear Scott's voice telling her jokes, A guy walks into a bar with with a duck on its head... laughter is a great motivator. I love you Growly Bear.

Ann Giuli - The gang at Alpine Ascents wishes her a happy 50th. We were honored to be a part of her celebration. A warning: mountain climbing can be habit forming. Her memory, one of several splendid memories, was departing camp at midnight on a crisp clear night under the moon light with a thousand stars over head and suddenly the guides and porters singing beautiful songs each ending with "halleluiah" Unforgettable!

Sara. So many memories, but the one that stands out is the co-operative spirit of the team and guide as they helped us achieve our goals. The songs and assistance up and down the mountain made it unforgettable.

Mike at high camp spending some time by himself reflecting, hearing the sound of a raven cutting through the air. Sitting, thinking of personal life and the mountains while porters held a Religious service of their own. He could hear the Christian hymns being sung. A serene memorable moment he will not soon forget.

Sam, his was watching the sun rise on Uhuru Peak and then turning around and seeing the shadow of Kilimanjaro stretch out on the clouds below while the full moon was still in the morning sky.

Danielle remembers most watching all the wonderful people she met make it to the summit. Interesting and amazing people. It made her so happy to see her team members reach their goal.

People often want to know what my most memorable moments are on a particular trip, after having led so many international climbs. On this trip what I remember most was seeing the last person in our team reach the summit and understanding what they did to reach their goal. Being a part of their dream and understanding that in some way, I was a part of their success. This is what I will always remember, this is why I am a guide. I will always be 100% committed to members on Alpine Ascents expeditions in reaching the summit and keeping folks safe. I love my job!

So until the next climb I am signing off.

Allen Carbert Mountain Guide

7/18/03 7:40pm.  Arusha, Tanzania. Team Mambo Poa. 
Hey everybody out there in cybercast land this is Allen calling you from the Mountain Village in Arusha, Tanzania.  Team Mambo Poa has just completed it's final day of safari and it was an enjoyable day at Tarangire National Park.  We had great weather and saw lots and lots of the cool animals that we went there to see.  Right now we are gearing up for a celebration dinner.  This will be our third celebration dinner in a row, but that's what you do when you climb a big mountain, you celebrate.  So we're going to go into town for some authentic Indian food and one last dinner together before we have our celebration lunch tomorrow.

That's all I've go to report.  I've got one real important person here next to me who's got a message he wants to pass on to his son back home:

Hey there JB we're through with ll this safari and Mountain Climbing stuff, we;re going to go lay on the beach in Zanzibar for four or five days tomorrow, we'll be in Maine and ready to have some fun, Friday, the 15th late in the day I hope we have.  Lots of love to Emily, Ken and Clementine, if you get this.  And John thank you for the message that you go the earlier cybercast. And Jim and Kim and the girls and John and Alice (?). Lots of love and we'll talk to you later bye bye.

Okay gang this is Allen from Arusha Tanzania, signing off until our final cybercast tomorrow.  Stay tuned for that one, it's going to be one where we cover everyone's most memorable moments, so it's going to be a little capsule of time so to speak, talk to you later.

7/17/03 8:54pm.  Tarangire National Park. Team Mambo Poa. 
Hey everybody this is Allen calling from Team Mambo Poa from the Tarangire Sopa Lodge in Tarangire National Park.  We had a good day of safari, but we didn't get to see "The Big Five"  Well in reality four out of five isn't bad.  We did see leopards, elephants, the African Cape Buffalo and lions today.  But the ever-elusive rhino escaped us in the Ngorongoro Crater.  That's fine because in reality the big Five are not as much as they are made out to be.  The history of the big five stems from Game Hunters who though that those five animals would be the hardest to kill and since we're just shooting photos, not guns we really would rather see the more beautiful animals such as the ostrich, the giraffe and the interesting monkey species.  We saw jackals and hyenas and much much more so nonetheless we had a great day of safari and beautiful weather. After lunch in the crater we said goodbye to Brandon, Mike and Kate, who are off on an extended safari to the Serengeti, so we wish them well.  Then Mike and Kate are off to Zanzibar where they we overlap with Merritt and Sara.  I got to wave at Jennifer and Dave as their Land Cruiser headed to the Crater.  The rest of us are still together carrying on our tradition of having lots of fun. This is Allen signing off and we'll give you one more cybercast tomorrow to let you know how much more fun we are having, until then good bye.

7/16/03 7:10pm.  Ngorongoro Crater. Team Mambo Poa. 
Howdy folks, this is Allen calling with Team Mambo Poa from the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater.  Yesterday after a casual descent from the mountain to our waiting vehicles, we had a really nice good-bye celebration with our local support crew that helped us get us up and down the mountain with so much success.  Great folks they are.  They sang a couple of songs as we parted ways, we all got together and took some nice group photos of the local crew who actually became really close friends. 

As usual Danielle Fisher was the first person to get to the vehicles, she was also the first one to summit and was also the first one to reach all of our camps every day.  She is a very, very strong climber and will no doubt be a contributing team member on her upcoming climb of Mt. Elbrus.  So hats off to Danielle for her performance throughout this trip and I think now she is going to be enjoying a really relaxing two days before she heads out to Russia.  Danielle is also not too far from my home town of Bellingham, Washington where she lives in Bow, WA and graduated from high school.  So congratulations to her for that as well. 

Today we began our safari, this morning we left the Mountain Village just after saying our good-byes to Andre and Michel who are going back to Quebec.  Michel has already been on a safari in Kenya and are both very anxious to get back to their families, I am sure.  Dave and Jennifer also departed from the group today.  They are doing an extended little tour of Africa and for that reason, logistics had it that they would depart from the group this morning.  We might see them sometime early tomorrow in the crater passing as they come back from their travels.  We will miss all of those folks dearly and I do look forward to seeing them again in the mountains sometime. 

So today our safari begins.  We had good luck right off the bat by seeing 3 lions in Lake Manyara National Park.  We also had a really close encounter with an elephant not more then 10 ft away from our safari vehicle, eating lunch I guess.  And we got some great pictures. 

At the present, we just returned from our visit to a Masai village where we observed some of their traditional practices and ways of life.  We learned a little bit about their customs and bought a couple of hand made crafts, that the village women make right on the spot.  Tomorrow we will descend right into the crater which is a personal favorite of mine and it has the highest population of land mammals anywhere on earth.  The flat terrain of the crater really facilitates great wildlife viewing with binoculars and even get you close enough to animals and hear them breathing.  We've had great weather and by all indications that weather is going to continue.  So tomorrow morning we will descend right away into the crater and see what we see.  Then tomorrow we will head over to Tarangire for our last day of safari, the day after tomorrow.  So stay tuned gang as we continue.  We will call tomorrow evening and let you know how our luck went in the crater on safari.  And we will stay in touch from Tarangire National Park.  So for now this Allen from Team Mambo Poa signing out wishing my best to all those at home. 

7/15/03 1:57pm.  Arusha. Team Mambo Poa.
Hi this is Allen, a quick short call in just to let you know that everyone is down safely and are enjoying showers, food and electricity.  Everyone is looking forward to the safari, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park.  The way down from Kilimanjaro we descended into the cloud level to our awaiting vehicles.  You should be hearing from us soon.  See you - Bye Bye.

7/14/03 8:38am. Summit of Kilimanjaro, 19,339 feet. Team Mambo Poa.
Hello this is Allen with Team Mambo Poa, calling in from the summit of Kilimanjaro.  It's Monday morning, 8:38, July 14th.  I've got great news:  all sixteen expedition members reached the true summit of Kilimanjaro.  The last team members are departing the summit, traversing the crater as we speak.  We departed our high camp at 12:30, another team departed about 1:15, and then the other team followed shortly thereafter at about a quarter to 2, placing all 16 expedition members on the summit crater simultaneously, which is a great accomplishment in timing and gave everybody the chance to do some high fives and congratulate one's efforts.  The strong team made a magnificent showing today, and climbing in great style and having surplus energy, they are in very high spirits.  Other individuals got to dig real deep and it was a magnificent thing to observe.  Some people hit walls and then were able to blast right through them, overcome obstacles by going around them, underneath them or just right through them, so I really want to congratulate those people, especially Andy and Merritt, who probably dug deeper than they every have in their lives in terms of physical challenge, so a special hats off to those folks.  Sara as well, she not only took good care of herself she managed to keep one eye on her husband and it was a real great thing to see a climbing couple like that look out for one another in such fine fashion. 

We're going to descend down to the Millennium Camp tonight, it's going to save a little bit of time on our descent.  I think we're going to have some tired folks, but happy and satisfied folks as well.  It will put an extra hour onto our descent tomorrow, but we have plenty of time, the descent trail is in great condition and it will be a real cruise.  We're hoping to find ourselves back at the Mountain Village at about 3:00.  

We've got beautiful blue skies, we did climb under a full moon all the way up.  It made headlamps unnecessary, we were able to climb in the dark, under the light of the full moon.  A magnificent sunrise this morning as well, brilliant reds and purples and blues filled the sky, with Mawenzi (one of the three extinct volcanoes that comprise the Kilimanjaro Massif) in the background.  The sun rises behind it illuminating the magnificent rock cathedral.  We had calm winds as well, taking our climbing temperatures to fairly moderate, I would place them at about 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  We're going to call in a bit later today, provided we're no all sleeping.  It's been a long day already, and we're still not done.  We'll certainly keep in touch tomorrow if not later tonight.  For now this is Allen from the summit and a hearty hats off to all the members of Team Mambo Poa, all 16 summited, 100% success everybody in good style and good form. Signing off.

7/13/03 8:15pm. Cosolo Camp, 13,500 feet. Team Mambo Poa.
Hello everybody this is Allen, calling from Cosolo Camp on Kilimanjaro.  It is Sunday the 13th.  All 16 of our expedition Team Members arrived into Camp, feeling strong, an very much looking forward to our summit climb tomorrow.  We've enjoyed good weather for the last several days and hope the trend continues which should give us smooth easy sailing all the way to the top.

Our plan for tomorrow is to wake up at around 11pm and our first group of more leisurely hikers will start out with myself, Nicholas, and two other local support guides.  We're going to have a second team take off about an hour after that, and then maybe a half an hour after that we'll have the racing team head up with August, another local guide.  Everybody is acclimatizing pretty well, and that's good.  We did have a bug go around and take a couple of us down for a day or so, myself included, but we're back up and running and feeling good.  For now, this is Allen signing off, stay tuned for tomorrow's report from the summit. This is Team Mambo Poa.

7/12/03 8:15pm. Karanga Camp, 13,500 feet. Team Mambo Poa.
Hey everybody this is Allen on Kilimanjaro, with Team Mambo Poa.  We're calling you from Karanga Camp.  We're basking in the sun, enjoying a restful afternoon, people are doing pretty well and we're looking forward to getting to High Camp tomorrow.  I'd like to pass the phone around to a few more team members and let them send their wishes back home to family and friends.

This is Sara, and I want to send our love to Mom and Dad and to Jim, Kim, Lauren, Kristin, Janet, Lisa and Keith, Clementine Emily and Ken.  We're almost to the top, it's hard work but Alpine Ascents is great.  Hello to everyone in our offices, love from Sara and Merritt.

Hi to Louisville and WSBC, this is David and Jennifer McKinley.  Cruising along at 13,000 feet of altitude, having a big time.  Rachel, Emily and Neve (?) Daddy sends love on a biscuit and 4,3,2,1.  Fuzzy pickles to all.  We'll be up at the top in two days and calling you after that.

This is Ann Giuli, I want to send love to Tom, my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, in-laws, all of my friends in New York and Nashville.  And lest we forget, Health Market in CT.  Ginger and Glen: that training in Central Park is helping climb this mountain. Having a fabulous time, call you after the summit.

Hello this is Dannielle Fisher.  I just want to let everyone back at home know that I love them and miss them and I am having a great time on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Hi Montreal, it's Michael and Andre.  We're doing quite fine and it's two beautiful days that we've been through. We're on the way to the summit in less than two days.  All of the parents, and family back home we wish them well, and have a good time.

Allen:  So there you have it, warm fuzzies from Team Mambo Poa.  We'll be giving you a call tomorrow from High Camp when we arrive and then again from the summit, weather permitting.  So for now this is Allen signing out, talk to you later.

7/12/03 1:41pm.  Baranco Camp, 12,600 feet. Team Mambo Poa.
Hey everybody this is Allen Carbert with Team Mambo Poa at Baranco Camp.  We are going to send some personal hellos from our expedition team members, I am going to hand the phone around to some today and let them have a chance to say hello to their loved ones. 

Hi this is Mike Schueller Hi to Sarah, Alison, Mom and Dad.  We're going to summit in 48 hours.

Hey this is Sam, we're loving it.  We're at 12,000 feet and we can see the mountain, 6.000 vertical feet we're doing well, it's awesome up here.

Hello it's Michael Waechter.  Hi Rachel, hi, wish you all the best.  It's a great time here, we're having a blast, can't wait to summit it two days, talk to you then.

Hey this is Mike Law, we are 48 hours from the summit.  I am actually looking forward to getting up there.  The weather's been really good and yesterday we were walking on top of the clouds. so that was neat. I will talk to you guys in a few days.

Hey it's Katie Gill, happy healthy and see you guys from the summit!

Allen;   Hey gang we've got another person who wants to send a message to friends and family back home, stay tight, here's Andrew:

This is Andy, I'm okay, everything's working good, I'm eating good and sleeping good, everything's okay.  It's really more than I ever dreamed, it's really hard.

Allen: So there you have it, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  So until later on this evening, when we get the rest of our expedition Team Members an opportunity to say hello this is Allen signing off. 

P.S. A special thanks to all of our folks back at the home office back in Seattle: Kristine, Matt, Andy and Gordon and folks, you guys are really the ones that make it all happen.  We wish you were all here, and hopefully someday you can all get here to enjoy this wonderful experience.

7/11/03 8:16pm Team Mambo Poa, Baranco Camp, 12,600 feet.
Hey this is Brandon filling in for Allen here at Baranco Camp at about 12,600 ft. on top of Kilimanjaro or half way up.  To everyone we know who are interested that Merritt and Sara Blake are here and well and just powering through the mountain.  (Passed off the phone to Merritt) And I want to say to Justin, I made it after we viewed this 17 years ago from Kenya and Brittney, Nancy, Kim, Colin and Bob, thanks for everything we are having a good time.  Sara sends her love.  Brandon again, I wanted to let everyone know back at home that everyone is doing well.  A few people caught a little bit of a bug but everyone is powering through.  And we are all just trying to make it happen here.  We are looking forward to making it to the next elevation tomorrow. 

Mike, Melanie, Katie all send their best and everybody else is doing quite well and today was a long 6 mile hike, the weather was clear for the first day after a little bit of rain but we are all feeling great and looking toward going forward to the next level. 

So tonight at Baranco Camp the clouds are just rolling up to about 11,000 ft. and the mountain is behind us.  One of my favorite guys is right here and just making sure everything is chillin'.  Mambo Poa is all good.  Poa says peace. 

Phone back to Allen, there you have it from Baranco Camp with our step in emcee Brandon.  Any ways folks we are doing good, it is a beautiful camp as he mentioned.  Stay tune for tomorrow, we are going to get some personal messages on the air and people are going to take some time tonight and write up a few messages to friends and family, loved ones back at home in the states.  So we are hanging tough and miss you all.  Bye-bye.

7/10/03 7:07pm. Shira Camp 12,300 feet. Team Mambo Poa.
Hello everybody this is Allen with Team Mambo Poa calling you from Shira Camp on Kilimanjaro.  We had another good day today.  We dealt with some inclement weather, a lot of drizzle and some cool temperatures but we arrived in good style about 4:00pm this afternoon.  The team is doing pretty well.  Some people are wrestling with some altitude stuff but I think everyone is pull through with great style.  We've got a couple of personal messages to send folks back home. 

David and Jennifer from Kentucky want to say hello to their 3 kids and grandma, who's looking after them and all their friends and family who are following their cybercasts stuff.  We are going to pass the phone probably around tomorrow, it's a little wet out right now and we don't want to stand out here too long and getting our electronic devices soaked.  The dining tent doesn't really facilitate the best satellite reception. 

Today was a good day, we left around 11 o'clock, oh excuse me, 10o'clock and arrived here in Shira Camp around 4:00pm.  We traveled in two different teams, we had our Canadian duo, Michel and Andre heading up our fast team and with them was David and Jennifer and the two brothers, Mike and Sam, who are both very strong and having a good time.  It's great having such good company around.  Mike Law was also with that fast team.   The slower and wiser folks included Katie, Melanie, Brandon was back there with us as was Andrew from TN.  So a good day was had by all. 

All sixteen of us are hanging tight and the moon is just starting to get through the drizzle.  So we are hoping that this is a sign of things to come tomorrow morning.  We are all hoping for some sunshine.  So this is Allen from Team Mambo Poa signing out, bye-bye.

7/9/03 7:11pm.  Machame Camp, 10,000 feet. Team #1
Hi this is Allen Carbert calling from Machame Camp with the Alpine Ascents International's first Kilimanjaro expedition of the summer season.  We've got a full house here with 16 expedition team members and what a great group of people we have got here.  We are having a ton of fun on our first day in.  We arrived in great style into our camp and we already have a team name.  So alright, so sit down, hold on and listen to this one, this is a great one.  Team Mambo Poa and it means everything is cool and that really is the truth, everything is really cool, we are having a blast like I said.  The trail was muddy as it usually is on the lower mountain.  And now we have broken out of the rainforest and the vegetation has changed drastically.  Today, we saw a monkey, a Colobus monkey, they sort of look like a skunks with black fir with white stripes down their back and when when they move the white hair kind of moves almost in a ghost like fashion because it's a little bit longer then the black hair.  Beautiful animals they are.  So that was one of the highlights of the day.  We are having a great dinner prepared for us tonight and we are really looking forward to tomorrow.  So far now gang, this is team Mambo Poa signing out and just hold on to your horses because tomorrow's cybercast will be something to hold.  Bye-Bye.

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