2008 Mexico Volcanoes Cybercast

Hey it is Mike Horst from Mexico, our group of 12 is up at the Altzomoni Hut. Today we did an acclimatization hike up to 14,500 and tonight we are all packed up for our move up to high camp tomorrow some where around 15,300 and the following day we will going for the summit. We will give you an up date tomorrow, everyone is doing really well and looking forward to moving to high camp. Bye.

Hey it is Michael Horst calling from Mexico, our group of 12 has all arrived in Mexico City last night and we travelled today to the town of Amecameca. We had a nice lunch and then we drove quite a few thousand feet up Itza and we are now standing in the Altzomoni Hut. Everyone is doing pretty darn well, we had a great dinner and we are settling in for some bed time. Tomorrow we look forward to an acclimatization hike up the mountain and a bit of rest before we start moving up to our high camp the following today. We will talk to you tomorrow, thanks bye.

Hey this Michael Horst reporting back from Mexico City; the whole group flew in today, everyone is looking good and excited to start this trip. Tomorrow we travel south to Amecameca and then up to an alpine hut over 12,000 feet between Itza and Popo. We will give you a call tomorrow and let you know of how acclimatization hike goes.

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