Mount Kilimanjaro

(19,340ft/5,895m) Tanzania

Alpine Ascents Kilimanjaro Safari Locations

Following our climb we begin a four-day safari to the spectacular game parks of Tanzania. Throughout the safari, we lodge in luxurious hotels and travel by Land Cruiser across the Great Rift Valley, following wildebeests, lions and other indigenous wildlife...

The Ngorongoro Crater is the largest unbroken crater on earth and claims the highest density of wildlife on the African continent. The view from the crater rim is breathtaking and descending deep into the belly of the crater will encounter almost every animal species found in east Africa. During this segment of the safari we spend time in a traditional Masai village.


The Tarangire River and National Park, south of Lake Manyara, is a huge wildlife retreat during the dry season. The river valley contains stunning views of the savanna and great varieties of large mammals such as kongoni, wildebeest and zebra. With any luck, safarists will also see rhino and leopard amongst a variety of gazelle, giraffe, elephant and impala.

Serengeti National Park
, Tanzania's signature park, covers nearly 15,000 square miles and spans into Kenya where it connects to the Masai Mara reserve. The word Serengeti conjures images of wild African game in all its glory. The abundance of animals running at will creates an overwhelming experience and fulfills the dream of life before the "great white hunters". The sheer mass of animals is both staggering and long remembered.


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