Kilimanjaro Winter 2006 Cybercast

(Sorry for the delay, these past two days I have not been able to get a good connection to the satellite). This is John calling in for the Kili team. It is 10:30 a.m. and I'm very pleased to report that the last folks are down safely to camp and that all climbers made it to the top. Folks did very well and made excellent progress, keeping great spirits during the long, cold hours, especially right before the crater rim. We'll rest here for awhile and then begin our descent to Mweka camp. I'd like to personally thank each of the climbers on this expedition as well as the climbers on the other expeditions this season for making the Alpine Ascents Kilimanjaro season such a success with 100% of the climbers reaching the top! Great job everyone.

John calling in for the Kili team. It is a clear sky early morning at Karanga camp and we are packing up for our climb to high camp today. I have a couple of personal messages from some of our team members.

From Nancy and Al: Climb for Cancer team doing well. Thanks for all the contributions we received and will receive and good wishes. Ciao Gators.

Jay says hi and thanks to all the running gang, Va. gang, my very special friends and family. PTL. Doing great.

Sharron says onward and upward to summit. Thanks Jen, GFP family and friends, don't worry I'm not being too stubborn. Es bueno Eduardo.

Jack says: Made it to high camp. Alpine Ascents is excellent. They will assess viability of climb. Looks good. Love to all.

Chuck and Rick hope all our supporters will help out our fellow hikers and their climb for cancer. We have two eagle scouts in the group, Bob and Chuck.

Sarah and Gisela give their love to everyone. We are doing great.

This is John calling for the Kilimajaro Team. Yesterday we hiked from the Barranco wall camp up to the Karranga camp. The Barranco wall, lots of people on it, but it was an exciting adventure, a little steep but nothing anyone couldnt handle. The weather was good for us yesterday it decided not to rain on us for once which made everyone happy. We got into Karanga camp in good time had a spectacular lunch of enchiladas and fruit salad.

I have a couple of personal messages. Bill R. sends greeting and big, to Paula, Dwain, and the Blue Dragon. A special shout out to Casey, Jan, Milad, and Frank Rizzo “Inshallah.”

Next message, Bob sends love to Jane, Tara and family, “I feel good and hope to summit in memory of dad. Im thinking and praying for you all.”

I have a message from Jack, “Climbed Barranco Wall so far so good. Wish you were here, love to all.”

This is a message from Mark, “High Hallie, Im having an adventures and challenging time. Thank you for the daily cards. I really enjoy each one. Miss you and see you soon. Love, Mark.”

This is a message from Chuck, “Hi Dawn, Cole and Taylor, Rick and I are doing well. Miss you lots, love you.”

This message from Rick McNamara, “Hi kids I love you. It will be good to hear from you when we can. Everything is going well thanks for your support. Yours always and in all ways, dad.”

Those are all messages and we are headed up to high camp today.

High this is John calling in this morning with the cybercast for yesterday. We arrived at the Barranco camp safe and sound.

I have a few personal messages, Rob Stuart sends greetings from Kilimanjaro to the Stuart and Brice clans S&B, TT, Linda-loo, Larisa and everyone else. “The climb is fantastic and the fun is just beginning.”

Jack says, “Reached 15,000 feet so far so good love to Sue, mom children family and friends.”

Sharron says, “hard day Hakoona matata Ed and friends Go Gators climb for cancer.”

Jay sends her message she says, “Had a headache today, good pace, a bit hard to eat, unique.”

Yesterday was a long day going all the way up to lava tower. Almost everyone in the group decided to climb lava tower and then we descended down to our camp here. It is a cold morning but as soon as the sun is on us we will be on our way up the Barranco Wall. So that is all for today.

This is John and the Kili crew calling in from our camp at the edge of the Shira Plateau. It is a bright sunny morning and we a staring off the edge of the world and over across the African plains to Mt. Meru. We had a very nice day yesterday but unfortunately the afternoon rains caught half the crew just before they got into camp. Half the crew made it before and half the crew got caught in the rain. But everyone seemed to get dry, enjoy the afternoon snack, and recuperate just fine. Last night was really cold, and this morning there was frost on the tents but the sun has come up and out and everyone has shed their warm layers and packing up before breakfast. We are headed up to lava tower and down to the Barranco camp today. Everything is well. Bye

Hi this is John calling in for the big Kilimanjaro crew. We are at the Machame forest camp. We are at about 3000 meters. It is a clear morning. Im standing next to some blackberry bushes that have a little bit of fruit on them but not too much, and we are getting ready for breakfast. Yesterday we hiked up about a thousand meters or so in good form and good style. We got here to camp just as it started to rain so nobody got wet in fact the rain did not last long. Today folks are going to pack up here in a little bit, have breakfast in the dining tent, and then well head on off to our Shira Plateau camp. It will be another great day. It looks like it will be nice and warm for the morning at least.

Jay says to tell everybody that she is actually o.k., whatever that means, weather there were some doubts there or not she is doing great. Other people say hello also to loved ones and friends. That is all for now, goodbye.

This is John Hauf, guide for the Kilimanjaro climb calling in from our first official day of the expedition. Everyone has made it safe and sound and luggage intact. Yeah! We spent the day checking equipment and doing a game drive at the nearby Arusha N.P. The park is situated on the slopes of Kili's sister, Mount Meru.

It was a very hot, windy day that started off a bit slowly, but more than made up for an initial lack of game with great views of black and white colobus monkey's cavorting in the trees directly above where were standing. One even had a baby clutching it's belly as it jumped over twenty feet between two trees. We're early to bed and early to rise tomorrow when we'll head to the Machame gate and begin our climb to camp one.

This is John of the jungle calling in todays cybercast for the Kilimanjaro crew. We, last night after the last cybercast, went back out on safari in Tarangire and had a great time for about an hour watching five lion playing in the rain around a buffalo carcass the only thing is there were four males and one female. We thought that it could only end badly somehow or other. We had a great night at the lodge where the successful Kilimanjaro team was presented with their Kilimanjaro cake with sparklers on top, only one of the two sparklers lit but, you know, nothing is perfect. This morning we spent much of the day in Lake Manyara park where, since it rained all of last night, the waters have come up, there are now tons and tons of birds, birds everywhere, and hippopotami and we just worked our way through Karatu and are at the gate here at Ngorongoro. We are going to go on to the Masai Village and down to the crater tomorrow. That is all for today, and well talk to you tomorrow.

We have begun our safari and left Arusha and traveled across the hot dry plains to the greens and baobabs of Tarangire National Park. We spent the morning, about an hour, watching a lioness stalk three reedbucks, she missed which disappointed half of the crew and delighted the other half. We are just finishing lunch out on the veranda in a nice cool breeze. The rain is starting to make things green here and we are preparing to go out for the afternoon drive. I have a message from Pat: Love to Jerry, Ashley and GMs, the view from the summit is the best yet, kisses, pat miss you all. Thats all for today, thanks.

This is John calling at noon and we are sitting in our cook tent, about half of our group, just trying to stay out of the wind. Everybody made it to the summit and back. (transmission fails)

Hello this is John with the Kilimanjaro team. It is finally a clear morning, and, as I speak, the sun is cresting the ridge and clearing up the frost on the ground. It has been raining and it was very rainy yesterday, but we got into camp early and had a nice lunch and dried out in the tents.

I have a couple of messages for people. Pete and Bob send their love to their families and their regards to all their former associates at Deloitte and Touche. Bob also says hello to friends at DDC, ETDC. Next message, this is Brain Redmond sending greetings from Kilimanjaro with a very special wish to Patrick for a happy twentieth birthday. I want to say hello to Justin, Mathew, Spencer and Nick also Meg and especially Christie. John and I are having a great experience.

Were climbing with a terrific group. Also, although there are just nine climbers, our party almost numbers sixty, counting guides and porters, you wouldnt believe the sights and the cuisine. I am thinking of you often and miss everyone. We are headed to our high camp this morning after breakfast, and well give a call from up there. Everything looks good, people are moving very steadily, and we have every hope for success. Bye bye.

This is John with the Kilimanjaro team. It is a lovely morning at the Barranco Wall camp. Im looking up at the Breach Wall with its ever smaller icicles but last night it snowed up high so the entire top of the mountain is cloaked in white and it stretches all the way down to the top of the wall, not where we are, but it is providing a beautiful backdrop for this morning. I have some messages for people, Tom and John said to say hello to their family and friends in Easly… hootie hoh! JR misses Karen and Collin Manbovipi to the cgi, abq, clt and kcmo – Hi mom all is well. Mike sends a shout-out to Penny, mom, Bob, Becks, Ben, and Hoshi and the rest of the gang in Colorado. The last message is, Hi Carmen Im still alive and kicking xxoo. That is all for now. We hope everyone is doing well, and well talk to you later.

Good morning its the Kilimanjaro Team, its John calling, its 7:00am at the Shira Plateau Camp and weve got our six tents spread out before us, our three porter tent, our cook tent, two guide tents and our dining tent. The mountain is a little cloud covered but the sun is rising up above us on the slopes and its turning into a nice morning. Folks are out after their breakfast tea, packing up, washing up and getting ready for breakfast. Today is a big day for us, we head up toward lava Tower and then down towards the Baranco Camp. People are doing really well and we are having an enjoyable time. The trip is progressing as we hoped and we will talk to you tomorrow, bye.

Hi, this is John with the Kilimanjaro crew. It is a beautiful morning at the Machame forest camp. Im standing around a bunch of blackberry bushes that have tempting fruit on them but are not quit ripe and the birds are singing. Everyone has had their mint tea and is off enjoying the view of Mt. Meru. Everyone is healthy and happy. We had a beautiful safari in Arusha National Park where we got to see black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, and warthog and zebra, and we are now on the mountain. Day one has gone by with a little bit of rain, nothing too serious, and we are headed off to our second camp at the Shira Plateau today. Well give a call from there.

A Happy New Year to all of you from all of us on our wonderful Kilimanjaro safari. We are at the Ngorongoro crater enjoying a beautiful sunrise after enjoying a successful safari in Tarangire where we saw a total of nineteen lions in three separate spots including one pair which had brought down a wildebeest. We had a flat party but none the less managed to enjoy ourselves on New Years Eve with a bottle of champagne, and then continued on our way to Ngorongoro yesterday. We are enjoying things very much. We like our group and are having a fine old happy time during each days drive and we are looking forward to getting onto the Serengeti today and the balloon ride tomorrow. We hope that everyone at home is well. Everyone on the trip is having a great time but anxious to see loved ones back at home.

Hello this is John calling from the Kilimanjaro team. We had a great summit day today. We departed camp at midnight and folks went steady, steady and we were at the summit at quarter to five in the morning. We had an incredible time and everyone felt very strong and did a great job. I have a couple of messages from people. This is from Tom to Regina, Nacumpenda (spelling?) and this is also from Tom to Sydney, Shawn, Jared and Meaghan, Uncle Tom says: Accumatata (spelling?). And Andrew and Maria say they had a great time and can’t wait to get back so that they can tell people all about it. That’s all for now. We have come down to our Mweka Camp and it’s just started to rain and we are looking forward to a shower and a change of venue tomorrow. Bye Bye.

Hello, this is John calling from high camp where the entire team is sitting comfortably in our comfy chairs looking at the last people of the day coming down off the mountain, two people in yellow holding hands. We made it up here in great time and everyone seems to be doing just wonderfully. We have the ever ready bunny in Maria that keeps on ticking, tick, tick, tick, all day long. And then for Andrew he still keeps on being surprised that he is enjoying it and doing so well, and he is. And Regina, Regina, Regina, who is this Regina woman? Come on Tom, another topic please. Anyway Regina, whoever you are, it sounds like you are really special. That’s all for now. We are heading up to the summit tonight. Bye, Bye.

Hello this is John with the Kilimanjaro Team. This is finally a beautiful evening at the Karanga camp. It has been raining all afternoon, as it has each afternoon, but each morning and evening has been very nice. We have a great view of the mountain. We got here in record time I think. Everyone is doing quit well with no issues with altitude; everyone is healthy and happy. We are heading up to our high camp tomorrow, and well give you a call from there.

This is John calling in for the Kilimanjaro Team. We had a great day today going up from Shira Camp up to Lava Tower. Maria and Andrew say that they thought they had left snow storms behind them in Canada, however we had quit a snow storm at Lava Tower but in the end it stopped and we had lunch of chicken at fifteen thousand feet and came on down to our camp here at Baranco. Tom says that he has finally decided to wear pants for the climb and oh here is a haiku:
Sun like clock work arrives
He is cooking by the door
Oh look it is raining

That is Toms haiku. Everyone is doing well and sends their best.

Hello this is John Hauf the guide for the Kilimanjaro climb. Im here enjoying a wonderful Christmas lunch with Tom and Maria and Andrew and Ronnie, our head guide, and Michel our waiter, yes our waiter, here at our nice Christmas spread complete with table cloth on the side of the mountain up to the shera camp. Everything is going well we are at twelve thousand feet for those of you are not metrecized. Were at about 3500 meters more or less for the metric folks. Everything is going well. Maria says that she is in heaven, Andrew say, “It isnt hard yet,” and Tom says, “I love you all” with that, a Christmas wish for all of you and bye-bye.

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