Volcanoes of Mexico

El Pico de Orizaba (18,850ft.), Iztaccihuatl (17,343ft.)


  • A fantastically rich experience for the advanced beginner/intermediate climber, what continually makes the Mexican volcanoes so attractive is the relatively small cost it requires to participate in an international high altitude expedition.
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  • Detailed logistics have been developed and honed over the last 20 years by our guides and staff.
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  • "Let me say you are by far the best guide service I have ever used. I could not give Alpine Ascents and the guides anything but the highest ratings.  Thanks for a job well done." Gary D.
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Climbing Skill Level

  • Prior climbing experience is required, view our list of prerequisites:
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  • This is a demanding expedition and excellent physical condition is required.
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Base Camp and Beyond

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The Legend of Popo and Izta

This traditional story is well known throughout the Puebla regions and is quite famous throughout all of Mexico. As the legend goes, while Popo, the Smoking Warrior was at war, the emperor's beautiful daughter, Izta, died of heartache. When he returned and learned of her death he built two mountains. On one he laid her body and on the other he stood holding a funeral torch. Some days it still appears as if Itza is stretched on her back while the steam of Popo watches over her. And given its recent activity, many are reluctant to forego the romantic imagery of this great "Smoking Mountain".