Wesley McCain
Guide: Mount Rainier, Mountaineering School

Wesley loves climbing and it is an incredible reason to travel. Wesley is based in Seattle and loves to explore the many ranges in North America. Various trips to the mountains have included personal trips to the Washington Volcanoes, the North Cascades, the Sierras, the Canadian Rockies, the West Coast Range of BC, the Volcanoes of Mexico. Rock Climbing trips have range from the classic cracks of the east, sandstone sloppers and pockets of the south, and classic granite destinations of the west. Adventure Running in the mountains was originally a way to get in shape for climbing, but is now another way cover a lot of ground and enjoy the hills. Any excuse to be in the mountains on ice, crack climbing, sport climbing, alpine climbing, bouldering, or just for a long run. Wesley loves running and climbing.

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Wilderness First Responder
Avalanche Level II