Kilimanjaro Summer 2009 Cybercast

Team VI

Hi This is John calling in with the Kili cybercast - we are safely back down from the summit - some days the mountain just seems to get bigger and bigger - but after along climb we all did great to the summit. Very slow movement as we pack up our bags at camp and ready to get out as it is overcast and perhaps it may even snow. ..but all happy and healthy.

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Hi this is John with Kili cybercast from the Karanga camp - misty afternoon the clouds have been rising and falling all morning - but did have some clear views of the Barranco wall - - a nice climb as we were out early before most of the teams. Made it up in good time and exciting day for people as we scramble up a hillside and while it looks imposing it's very reasonable and we get to look down at waterfalls and camp below. Now climbers are off to a rest and nap( we do not to do this at some camps as we want to get back on African time schedules) Otherwise folks are reading and doing well. Will try and call in tomorrow.

Hey this is John with the Kilimanjaro Team, we caught another pleasant day. Last night after dinner the cold kind of settled the clouds down and we got a starry sky but this morning when woke up the first part of the day was sort of cloudy and misty. We could tell that we were getting up out of the clouds as we continued our hike up this morning and right about lunch time the sun sort of shined down on us, we even took the rain fly off the dinning tent because it got a little hot in there. We continued on the second half of the days climb to Shira Camp, where I am calling from now and low and behold as we got to the Shira Plateau we popped out of all the clouds and could see the mountains off in the distance which was very impress, we had a seat and talked about snows, glaciers and ice. Then we continued on to camp and I can smell the popcorn cook and folks are relaxing, we generally recommend that folks dont take a nap because a little light activity helps for acclimatization. Folks enjoyed the song that they heard coming into camp and are enjoying getting know everyone. Everyone is doing well and sends there greetings. We will call tomorrow after our climb to Lava Tower.

Hello this is John with the sixth Kilimanjaro climb of the season everybody is doing really well. We got off yesterday morning bright and early and did our drive along the airport high way back towards where everyone arrived we went beyond that turn off and continuing up the Machame road through a little town called Machame and then up to the gate at around 1800 meters. It was the busiest day of the season which means the number of climbers is getting back to normal. We got everything squared away at the gate and met our wonderful crew that was there waiting for us. It was kind of a misty day, a little bit of rain but we cant complain because the folks around the mountain need the rain also helped to keep the dust down. It was all in all a very pleasant day and it reminded folks of the movie Gorillas in the Mist. We got into camp early and signed in at the brand new ranger station and then proceeded to devour some popcorn and got settled in and had our traditional first night dinner of pepper steak, potatoes and fresh vegetables.

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Team V

This is John calling in after our summit of Kili - we had a beautiful but very cold morning - the ground and rocks were white and misted up, looked very different then the rest of the season, it was windy at Stella point, ( the hardest part of the climb) - but we pushed through and made it to the crater rim then onward to the summit. We did not spend a long time at the summit - some people unfurled banners, such as one for the Fred Hutch Cancer research Center as well as Mountain from UP - a society for homeless shelters, that said people are sluggish and certainly tired but doing OK - - that's all for now

Hi this is John with the Kili cybercast - the morning o of the hike to summit camp - a bit of cloudy morning and has been the last day or - everyone feeling better acclimatized and after morning tea,. Many people get concerned when they first arrive, but most acclimatize well. So we're all doing well and ready to go to high camp...

Hi This is John calling in with the Kili cybercast - I'm standing on the edge of sunlight and our dining tent is just about to get sun, here at Barranco - we went from Shira camp to Lava Tower - we had a fun scramble up Lava after a slow start - had great view of the upper mountain before returning to Barranco - only 3 parties here - but this year it really has been our own climb and really nice really nice - we'll hang out at high point for a day before heading to Karanga - everyone is doing pretty well all happy and healthy.

Hi this is John calling in with our first cybercast - team is doing great - transmission cut.

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Team IV

Hi this is John - with the Cybercast - we had a hot day yesterday as we hiked from Karanga to Barafu - we always see people returning from the summit - these would be people who did the trip in 6 days instead of 7 - they looked beat. We went up to high camp and finished early to bed at 5 - we had an early departure before midnight and happy to say we all made the summit and down safely at Mweka camp. As I smell a banquet dinner is being prepared. We are tired but happy and headed to Arusha tomorrow.

Hi this is John calling with the Kili cybercast - this is day 4 leaving Barranco camp - we wake before the sun rises the vie is magnificent - although we have not yet summitted we feel we are on top of the world - dusty while clouds surround us and Barranco wall is beside us - we climb the Barranco wall to 13,800 feet where we rest for 30 minutes to acclimatize and then descend about 700 feet into a valley and then ascend past our final water source for the rest of the trip..... sending runners down with 5 gallons jugs - we arrive at late lunch at Karanaga - camp we are briefed for the rest of the trip and plan for summit day - we are very excited for summit day - we are well and send regards.

Hi this is John - our morning ritual of tea and cookies in the tent are a great start to the day delivered to our tent at sunrise by our esteemed waiter - Michael - we departed and headed to Lava Tower at 15,500 feet a personal elevation record for many of the team. In arriving at lava tower we removed our packs and climbed to the top of the tower - the jagged rocks look like the Lion Kings Pride Rock and descended to Barranco Camp - during the descent we enter an area of oversized trees (... transmission broken...) after about 2 hours, slightly tired, camp to our African team singing and dances - finally off to bed under a sky of stars...


Hi This is John with the Kili cybercast: written by the guests - Jon Bo I see clearly now the rain is gone - our team awoke to blue skies and another gourmet breakfast - we climbed steadily to stay above the clouds and saw our fist glimpses of the summit. The mountain seemed busy now with porters and climbers around the world....transmission broken.


Hi John Kili crew #4 began our ascent at 5800 feet with 7 climbers from the US - our ages run from 15 to 58 years old and we 44 porters , cooks and guides, we had drizzling rain which made it cold to start - but we were pleasantly surprised with our meal, nice dining tent and flowers on the table as well. ! After several breaks and a muddy climb and set our camp to the night - after a meal of steak and green beans - look forward to tomorrow.

Team III

This is John Hauf with the Kili cybercast - everyone summitted this morning and we are safely back at camp. We at a nice summit though cold and windy, there were very few teams on the summit. Everyone is napping before lunch after which time we will make our way to Mweka camp.

This is John calling in with the Kili cybercast - we arrived at Karanaga camp - short day with some rock scrambling on the lower part of the Barranco wall - and it's nice rim cutting through the cliff - imposing but doable - we're in camp relaxing after lunch and all set for high camp tomorrow. 2 of the climbers may meet their cousins climbing on a different route. We look forward to high camp and then summit the next day.

bye for now

Hi this is John with today's Kili cybercast - We've had too much lunch on our climb to lava tower, with great views of the upper mountain and the plains below. We got to Barranco camp and we play cards and read and we look at tomorrows climb up the Barranco wall - so all is well and we look to reach karanga camp tomorrow.

Howdy, this is John and team with the Kili cybercasts - we are sitting in our cozy Alaska guide dome, we arrived quite early today - and now starring out at the plains of African and Mt. Meru - from the Shira camp.

we arrived early at camp, now having a leisurely afternoon - everyone is doing great - little effects of altitude - we're taking some small hikes as the staff has their lunch - so all doing well healthy and having a great time.

We head to lava tower tomorrow as low clouds are coming in.

thanks for all and we'll call from Barranco camp - all send regards

Hi this is John calling in with the team 3 Kili climb - I'm here at Machame camp in the nice worm son with Ryan, Jonica and Jeff - we left down the gate in green, mist and who would have believed it would be such a nice day but we got above the clods and here we are ...took us about 4 hours for 6 miles - and we zipped right on up - beautiful clouds of Shira with the summit behind us - a very early arrival for the group as the amp is begin set up - popcorn cooking and I leave you with our greetings.

Team II

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This is John Hauf calling in with a Kili cybercast - very dry hot and dusty but we all left at midnight - made the summit by 7 and back in camp by 10 - folks did great, pushed through the hard sections of Stella Point - but did superbly. We're in Camp now, we'll eat and head to lower camp and look for showers the next day.

This is John Hauf with the Kili cybercast we're midway on the climb to high camp - above Karanga sitting on a ridge looking at Meru hanging in the sky above the white clouds. Team is moving well - we're heading up the mountain with views of Barafu ridge, very motivated group and superb weather. Very few people on the mountain Then into camp about 1:00 then a summit briefing and an early wake up for summit. So wish us well as we head towards the summit.

Hi this John - we are at our high point for the day at above Barranco camp at 4400 meters....- a beautiful camp perched on a ledge that juts out and surrounded by waterfalls. The porters are carrying the loads to camp, sweating as we have a warm day....we've been here by ourselves but a British group just joined us, not many people on the mountain at this time. We had a long day yesterday and climbed Lava Tower, it was long, but everyone did well. We'll have a great day heading up the mountain, have lunch and head towards high camp tomorrow.

Hey this John - we are at Shira camp looking at the top of the mountain, very dry season, much dryer then last year,. Everyone is in the dining tent and drinking tea, and telling stories getting ready for tomorrow.

This John calling in with the Kili cybercast - been a fun day, very active crew - quite a lively bunch -we left Arusha in the rain but cleared by the item we got to the mountain all was clear.....and eventually had sun climbing through the forest. We got into camp early , people have their feet up as the staff serves tea. We're looking forward to continued good weather tomorrow.

This is John with a cybercast we all arrived in Arusha, chasing down some luggage, but should arrive tonight and departure for Machame gate on time. Climbers are touring the town and will try and get everyone to bed early . Everyone is doing great and in fine spirits.

Team I

Note from the office: We have heard again from our local outfitter and the whole team has summitted Kilimanjaro. They are all doing well.

Note from the office: We have heard from our local outfitter and the team is doing well. Yesterday they spent the night at Baranco Camp and today they are headed up to Karanga Camp. Thanks for following along. (Please note that any cybercasts called in over the weekend will be posted on Monday, July 13).

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