2006 Mexico Volcanoes Cybercast

Hello everyone checking in with the Mexican Volcanoes expedition.

We all made it safely down from the summit of Orizaba and had a nice and bumpy ride down to Tlachachuca.  Our summit day on Orizaba was very exciting.  The weather leading up to our bid was very stormy and when we peaked out of our tents at 1 am this morning a thick layer of clouds kept the stars and the partial moon at bay.  We were able to begin moving at around 2:45 am from our 15,600 ft high camp and their was a lot of snow that had accumulated  on our approach to the base of the Jampa Glacier.  Lucky for us, the weather held out and we were able to climb to the summit in rather comfortable conditions.  The big challenge for us though were the snow conditions, a lot of snow had fallen on the upper mountain and the sugary consistency required some trail breaking.  Everyone had to dig down rather deep and find the resolve to make the summit.  The persistence paid off and soon myself, Chava, Darryl, Albert, John M., Dan, and Steve were all basking in the sun on the third highest point in North America. 

We are all now in the Spanish colonial city of Puebla and just finished having a nice meal and drinks at a outdoor restaurant, the weather perfect for t-shirts and sandals. 

A few funny highlights of our trip involved our group being harassed by a bull when we camped out a night in a meadow at the base of Izta.  Albert was surprised to be looking into the glowing eyes of the bull as he peered out from his tent.  Another was Darryl's backseat driving concerns as Chava maneuvered our van through Mexico's busy highways.  And finally, us guides were put to the test in some whiteout navigation as we descended Orizaba (we were never really lost!!!).   

So our plan tomorrow is to visit some of the historical sites that Puebla has to offer and to do some shopping.  We will be heading back to Mexico City in the early afternoon and hopefully will be able to do some more sightseeing before this trip has to come to a close with our final celebration meal.

Overall it was a very successful expedition with plenty of challenging weather.  Everyone did their very best and I hope to see them again in the mountains soon.

Till next time! Ciao y suerte. Eric


Hello everybody checking in with the Mexican Volcanoes Expedition, we are calling you from the summit of Orizaba and what a beautiful day it is. I am sitting up here with Chava, my other guide. We have Daryl, Steve, Dan, John and Albert. Our plan now is to head back down, break down our camp, head down to the hut at Piredra Grande, take our four wheel drive vehicle back to Tlachichuca and then hopefully have a quick turn around to Puebla this evening. So keep us in your prayers for a safe descent and we will send you another dispatch from Puebla. Take care and this is the Mexican Volcanoes Expedition signing out. Bye.

Hello everyone who is checking in with our Mexican Volcanoes Adventure! We are now in Thlachacuca and just ate a real authentic Mexican lunch from our 4x4 operator Joaquin Cocholla.  The weather is a bit on the rainy side here in Mexico and it is rather untimely since the monsoon season ended about a month ago...  The giant hail storm we received on Izta and the electrical activity was interesting to say the least.  We checked the weather forecast and the outlook for Orizaba looks like rain for today (6th) and tomorrow, with a sunny clearing for the 8th.  This is good news since we hope to summit on Thursday. 

Today we will be taking our 4x4 vehicle up to the refugio (hut) known as Piedra Grande.  Piedra Grande is located at about 14,200 ft and we will be spending the night there.  Tomorrow (7th) we will have a leisurely morning and will hope to begin hiking up to our high camp at los cruces (roughly 15,500 ft).  We will spend most of the day in tents probably playing hearts and acclimatizing.

If the weather karma is in our favor, we will hopefully get an early start at around 2:00 am and begin our 12 hour day to the summit of Orizaba.  Wish us luck!!! The group is all doing fine and they give their best to family and friends who are following along! Ciao! Eric

Team on the summit of Malinche

First light over Popo

Group on Izta  

Hello this is Eric Remza with the Mexico Volcanoes expedition giving you a call from Amecameca.  We want to give you a little breakdown of the last couple of days.  Two days ago, we summitted La Malinche with the elevation of 14,600 ft.  Everyone was able to make it to the top and today we got up pretty early, at around 12:30AM and got moving around a quarter to two.  We were able to get up pretty high on Iztaccihuatl and a couple guys made it to the hut at around 15,600 ft. and the rest of us were able to get high on the breast of Iztaccihuatl.  We had a little bit of excitement up there, a pretty good storm system was moving in and we got a bit of an electrical storm.   We had to move pretty quickly to get down safely.  Everyone is great and safe and we are all down in Amecameca to grab some showers and have dinner this evening.  Our plan for tomorrow is to head to Tlachichuca.  We’ll give an update later.  We hope all is well with people checking in.  Take care.  Good-bye

Hello everyone checking in with the 2006 Alpine Ascents Mexico Volcanoes Team II!

All of the group arrived yesterday with all their gear and we are all eager to get into the mountains and begin climbing.  Our group consists of John M. and Albert R. both from Wenatchee, WA; Dan R. from Cashmere, WA; Steve A. from Show Low, AZ; John B. from Burlington, VT; and Daryl M. from San Diego, CA.

Yesterday some of the group were able to visit the pyramids of the ancient Aztec city of Teotihuacan.  The pyramids of the Sun and the Moon rank around the third highest in the world.

Also, the people of Mexico are in the midst of celebrating Dias de Muertos (the day of the dead).  It is a way for them to honor their family and friends who have passed.  Gigantic paper Mache sculptures of skeletons and marigold laden shrines are just a few of the sights we saw around Mexico City.

Today we will be departing for our first mountain, La Malinche and tomorrow we will hopefully be going for our summit bid.  Check in daily for dispatches and how the team in progressing.

Take care and saludos, Eric Remza

La Malinche

La Malinche Bull Ring


Dias de Muertos

Hello to everyone following along our Mexican Volcanoes adventure. 

Yesterday, after our successful summit of Pico de Orizaba, we made the slow decent to our awaiting 4x4 vehicle.  After a rather bumpy 2 hour ride back to Tlhachachuca, we ate a wonderful traditional Mexican meal and then continued onto the city of Puebla.  Our hotel in Puebla was built in 1698 and used to be a Jesuit Monastery.  Its central location to Puebla's historic central district makes it great to easily walk to such destinations as the Cathedral Basilica of Puebla de los Angeles.  We also did some shopping and picked up some of Puebla's well know Talavera pottery. 

 We will be arriving to our hotel in Mexico City tonight and we will be having a celebration meal and checking out some of Mexico Cities nightlife, like the Mariachi's of Garibaldi Square.  Tomorrow everyone will be heading home, although some folks who have late departures plan to visit the ancient aztec pyramids of Teothahuican, about an hour north of Mexico City. 

That is about it for the Mexican Volcanoes expedition for October, please stay tuned for our November expedition beginning in a week. 

Best, Eric Remza

Group on the Summit of Orizaba

Orizaba from 16,600 ft at the base of the Jampa Glacier

Hello this is Eric Remza with the Mexican Volcanoes Team calling you from the summit of Orizaba.  All of us made it up and we are sitting on top.  Beautiful skies, great views, we can see all the way down to the valley and there is not even a breeze.  We are really just enjoying the moment up here.  Our plan is to head back down, break down our camp and then head down to the Piedra Grande Hut where we will take our four wheel drive vehicle back to Tlachichuca.  We will probably grab a quick lunch and then it will be a pretty quick turn around as we will head straight to Puebla.  So that's it, we will give you a call and send you some photos from the summit.  We hope all is well, all of us are thinking of you as we enjoy this beautiful day.  Bye. 

Hello this is Eric Remza with the first Mexico Volcanoes Expedition calling in on Wednesday.  We have a great couple of days and I will give you a recap of what has been going on.  After we left Mexico we drove to the town of Huamantla and had lunch at a Hacienda and then that evening we spent the night in our cabana at the base of La Malinche.  The next morning we got up and summitted La Malinche, everyone summitted and we got up in good time.  We made it up and back down in about six hours. We then came back down to our cabana and spent the night again.  The cabanas were actually at about 10,000 feet so two nights at 10,000 feet helped with our acclimatization. 

Monday we drove to our second acclimatization mountain Itztaccihuatl and spent the night at La Joya which was around 13,300 feet.  The next morning we got up really early, around 1:00 am and got moving around 2:30.  We all made it up to the hut at around 15,500 feet and then made it up to the summit at around 17,400 feet.  It was a good day.  We spent the last night in Amecameca and now we are on our way to Tlachichuca where we will meet our four wheel drive vehicle that will take us up to the hut, Piedra Grande, at the base of Orizaba at around 14,000 feet.  So we will give you an update on how that went and we will talk to you later. 

View of Popo from the summit of Izta

View of La Malinche

Hello to everyone checking in with Alpine Ascents International México Volcanoes expedition 2006.

We have all arrived into the Megalopolis of México City D.F.  This morning and afternoon were spent exploring some of México Cities many cultural landmarks.  Places visited include the world renown museum of Anthropology, the Placio de Belles Artes were many murals of Diego Rivera are on display, and the magnificent vistas from the observation deck of the Latin America Tower. 

Our stomachs are very full from enjoying the fine cuisine of Mexican fare and we are all looking forward to working off some of the calories the next few days on our first of three mountains, La Malinche. 

Tomorrow we will leave the hustle and bustle of the city for the quite surroundings of our first extinct volcano, La Malinche.  The drive from México City to La Malinche will take about 3 hours. At 14,500 ft, La Malinche will work nicely as we further our acclimatization from México Cities elevation of 7000 ft.  We plan to spend the first evening in a group cabana which rests at an elevation of 10,000 ft. 

The fine folks that will be making up our team are Gary N. from Los Angeles, CA, Ilga W. from Seattle, WA and Adam H. from San Diego, CA.  All three have plenty of experience under their belts and are enthusiastic to start climbing some mountains.  We will get back to you with a group name soon. 


Eric Remza.

The Monument to the Revolution

Latin America Tower

Placio de Belles Artes

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