Kilimanjaro Summer 2005 Cybercast

August 27, 2005
This is Kilimanjaro Team #4, calling from high Camp where everybody has arrived, safe and sound. I have the remaining messages from the team. From N & N: "Baby steps can be a challenge, yet lead to great heights, summit tonight, so please send energy and we send our love." From April: "Hi to Mom, Dad, Michael, GSRG and everyone. I am long overdue for a shower and full night's sleep, but I am having an absolutely amazing time and am glad that Angela came up with this crazy idea." Next message "I'm feeling great and looking forward to summit day. Thanks to everyone rooting for me back home especially those at TLC, Mom Dad, Steve, and Coco. P.S. the PS is working well, Angela." From Darrell Atwater: "There is no other place that I'd rather be or thing I'd wish to be doing. M
y only wish would be that many of my friends and family could be here to see the things I've seen and have yet to see, before this adventure is over." And final message from Jim Ferber: "Gail, Ferber children and spouses, having a great time, safe and healthy, tomorrow we attempt the summit."

The group is healthy and everyone should be departing for the summit at midnight tonight.

August 26, 2005
Hi there, this is John Hauf calling in from the Kili climb calling in from the Karanga camp. Today we have some personal messages. From Mark, “altitude okay at 15,000, energy level good but colder than expected, awesome views and incredible experience”. The next message, “today was the last easy day, can’t wait until tomorrow, polé, polé, makes my day” from Larry Dumlao. From Ira Kane, “to DRK, to LBK, to CBK and friends, safe, healthy, challenging, awesome, to the summit on Sunday”. “Hello from Laurie and Pam, all is well, we walked around the base of Kilimanjaro to get into the position for tomorrow night’s ascent to the top, leaving at midnight for a sunrise on the peak”. Next message from Julie DeMaree, “Gary, Oly, Carolyn and HVC Crew, spectacular vistas, mountains above clouds and bizarre plants makes acclimating misery worthwhile, yesterday was hard but today easy, summit tomorrow night”. “Thanks from Tim for all that contributed for my participation in this spectacular experience for such a great cause, after a nine hour trek yesterday we reached just over 15, 000ft, lots of adrenaline, hearts stomping, climbing up the great Baranco, happy to be in camp still in one piece.” From Justin Lau, “Everything has surpassed expectations, the climb, the porters, the mountain, people, food, tents and guides. The meticulous attention we get, miss you all, wish you could all be here.” I’ll have more messages tomorrow – signing off, John Hauf.

August 25, 2005
This is Kili Team #4 calling from Shira Camp on a cold morning. I've been encouraged to say bitterly cold, but it's not quite bitterly cold. But the cloudless sky has given us a direct view up to the top of Kibo. It is looking closer but still a long way off. Yesterday's hike was in mostly sunny skies on a long good trail to our camp here on the Shira plateau, the broad expanse of mountain between Kibo and Shira Craters. Many folks will hit an altitude record today as we climb to Lava Tower at over 15,000 feet before descending down to our Barranco Camp. Things are going great.

August 24, 2005
This is Kilimanjaro Team #4 calling from Machame Camp, we had a bright sunny day’s hike yesterday, arriving in time to enjoy popcorn and a long slow beautiful sunset. Everyone learned that the threat of oatmeal every meal was false, as we dined on guacamole, cucumber soup, potatoes au gratin, and peppercorn steak with banana fritters for dessert. We don’t know if it was altitude or malaria medication-related, but a namele3ss New Yorker woke the entire camp with repeated midnight shouts of “Who’s Out There!?” We don’t know but are on the lookout for Freddy and Jason. It’s a wonderful morning to continue up to Shira Camp.

August 14, 2005
Hi this is Team Kitcha (Transmission unintelligible) 6 Hours from High Camp to Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa. Our entire 17 person team summited together serenaded by African spiritual hymns, courtesy of our 7 African guides. And poor comedic attempts by our otherwise fantastic American guide, John. ‘Fantastic was their word. We scree skied the entire 3,000 feet back to camp in a spine tingling hour and a half. We are looking forward to hot showers, real beds, safari, and many more Kilimanjaro beers.

August 13, 2005
This is Team Kitcha calling in from the Karanga Camp. We had a great day yesterday arriving here quite early. We had a huge lunch followed by an afternoon of cards and reading and learning Swahili. I have the rest of the cybercast messages from the other half of the group.

“Hello family and friends, I’m having the time of my life, love you all, Jason Gunst”

“Stephanie and Sky, miss you from the bottom to the top of the mountain, love you, Roy”

“This had been a splendid trip, though not Nantucket or Tuscany. Great people, beautiful country, see you soon and love to all”

“Jeanne my love, bag made it on day four always well on the mountain, love to family and friends, onward and upward, Ben.”

“Hello Idaho. Having a great time and miss you all. Nakupenda, two days until we summit, moving fast staying low, Brenda”

“To my awesome family and friends, I love you very much especially T.S, this mountain is incredible and everyone is doing well, we summit on Sunday, I can’t wait, Kim thank God for your bag, Sue Ahrend”

"Hello to everyone at Gold's Gym, things are great so far, we summit tomorrow, Hi Mom, Dad and Melanie, love you all, Mike. P.S. Stuary has bad gas, but his climbing is strong"

From Stuart: "Hi from High Camp. Everything is great, thinking of you all. Sharon, Bri, Dad, Mom, brothers and Jordan. Loong forward to the summit but not the toe trip down., Love Stuart. P.S. Mike is wrong about the gas."

We're headed up to the summit in about four hours accompanied by a 21-year old teddy bear. Thre Fred Hutch Cancer crew is very proud to have raised over $70,000.00 with this climb.

That’s all for now, we head to high Camp this morning.

August 12, 2005
This is the Kitcha group calling in from the Barranco Camp, Where yesterday we descended through a dusty, dusty trail and through the beautiful Giant Senecio forest to camp. I have some messages from half the expedition, the other half will come tomorrow.

George sends “love to his three girls, Sis, Mom and Hums the WB boy is ell and is excited for summit and a shower.”

Shelly sends “love to all family and friends, high camp tomorrow and the summit is in sight. Strong and ready, 143, Jill.”

Tad sends “love to Mom, Dad, Kate and Molly (?), who knew Africa was cold. Summit here we come.”

Mike Brian James and David send “their love, having a great time, see you soon.”

“John, having a great time, great views and a good group. All my love, Ziggy.”

August 11, 2005
Team Kitcha here at the Shira Plateau Camp after a sunny days climb through the Dr. Seuss forest and moorlands. We arrived in time for a cribbage tournament, Michele was the champion. Also arrived at camp today at about 10pm, were Roy and Lauras lost bags. Bravo to the porters who carried them up to camp 7,000 feet in one day. Were heading on to Lava Tower today and on to Barranco Camp.

August 10, 2005
This is Kilimanjaro Team #3, calling from Shira Camp. Everyone has voted to call ourselves Team Kitcha, which means "Crazy Team". It was a unanimous vote. We've arrived on a beautiful day with a muddy trail. Two people's luggage did not arrive, but we were able to outfit everybody with all the necessary gear regardless. We're having a great time and heading up further today.

July 31, 2005
This is John calling in for the Kilimanjaro expedition, the entire team departed camp last night at midnight and everybody was on the summit watching the sun rise this morning and everyone is safely back at camp with all members summiting. Its 9:30 in the morning and we are going to take a nap and head down to Mweka Camp after lunch. Everything is going grand.

July 29, 2005
This is Kili Team 2, calling from Karanga Camp at 3,963 meters. We've had two great days in a row, including today's morning ascent of the Barranco Wall. Today was a short day and the afternoon has been spent in cards, reading and chess. A note to this year's Team A, believe it or not, not a single Ambien to date. We will depart for our high camp tomorrow morning.

July 27, 2005
This is John calling from the Shira Camp at 8:02 in the evening. We have just finished a rousing game of 313, where the Scherstad family cleaned up. Everybody is healthy and happy, a little bit cold, but not so bad. Were headed up to Lava Tower and over to Baranco Camp tomorrow. Hello to everyone out there who is following the cybercast.

July 26, 2005
This is John Hauf calling in, the second group has all arrived, and we are all now at the Machame Camp. After a very quick and enjoyable hike today. We had a nice safari yesterday at Arusha National Park and we are planning on departing early tomorrow morning for Shira Camp. Everything is going well, talk to you tomorrow.

July 17, 2005
This is John calling in, it's Sunday July 17, all expedition members departed for the summit of Kilimanjaro at 12:15am this morning all eight climbers reached the top, almost at sunrise and were safely back at high camp at 9:30am, it's a wonderful day.

July 16, 2005
Hello this is John calling from High Camp, we just arrived at 2:00pm. The weather has been spectacular, everyone seems to be doing really well, moving well and we are going fro the summit tonight. Talk to you later.

July 15, 2005
Hi this is John, we are at the camp below high camp and it is a beautiful hot day and we just had lunch here at Karanga Camp. Johnny Strange has been playing hackey sack with the porters and we're looking forward to going up tomorrow, that's all for now, thanks.

July 14, 2005
Hello this is the Kilimanjaro Team calling on Thursday morning, the 14th of July. I have some messages for people:

"It's Houston on Thursday morning and we're enjoying beuaitful views of Mount Meru and clouds below us. It's 30 degrees out and looks like it will be a fantastic day. It's all good, Kathy and Drew.

"Thursday morning, 7:00am, Day 3 on the mountain, McKale and I jusst watched the most amazing sunrise. Thanks Sue for the great job packing we have everything we need, Sandy and McKale.

"Good morning, we are very high right now...on the mountain, Johnny."

Barry and Jen: "The sunrise surpassed even Mauna Loa. We're recharged, rested and ready to go, though Jen looks a little like the Michelin man in all of her clothes, cheers to all.

That's all for now, thanks.

July 13, 2005
This is John calling in with a cybercast for the first Kilimanjaro climb of the season. This is a message from Kale: "Yo guys, this place is awedome, it rained the first day and we are at about 10,000 feet, much love, Jambo, Kale." A message from Jen and Barry "Jambo, our first day on the mountain was a success, we spent our first day on the mountain at Camp Machame, after hiking through a beautiful rain forest, code word for - we hiked in lots of rain. Stay tuned. Message from Kathy and Drew, "Jambo we are enjoying a successful muddy adventure on the mountain. Hope all are having as much fun as we are. More later, Love Kathy and Drew." And a message for Brian and McKenna, "We love you and miss you, Johnny says try to have fun without me. Love Mom and Johnny. That's all for now, we're headed up to Shira Camp today, bye bye.

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