Mount Kilimanjaro

(19,340ft/5,895m) Tanzania


    All departures are led by Western guides.
    "Of all the great guide services on Kilimanjaro, Alpine Ascents might be the best. Its success rate is close to 90 percent. " - Outside Magazine     Read More

Kilimanjaro Overview

  • One of the major and many differences between Alpine Ascents and most other services is: Every one of our Kilimanjaro expeditions is led by a U.S. based Alpine Ascents mountain guide in addition to our African Guides.

The Machame Route

  • Our bread and butter climb over the last 20 years. Travels through five distinct ecoystems in 7 days followed by a 3 day safari. This is the classic climb of Kilimanjaro with Alpine Ascents. Read More

The Lemosho Route

  • Our 9 day climb itinerary is geared toward the very fit trekker/climber with a chance to sleep at the crater rim after summit followed by a 3 day safari. Read More

Why Climb With Us?

  • Alpine Ascents Success on Kilimanjaro: We have been guiding Kilimanjaro for over 20 years with over 90% true summit success. In recent years we have led over 1000 people to the summit. Read More

Private Adventures Available

  • We offer personalized Kilimanjaro and Safari itineraries - our expertise at your convenience. Read More

We have chosen the Machame & Lemosho routes over other routes as they offer some distinct advantages. At Alpine Ascents we look for the routes that will give us the most interesting wilderness experience, great acclimatization and all around enjoyment and beauty for our climbers. Read More