Brent Langlinais
Guide: Rainier, Mountaineering School

Brent is an impassioned adventurer with a lifelong love of wild places. His enthusiasm for climbing began in the late 1990s, during his freshman year at the University of Alaska, and he has since amassed an extensive and varied resume of personal and guided expeditions throughout the US and abroad. Brent's passion for mountain adventure has taken him to 25 states, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Argentine Patagonia, Chilean Patagonia, Aconcagua, Denali, New Zealand, India, and Nepal, and his areas of expertise included technical rock and ice climbing, high-altitude alpine climbing, wilderness leadership and emergency medicine. He is also an accomplished public speaker, photographer, long distance cyclist, skier, whitewater kayaker, dual sport rider, sailer, and Critical Care Registered Nurse. Brent began working with Alpine Ascents in 2006, and between trips he can be found either traveling, working as an Intensive Care Unit Nurse or living aboard his recently restored Catalina 27, the S.V. Tomorrow.

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Significant Ascents
Aconcagua (22,841ft) Argentina- multiple, guided
Denali (20,320 ft) Alaska- multiple, solo, guided
Tocllaraju (19,794 ft) Peru- guided
Vallunaraju (18,963 ft) Peru- guided
Pisco (18,871 ft) Peru- guided
Pico de Orzaba (18,850 ft) Mexico- guided
Ishinca (18,204 ft) Peru- guided Urus (18,030 ft) Peru- guided
Iztaccihuatl (17,343 ft) Mexico- guided
Mt. Rainier- 60+ ascents, 5 routes, solo, guided
Mt. Baker- 40+ ascent, 3 routes, guided
Mt. Adams- multiple, 2 routes, guided
Mt. Shasta- multiple, 2 routes, solo, guided
Mt. Hood- multiple, 2 routes, solo, guided
Eldorado Peak- multiple, 2 routes, guided
Forbidden Peak- multiple, 2 routes, guided
Mt. Torment- multiple Mt. Shuksan- multiple, 3 routes, guided
Cerro Solo, Argentine Patagonia
Cerro Electrico, Argentine Patagonia
Mt Cook, New Zealand
Mt. Aspiring, New Zealand
Grand Teton, multiple, 3 routes, solo
Longs peak, multiple, 3 routes
Cathedral Peak, Yosemite, 2 routes
Mt Stewart- Grade IV 5.9
Third Pillar of Dana- Grade III 5.10
Zodiac, El Capitan- Grade VI 5.7 C3, solo
The Prow, Yosemite- Grade V 5.8 C3, solo
Skull Queen, Yosemite- Grade V 5.8 C2, solo
Prodigal Sun, Zion- Grade V 5.7 C2, solo
Touchstone Wall, Zion- Grade V 5.10 C2, solo
Spaceshot, Zion- Grade IV 5.9 C2, solo
Moonlight Buttress, Zion- Grade IV, 5.9 C1
Various additional summits: Alaska Range, Chugach Range, Hayes Range, Colorado Rockies,  British Columbia, Sierra Nevada, Yosemite, Red Rocks, Moab Desert towers.

Registered Nurse
Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Wilderness First Responder
AMGA Alpine Guides Course
AMGA Advanced Alpine Guides Course
Level I & II Avalanche Course
Leave No Trace Trainer