Volcanoes of Mexico

El Pico de Orizaba (18,850ft.), Iztaccihuatl (17,343ft.)

This trip exceeded my expectations. We received first class guides, food, hotels and service. This expedition took me out of my professional environment and in a span of ten days I experienced the culture of Mexico City, Climbed IXTA, visited the classic city of Puebla and then summitted Orizaba. This trip hit on all of my senses; sights/sounds/smells/curiosity/taste and of course the mountains. I cannot recommend it enough. - Eric R. 2104 Climber

This was my first international experience with AAI and i enjoyed it tremendously. The coordination between the Mexican support teams and AAI was literally flawless. There were no noticeable 'hiccups'. The guides worked vigorously to keep the expedition going forward, thus providing us climbers with an unforgettable experience. Stuart and Nick demonstrated very effective and strong leadership traits and skills throughout the expedition. I felt that Stuart and Nick had everything under control at all times. They are world-class climbers and guides. Their openness and people skills allowed me and the other climbers to learn from them at all times by just listening and observing. I consider them friends. They have the best people skills that I have ever seen. I need them around my office!!! - 2104 Climber Read More


Recent Expedition Success
Our 2015 teams met with 100% summit success. 2014 saw summit success on both peaks and some of the best evaluations we have received;  in 2013 Stuart Robertson guided 100% of all climbers to the summit of all peaks on the expedition. Details

Since 1993, we have run over 30 successful expeditions in Mexico and consistently receive fantastic evaluations from all climbers. We encourage you to contact last year's climbers and review the guide's bios. During the last few years, nearby Popo has been erupting but as of yet, has not affected our expedition logistics.

Our Trips Offer

  • An Alpine Ascents Guide leading each trip (2015 Scheduled Guide: Stuart Robertson, along with local guides that we have used for many years.
  • A fully inclusive trip (no hidden costs)
  • Low climber-to-guide ratio
  • We have a 10 day itinerary greatly increasing chances of summit success. Most outfitters try to climb these two peaks in 8-9 days.
  • 20 years of experience guiding in Mexico, with about 90% summit success the last 5 years.
  • Full support in Mexico including hotels and airport pick up

We send an Alpine Ascents guide on every trip. We are blessed to have outstanding guides such as Ben Jones and Stuart Robertston, along with local guides top local guides who consistently make the expedition enjoyable, enriching and extremely educational. Our team of world-renowned guides are full-time climbers; many have historical climbing achievements synonymous with their names. They are a part of Alpine Ascents because they understand and share our climbing principles, and are dedicated to sharing their excellence with others. We encourage you to compare our guide team on a particular mountain with any in the industry.

Gradual Acclimatization
We offer a 10-day itinerary, and have backup plans should some of the mountains pose difficult conditions. See our Itinerary for more details.

We have been guiding in Mexico for the past 20 years and have built close relationships in the communities where we guide and tour. We consistently run several expeditions every year. Our familiarity with the region, combined with our expertise and knowledge of mountain climbing, lend a depth and richness to every expedition that we feel is unrivaled in the guiding community.

As always we highly encourage you to contact former climbers.