Kilimanjaro Summer 2006 Cybercast

Hey this is John calling in with the Mombo Mafia at Tarangire National Park and we are about to eat breakfast. We had a wonderful day of safari yesterday. We saw all sorts of stuff including around 1,200-1,500 Buffalo, all in one herd. We spent the better part of a half-hour piecing together bits of a lion that we could discern through the grass, I think that the Williams family saw the whole thing. We wanted to welcome the rest of the Williams family; Doug and Blake were with us on the climb and then Ann, Elaine and Grant joined us for Safari. We would also like to send a greeting to Joel and Lucas Stensby and Mike, Matt and Chris Gibbons who werent able to make it with us on the Safari. Just when we thought the Safari was over we got here to the lodge and low and behold there was a herd of elephants about an arm's reach away from our balcony, so that provided quite a bit of evening fun as well. Today we are on to Manyara National Park and then to the Ngorongoro Crater. We will keep you updated, bye-bye.

Hi this is John calling for the Mombo Mafia and it is 11:00am on summit day and the last people are in the camp and happily everyone made it successfully up to the top. (…transmission break….) It was a great day, not too cold (…transmission break….). Folks did really, really well; the young crew did outstanding and the not so young crew did excellent as well. We are now packing up our camp; we are going to have lunch and then head down to the Mweka Camp. Folks are looking a little tired from our day but I am sure that as soon as we get down to a lower elevation the oxygen will kick in and everyone will be happy. Thats all for now.

This is John calling in for the Mombo Mafia crew on Kilimanjaro. We are at high camp at about 4,700 meters, its cloudy and it was snowing a little earlier but nothing to worry us for tomorrow. Everybody is getting out of the tents now for dinner. We got up here nice and early and everyone was able to take a bit of a nap after preparing their equipment for tomorrows ascent to summit. Things are going well, folks seem to be happy and everyone seems to be healthy, so stuff looks positive. I guess we will know tomorrow, talk to you then. Bye-bye.

Hey this is John calling in for the Kilimanjaro team who have taken to calling themselves the Mombo Mafia, I dont know how they came up with that but seems to be working for us. I have a couple of personal messages here:

From Alison to friends, family and pets: Hey why didnt you talk me out of this, just kidding, having a great time. From Joel and Lucas: We are having a great time, hello to family and friends.

Yesterday we had a great time climbing up to the Barranco wall, it went very quickly. There are relatively few groups on the mountain right now and we have had great weather with clear blue skies. Everyone was in camp early and we had a great lunch. Matt Gibson played the circle of life for everyone on his ipod and everyone swayed to the music for a while in the evening. Everyone seems to be sleeping well and feeling pretty healthy. We are headed up higher today to our high camp and we are probably going to arrive early afternoon. Things look great so far for the summer. Thats all and I will call again later.

Hey this is John calling with a Kili Crew after a wonderful, but long day for folks, everyone did really well. We left from the Shira camp this morning, hiked up the nice long ridge under beautiful blue skies, almost everyone summitted Lava Tower and we were back in camp by afternoon.

I have some personal messages from people.

From Blake: I am feeling good so far. Hey to all my friends and thanks for all those who supported Heifer.
From Doug: Hello to everyone at home, everything is going well, great group.
From Patrick: I have a lion skin, will sell, call my cell phone.
From Kim: Greetings to friends and family. Keith and Casey I am doing great and I miss you.
From John: I am doing well, reached 15,000 feet. I am back at 12,400 for the night.
From Katherine and Alex: To see heaven in a wildflower and the universe in a grain of sand. John, Bo, Mom and Mire.

Thats all for tonight, we will be talking to you tomorrow. We head up the Barranco wall and over to Karanga camp.

This is John calling for the Kilimanjaro team we arrived at the edge of the sugar plateau today. We weren’t able to make a cybercast call yesterday I am not sure why the transmission wouldn’t seem to go through. Today is a beautiful day, it started off misty and we couldn’t see anything and then as we climbed up slowly throughout the day we got higher and higher through the mist. Now we are looking at the upper mountain with its flanks of rock red and white with the snow covering them. We have a great group going, a lot of good energy with some young people and the rest of the folks picking up on that. Yesterday was a bit a muddy down in the lower sections, it wasn’t raining but it had rained and the trail was a bit of a muddy mess but no one seemed to mind. Katherine’s bags didn’t make it but they just arrived here about half an hour ago at the camp. One of the porters went all out and left this morning and arrived here around five o’clock. Everyone is by the tents and happily talking and looking up at the peaks. We are about to have some tea and then it’s off to bed and on to Lava Tower and the Barranco camp tomorrow. Bye Bye.

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