Kilimanjaro Summer 2008 Cybercast

Team VII
Note from the office: The Team has made it down from Mount Kilimanjaro and is safely back in Arusha. Our apologies for not posting cybercasts earlier on this expedition; we have had some phone difficulties. Thank you for your patience.

Team VI

August 28, 2008

Note from the office: No cybercasts expected this weekend. Last cybercast for Team VI, August 27th. Thanks for following along.

August 27, 2008

Hi this is John calling in with the Kili cybercast today. Everyone is down safely from the summit, all were successful. We started out at 11:50pm, a little early – we carried through the night which was very warm, watching the constellations turn as we got to Stella point. The clouds which are usually wispy turned into full clouds obscuring some of our view – capping the mountain … but we did carry on to summit and with frosty clothing reached the summit at 6:50am – a few climbers came up a little later and got a better view as the clouds cleared. We made our way to Millennium Camp and woke to another frosty morning. We will reach the gate later today and look forward to shower and celebration.

August 24, 2008

Hi this is John calling in with the Kili cybercast. Day 1: The group arrived at Machame trailhead mid morning where were met by our cooks and porters who will be with us for the next 7 days. We ascended about 1,200 meters through the rain forest it was misty and cloudy and allowed no views of Kili but the group had fun and everyone was well.

Day 2 : We left Machame Camp early and it was bright and sunny day, a bit steeper then the day before but not as much elevation gain. We kept a slow and steady pace and got to Shira Camp early afternoon and we got our first views of Kilimanjaro, which was the big highlight of the day.

Day 3: This was one of our tougher days as we travel not only up, but many down hills. In the afternoon after we ascended Lava Tower then down to Barranco Camp, where Jason poked his head out and said this is most spectacular views he has ever seen. Then today we climbed up Barranco Wall to our camp and we hope to relax this afternoon at Karanga Camp.

Team V

August 18, 2008
Hey this John calling in with the Kilimanjaro Crew. It is a beautiful morning on the slopes of the mountain. The sky above us is clear and the first sun light is hitting the upper slopes where we were just a scant 24 hours ago. Everyone made it to the summit yesterday morning and down to camp again safely, it was a wonderful day. There is a blanket of clouds below us and the moon that light the sky during our climb is hanging in between. We came back down to camp and had a great meal but I have to say that everybody was a little more interested in hitting their sleeping bags than hanging out in the dinning tent and celebrating, I think that will come tomorrow. We will give a call again later.

August 17, 2008
Hi this John with Kili Crew, the morning started as usual with tea and smiles from Michael and Peter. We saddled up and started up our long and winding road that went up up and up. We made the big blue tent which was our lunch spot and came in good shape. Our next stop was Lava Tower, many of our group scrabbled up the rocks to Lava Tower. We continued our trek to camp, we descended through the senecio and got glimpse of camp, the glimpse turned into a mirage. We continued down and down over rocks and brooks and the mirage eventually became a reality. Now we are in camp eating dinner, we will call again tomorrow, bye.

August 14, 2008
John again here with the second cybercast. We began our morning with tea and coffee delivered to the tents, then started out on the trail. The morning was cool but as soon as the sun came up we immediately began making clothing adjustments, we climbed through the heather and scrambled up the rocks to our next camp (camp 2) where we were greeted by our Tanzanian friends. We will rest up for our day tomorrow. Thats all for team 5!

August 13, 2008
John again with first cybercast with the Kili crew, we had a great first day, ascended 4000 feet through the rainforest, misty, through ferns and moss (we went poly poly which means slowly slowly). Currently we are relaxing in our mess tent on chairs, waiting for our dinner of popcorn & avocados, and pepper steak. We are celebrating the birthday of Gaynor with a birthday cake! Spread the love from team 5!

Team IV

August 10, 2008
This is John with the summit day cybercast. We all departed at midnight and worked our way through the switchbacks; we started warm but the temps suddenly dropped 10-15 degrees after 4 hours and then came back up a few hours later. The group climbed steadily throughout the night and we reached Stella Point at daybreak and our team reached the summit at 8:00am and all safely back down to high camp. We are headed to low camp and will try and get another update to you later.

August 9, 2008

Hi this is John – we are safely at high camp finishing our dinner – so we can get up at 11:00pm to begin our summit ascent at midnight. We had a short but uphill day and arrived to our guides singing. Our group is extremely strong, mentally and physically; we are happy and excited climbers looking forward to our summit day.

Note from the office: Cybercasts called in over the weekend will be posted on Monday.

August 7, 2008

Hey this the cybercast for the group here on Kilimanjaro, Jambo. We awoke today to ice on our tents, happily we were soon greeted by our Tanzanian friends with tent tea. We were off after breakfast slowly, slowly for a long day of hiking. Today we travelled through climate zone three, dry and rocky but the sky was bright and our sights were on the snowy top of Kilimanjaro just to the left. We ate lunch at the base of Lava Tower just after many members of the team reached their personal records in altitude. The food gave us plenty of energy to for continuing up to Lava Tower and then descending to Barranco camp. Through great help from our guides including Franky, our personal jutbox, we all eventually made it to our beloved blue tent for dinner for a great dinner and a wonderful discussing of life philosophy. We are now going to sleep in our sleeping tents under the most beautiful blanket of stars. We wish each other good health and good night sleep for the journey to Karanga camp tomorrow. Thank you for following along.

August 6, 2008

Hi this is John with the cybercast for the Kili crew. Jambo, 17 healthy and happy climbers and about 100 amazing porters, members of the Fred Hutch Cancer Research climb who have raised nearly 200,000 dollars for cancer research. We have nine members of the Burrows family making the trip including 12 year old Cole. There are three folks out of New York, Colorado and Virginia, and the state of WA dominates with 12. Day 1 we traveled through rainforests over 10,00ft. Day 2 brought us up to the Shira Camp at about 13,000ft and our first glimpse of Kilimanjaro through the clouds. Its beautiful people singing and feeling. Our motto is Pole Pole, slow and steady. Alpine mambo. Thats all for now!

Team III

August 2, 2008

Our group departed for the summit at midnight in what was initially fairly nice weather and higher temperatures than we've had so far this season. As we made our headlamp ascent the temperatures started to drop as we neared both dawn and Stella Point. As usually, the final climb below Stella Point was for many the most difficult part of the climb, but the group all arrived together there just as the sky was beginning to lighten in the east.

It was too cold and windy to rest there so after a brief break we all carried on towards the summit which we reached as a group at 7:05 a.m. just as the sun was starting to shine on us over the clouds and across the jagged summit of nearby Mawenzi. We all spent almost an hour on the summit taking pictures and energizing a bit with food and water before departing for high camp at Kosovo.

The group continued down to Mweka camp, entering the rain and mist as we descended, had a banquet prepared by our chef, and then wandered off to a well deserved rest. We descended to the Mweka gate the next morning, returned to Arusha, and said goodbye to the folks heading off to the Serengeti for safari this morning.

Note from the office: cybercasts called in over the weekend will be posted on Monday

July 31, 2008

Hi This john calling in with the Kili crew. Everyone had a great time yesterday scrambling up the Barranco wall. We got to the Karanca ( peanut camp) quite early and hung out in the afternoon sun before our traditional big lunch before we head to high camp tomorrow. Today we woke up to cloud cover mist and rain, not sure what the weather will do but we will head to high camp and the summit at midnight. – Everyone is doing very well, acclimatized well and we will give a call after we return from the summit.

July 29, 2008

Hi this is John with the Kilimanjaro Team. Yesterday we climbed Lava Tower, everyone was up early, we had lunch up high and climbed Lava Tower. It was the warmest day of the season so it was a beautiful day to be up there. Everyone got to camp pretty early, we had popcorn and then rested, had dinner and went to bed. Overall it was a beautiful day in the mountains. Mike says hello to his son and daughter.

July 27, 2008

This is John calling in with the Kili crew, it is a nice breezy morning at the Shira camp. This is the first day we have looked over the plains w/out clouds – we can see the Meru off in the distance and sun is hitting the edges of the Shira crater. Everyone is well sipping tent tea as the camp crew shuttles food to the dining tent. Today we will head up to the Lava Tower for lunch and then head to Barranco. We also met Joe and Mike – doing well….had a nice chat with them and will see them at Barranco camp tonight. All is good and we will call form the next camp.

July 26, 2008

This is John with the Kilimanjaro (Team 3) cybercast – I am standing on the bridge at the Machame camp which those of you who climbed Kili with Alpine before will remember. A very misty morning, I can see dew and frost on the leaves. It was a cold evening but not extremely cold. Old mans beard is hanging off the trees and the group is starting to stir and we did arrive early at camp yesterday and we will head to Shira today. All is well and hope all is well at home.

Team II

July 21, 2008

We made it to high camp, we got here in good time – about 1:30 or so – still misty, thereare not good views, but we climbed well, finished our briefing and getting ready to leave for summit at midnight. The route still has snow but should not be an issue the moon is coming out and all looks good for a summit attempt.

July 20, 2008

Hi this is John calling from the Karanga camp – yesterday was a long day going from Shira to Lava Tower where we lunched and continued on. About 12 folks from the group made the top of the tower and spent a long time up there with great 360 degree views- - but have to say, not scientifically but there is much less ice up here. After that we headed down to camp though a beautiful forest of Dr. Seuss like trees (scenery) with big leaves that die and then cover the trunk from extreme temperatures. We had some late evening mist roll in, the usual aches and pains, interrupted sleep but also very healthy. Today we went up the great Barranco Wall and made it to camp early where had a chicken and fish lunch – folks are walking, resting and getting ready for tomorrows walk to high camp.

July 18, 2008

Hi this John with the Kili crew calling in, we send a big hello to Alpine Ascents and family back home. Were doing great and had a fine walk to Machame forest with a light rain, the trail wasnt muddy and the walk was fine. Yesterday we just motored to the edge of the Shira plateau, we could see the full moon with an outline of Meru in the distance then we headed into the new dining tent ( its awesome, thanks Alpine ). Today we head along incline of the ridge toward Lava Tower and hope that the weather holds until we get to Lava Tower and then our Barranco camp.

Note from the office: Cybercasts called in over the weekend will be posted on Monday

Team I

July 14, 2008

This is Mark Fisher with a report for the team on Kili. Sorry for the absence of cybercasts but I am pleased to report that the team is doing well and we all summited together on Sunday at 6:45 am. We had an amazing summit day...beautiful weather, incredible views, and everyone was fit and strong all the way to the summit. The summit day is by far the toughest day of the trip and everyone did really well, albeit it tired by the end. After making it back to high camp, we had a quick lunch, packed up our gear and continued on to the Mweka camp. The lower elevation of 10,000 feet made everyone feel a lot better and we feasted like kings and slept like babies.

We made it back to Arusha today around 3:30 pm and have spent the afternoon relaxing, showering, and packing for Safari. Tonight we are going to head out on the town for a celebratory dinner and then meet up with some of our local mountain crew in town. Tomorrow the team will head off on Safari at 9 am.

It has been an awesome trip and one could have not asked for a better experience. We are all sending our best. Sincerely, "the team formerly known as Binder"


July 11, 2008

A Note from the office: All cybercasts called in over the weekend will posted On Monday, July 14th.

July 10, 2008

Hey this is Mark Fisher with the Alpine Ascents Team on Kili, this is the cybercast for a couple of days.

This is the cybercast for Tuesday, it has been an awesome day. We had a 9:30 am departure from the hotel, we drove about two hours to the Machame Trailhead. Once at the gate we just had a few logistical details we set off for beautiful lush rainforests even viewing a few blue monkeys, our goal being the Machame Camp at 10,000 feet. All day we experienced beautiful, slightly cool weather and had a great time hiking, taking in the amazing landscape. We savored our first views of the upper mountain and we had a tasty dinner that satiated our appetites, filled our bellies and everyone went to bed content and happy.

This is the Cybercast for Wednesday July 9th: We had a spectacular day of hiking; we enjoyed breath taking views of the upper mountain, plains below and Mt. Meru off in the distance. The weather has continued to remain near perfect, our crew has been having a great time together and everyone is healthy and strong. We arrived at camp early and we were able to relax, play cards and enjoy the stunning views from our current camp called Shira which is at approximately 12,800 ft. We had another delicious dinner and all the team sends their best to those tuning in. As one person state today ‘Watching the Kili Imax movie doesnt even come close to the real thing.

Today is Thursday July 10th and we are en route from our camp at Shira to our camp below the Great Barranco Wall. Today is one of our longer days but we are having amazing weather, folks are hiking strong and things are great. So we are not going to send another cybercast for Thursday but the Team is well and everyone sends their best.

July 7, 2008

Hi Folks this is Mark Fisher from the first Kilimanjaro trip of the summer season. It is actually the Tanzanian winter over here and temperatures are actually quite pleasant and especially cool at night in town. We have what appears to be an excellent group of folks from all over the states and everyone is excited about the mountain expedition that begins tomorrow. We enjoyed a pretty pleasant day and in addition to some orientation details; gear checks and packing we managed to explore some of Arusha which included a visit and lunch at the Cultural Heritage Center a dinner at a great little pizza restaurant that was complete with an acrobatic entertainment group. There was a lot of relaxing in the afternoon, some folks hung by the pool, others toured the city while a few opted for massages. We head to the mountain tomorrow at 9:00 am and we will be anxious to give you more reports tomorrow night from the mountain. Bye for now.

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