Kilimanjaro Summer 2007 Cybercast

John – we are just finishing lunch at Mweka camp Im happy to report that the team reached the summit in spectacular weather – probably the best weather we had all season - also wanted to say what a pleasure climbing with this group who all knew each other and helped each other out throughout the climb

This is John with a cybercast – as of yet we dont have a name but there have been active planning sessions and the bar. Many of the crew know each other so a pleasant start with chatter of past trips . We got up to Machame gate with very few people as compared to high season…we hiked up 1000 meters the first day to Machame camp – we got there early and everyone seems in excellent shape…but will slow the crew down by summit day

Hey This John with the Kili crew which still debates a team name every evening. We are at Barranco camp – we re in clouds and cant see the crew above you we have some personal messages jeff b say hi to Kim, Kan Asher and Ali – miss you have having the time of my life – cb, pc, jz and MG a big hug and hi, from Tom M hi to all friends and family Cathy, Jackie amanda Melissa I love from Mike D hi all things are as planned – from Gary Hi to all LOL – Tom S – Martha Ali Zach climb is going great.. (transmission garbled)

This is John with another cybercast – but the team is still working on a name. We woke up to a beautiful day with a crowd layer below us and a cloud layer above us and got to climb through a sandwich of clear weather which was spectacular – we could see the tip of Meru off in the distance – we got into early lunch on midway spot after a 1000 foot gain. Had lunch and continued to Shira plateau (made by the Shir acrate blowing up many years ago ) filling in the space between the main crater and Kibo giving us one of the few flat spots to camp on – we can see a sliver of moon and folks are playing

From The Office: We apologize for the cybercast delay. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Cybercasts will be posted as soon as they are available.

From The Office: We apologize for not posting any cybercasts earlier. The team is all doing great and they are all heading up to high camp tomorrow. They apologize for not calling in any earlier but they are having some technical difficulties with the sat phone. The group is very happy and really enjoying themselves right now and we should hear from them again soon.

Hey everyone! We're all just back to the Arusha Hotel with everyone making the summit. They're pretty happy right now. I brought both cell phones with me and couldn't get either to connect. We're looking into fixing the problem for future climbs. Thanks for your understanding, John Hauf

Hi folks this is John Hauf calling in for the second Alpine Ascents Kilimanjaro climb. Everyone has arrived safe and sound. Initially there was some lost luggage but it all arrived before we left for the climb. Today we had a pretty straight forward hike and everyone arrived at camp in good time. The group came up with a team name but it was vetoed by their guide so we are still working on a team name. Right now everyone is tucked into bed safe and sound at Machame camp and tomorrow we will head for Shira Camp. Bye for now.


Hi there! Just checking in with some more updates: We arrived at Shira camp early today and had a chance to wonder around the Shira caves and the Shira Hut. The weather is warm. The winter weather here is such that all we see below us is a sea of clouds, and above us a crystal clear mountain. After having their first choice group name rejected, the group has decided to call themselves the “Climb-Med”. Its high season here, so there are over 300 people at the Shira camp. But AAI, as usual, has secured a spot away from the main group. Thats all for now, this is Jon Hauf signing off from Mt. Kilimanjaro.


This John calling in cybercast fro the Kili crew, we are at Karanga camp folks have just finished lunch and some are staying in the dining tent while others are heading to their tents some personal message – “doing good feeling strong long day up to 15,500 David Spillane, Paul and Katie: Truman and RJ Momma and Daddy love you are doing great - - For Dawn – after slightly rough start doing great trip is awesome – message from Rick – Love to Linda , Emily and Julie hi to all at NHCS awesome life is good – Message from Katie – to all family and friends cheer me on where its warm because the summit is cold, cheer but Im working hard I cant wait …message from Laura hello Bradies – Hillaries cats and dogs its cold but the food is great – I miss you and Im learning Swahili ….Martha sends love to Craig Matthew Michael and Andrew – Know that I am safe and miss you – transmission cut off


Hi this is John calling in for the Kilimanjaro Team. We are at Meweka Camp and it is a beautiful, clear night. We can see the still see the summit even though it is some distance away from us at this point. At 8:00 am this morning all 17 of us stood on the summit. It was a fairly warm summit morning although it was a bit cold, closer to dawn. Folks did a great job of getting to the Stella Point on the summit today. We ascended 4000 feet and descended 9000 feet all today so the team is justifiably headed to bed. We just thought that we would call in and let folks share in our happiness.


Hi this is John calling in from the Serengeti (…transmission break…) we are very happy. We are on the floor of the Ngorongoro Crater and our driver has just taken us over to see a big male lion. Yesterday we spent some time at Lake Manyara where we saw a good number of Hippos bathing. Currently we are in the Ngorongoro Crater and if today continues how it began it should be a great. Tomorrow we will continue on in the Serengeti; some folks have signed up for a sunrise balloon ride and the rest of us will go on a morning game drive. Afterwards we will fly back to Arusha to catch our evening flights. Folks are having a great time and getting some much deserved rest after the climb.


Hi This is John calling in for Kilimanjaro climb – Im standing at Machame camp looking at all the gang loading their boundary bags last night right over the forest in front of camp we had a beautiful view of the southern cross – sorry Lou from last trip but we had a great view last night – we are currently involved in learning about cricket from our Australian climbers and today we are headed to Shira Plateau – its a little foggy and mist yand some said the mountain was clear earlier this morning – I imagine well get above the clouds later and have a great view


Early morning at Shira camp – cold morning , frosty on the ground– people are shivering and wide eyed, surprised by the cold – I am assuring them theyll do just fine in the cold up higher, as soon as we get eggs, toast and coffee Im sure theyll be just fine – message from Michael sends: grinz and hugs form the top of Africa – well head up on the long slow rise to lava tower and then down to our barafo camp ….my favorite camp


Hi this is John calling in from the Barranco camp with some personal messages for people. We had a rare windy night last night. Our guests estimates the wind at 50-60 mph, but their guide estimates them at about 15-20. What we all can agree on is that it was very gusty, and hopefully it doesnt get very windy tonight. Here are the messages: John Bo, now camped above the clouds and under the snows of Kili. Love to all, CG. To Patrice, Carly, and Nicky, Rob and I are doing great. We hope Turks and Caicos were great. We love and miss you all, love Chris. To Nikki, I hope youre having a great time. I love and miss you equally. Keep a smile on. Love, Rob. Hi Grandpa, Grandma, Tanya, Rachel, Kennedy, Brooklyn. Were doing well, the food is great, and the scenery is awesome. Love you guys. Love Britain and Randall. Thats all for now. Well head up the Barranco Wall this morning. We already see a line of porters sneaking up to the top. Well head over to Peanut Camp, and call from there.


This is John calling from the Kili climb with the Cybercast. We are at the carranga camp. Its a blue sky morning. Our winds have died down and our dust has gone away. I have some personal messages this morning: Jude, Keith, Amy, Janelle – made it 13,320 feet. Light head, sore body, but all good. John Bo to friends and family in Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and New Zealand – a magical place above the clouds. Great group, terrific guide – oh that must be me! – summiting tomorrow night. Next message from Greg Nolan – hi Vikki, Tim, and Rachel. Im having a great time. I love you all. Heres a message from cg…Whats up, last night there were big winds, it was a little scary. Today was sunny, warm, and mostly up and down around rocks. Love cg. And the final message – Hi Grammy, Billy, Grammy Tere, and Aunt Maribel. We are doing great. Xoxo. Love Maribel and Marissa. Thats all for now.


This is the Kilimanjaro crew calling in from our well-deserved safari, after everyone reached the top of the mountain. Were standing at the very edge of the Ngorongoro Crater. Its a misty morning, as usual. The winds are starting to blow the mist off of where were headed in about an hour after breakfast. Yesterday we were in Tarangire National Park and we saw a leopard that turned out to be a tree and then later on in the Lake Manyara Park we saw a tree that turned out to be a leopard. Well be headed down to Ngorongoro and then after spending the first part of the day there well stop at a Massai village and see how they live and to see their traditional evening dance. Well give a call later from the Serengeti. I think some folks tomorrow are taking the balloon ride, and that should be fun. Thats all for now.

8/16/2007 LeRoy Team

Hi there friends, family and loved ones. This is the Leroy team on Kilimanjaro calling in from over 9,200 ft above sea level. We just had a great day yesterday moving up through the rainforest and up through the jungle. We found a great campsite. Everyone is learning how to hydrate. Were just having a great time. Please stay tuned to the further adventured of the Leroy climb on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Ciao for now!

8/17/2007 LeRoy Team

Hello there friends, family and loved ones this is team LeRoy calling in from the Shira Camp. It has been a big day today; we finally broke through the tree line and did a high rocky traverse over to the Shira Plateau. Everybody is breathing well and acclimatizing. We have a great camp and our local staff has song wonderful songs to us, welcoming us into camp and we had an excellent dinner that prepared for us and now we are heading to bed. So just know that we are high on the Mountain at 12,000 feet and all doing well and thinking of you at home. Thanks for tuning in and stay tuned to the further adventures of the LeRoy Family climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Ciao for now.

8/18/2007 LeRoy Team

Hey there friends, family and loved ones this is Vern Tejas here calling in for Team LeRoy we had a great big day today, we moved from Shira camp all the way over to the Baranco Camp. We went up and over to 14,400 where we had lunch. The weather was inclement to say the least; it started off as mist then it turned to rain then turned to sleet then turned to snow. To say the least it was inclement and very challenging. Fortunately our crew had set up a tent for us to have lunch in up by the lava tower and we were able to get in there and warm up a bit. We descended down and down and down to the Barranco camp. Jimmy and Jason lead the way and the rest of us followed behind trying to stay as dry as we could with the wind and the snow and the rain. We are now snugly ensconced in our sleeping bags after having a big dinner and again having our local guide staff and porters sing songs as we entered camp, it was great. We got here just at dark and now we are all tucked into bed. Stay tuned to the further adventures of Team LeRoy. Ciao for now.

8/19/2007 LeRoy Team

Hello there friends, family and loved ones, this is Team LeRoy checking in from Karanga Camp, high on the side of the Karanga River, over looking the lights of Moshi down on the flat land. We are 12,700 feet above sea level. We had another beautiful rainy day, so inclement that I dont think that I have ever climbed in such malevolent weather, it was a big challenge however this team is holding together with spirit. Ill tell you they have got the best attitude that I have ever seen; everybody is soaking wet, drenched, and when it starts hailing they start cheering, can you believe that, amazing. Anyway we powered up to camp, that last hill in record time, once I told them that the camp was at the top everybody ran, puffing away and we made it up there. Everybody is in good spirits and looking forward to moving up to high camp tomorrow. So stay tuned to the further adventures of Team LeRoy. Ciao for now.

8/20/2007 LeRoy Team

Hello there friends, family and loved ones this team LeRoy reporting in from high camp at 15,300 feet and we would just like to tell everybody that we are alive and well but very wet and cold. It has been a very trying day, wind, horizontal rain, sleet, now snow and we are packed in up here in the snow conditions. We have made the big decision for life that we are going to go down rather than risk challenging ourselves to a level that is beyond our abilities so thank you for tuning in. We are going to head down tomorrow. Thats all from up here, high on the side of the biggest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro. Sweet Dreams.

8/20/2007 Team 4

Hi this is John calling in with the 4th Kilimanjaro team of the season. We started off with a bang while doing our gear check in Arusha. We had a little earthquake in the hotel. We were looking at boots and gaiters and all of a sudden we were looking toward the door. It wasnt that big of an earthquake really, just a little bit of a tremor, and they have been happening for the last month or so here in Arusha. We headed up to the Machame gate at 18,000 meters and started our hike. The skies were cloudy, but they let us have a nice enough lunch, before opening up for the afternoon and getting us a little bit damp by the time we got to our first camp at the Machame forest. The new ranger station at the Machame forest is finally up and working, so we had a place to hang out and dry out before we got into our nice camp. We ate popcorn from our nice crew there. We had a good night sleep. Were headed up to the Shira camp tomorrow. Well call from there. Bye bye.

8/21/2007 Team 4

Hi this is John with the Kili Team #4. It was another rainy day yesterday, all day long. It rained all night at the Machame camp. That, in itself is not unusual. But what is unusual is that it continued raining throughout the day as we did our climb, all the way into camp and into the evening. Folks were a little bit wet and cold, but everybody seems to be coping just fine. We finally got a view of the mountain later on into the evening as the cold night air settled things down. Everybody was suitably impressed and rewarded for the days cold and wind. This morning were getting up, and theres no sign of rain yet, which is nice. Were going to continue on up towards the lava tower and down to the Barranco camp. Its nice because the rain has cleaned up the air and we can see from a long ways, and the streams all have nice water in them (they are usually dry at this time of year). Well give a call from the next camp.

8/21/2007 LeRoy Team

Hello there friends, family and loved ones. This is team Leroy calling in from Arusha, the big town at the bottom of the mountain. It was a long day. We hiked and hiked and went all the way down the mountain today. It was filled with thrills and chills, as you can imagine, with the muddy clay that is now all over the trails now that the rain has soaked in. But we all made it down. We had a great reunion at the base. We sang with our porters, had a great meal, and went to bed. I would like to say however, that this has been one of the greatest experiences of my life to be with the Leroy family up on the mountain. Theyve proved themselves, in so many ways, as acting family first. They are a bunch of good fellow climbers. The young kids have never camped before, and havent done much hiking, yet they have a spirit that is deep, positive and uplifting. I learned a lot from the Leroys. They were a joy to be with. Soon, well be winging our way back home so stay tuned for further adventures of the Leroy family.

8/22/2007 LeRoy Team

Hello there friends, family and loved ones. This is team Leroy calling in with our final cybercast. We are in a very nice restaurant; were gorging ourselves after the long hike down yesterday. Everybody is recovering nicely as I look around the room. We want to thank you for joining us throughout our climb. As you know, we did not make the summit. However, I think we have been successful on several levels. One of the things that I would like to say is that I have learned a lot on this trip. I learned how a family can work together and help each other out and have a great time even without making the summit. So I want to congratulate the Leroys for having a successful climb. To the summit, team! (sounds of clapping in background) Ciao for now.

8/22/2007 Team 4

Hi this is John calling in with a cybercast from the Kilimanjaro crew. Yesterday started off sort of a nice and we were all lulled into thinking we were going to have a nice day. But as we climbed higher and higher towards the lava tower the weather turned bad on us and it started snowing. Regardless, folks did very well. We got up to the lava tower after lunch but because it was so wet with snow and wind we decided that this time wed give it a pass. We descended back on down to the Barranco camp. In the evening, low and behold the clouds lowered and we were treated to views of the Heim glaciers and the Breach wall. Today we left that camp and scampered on up the Barranco wall and moseyed on here to the Karanga camp. It was a sunny day and it is still sunny so folks are enjoying the rays and looking forward to an afternoon off. Well give a call from our high camp. Everyone is doing well.

8/25/2007 Team 4
From the office: 14 climbers set out from high camp to summit and 13 made it to summit – the group is safely back at Machame gate at the base of the mountain. We apologize for the delay in posting, we have been experiencing some satellite connection problems.

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