Mongolia Cybercast

Hello out there it is Tuesday the 18th here in Mongolia at about 10:30 pm and everyone here has just about gone to bed back at base camp. We had a great few days up on the glacier. Yesterday after climbing the highest point in Mongolia, a few of the guys had a little itch to get some more activity in so they actually went out and some of us climbed Nairandal. This morning we woke up to clear skies after having a really windy and ugly afternoon in terms of weather up at high camp. This morning we woke up and the rest of us went up Nairandal. So in the two days that we were up there everybody has climbed to the highest point and everybody has made it up Nairandal as well. The summit of Nairandal marks the point at which Mongolia, Russia and China all come together. We had a great bunch of days up on the glaciers, an exciting decent this afternoon and then a great evening also. All of the guys are sleeping in the Mongolian ger tonight and tomorrow we have horses coming in to take us out to the trail head in the afternoon. We also had a chance to sample some of the airak, the traditional alcohol in this Kazak region which is made from fermented mares milk. Anyway everyone is quite content and happy and we have had a great few days. We will be in touch soon, all the best—Dave.

Hello everybody it is Monday the 17th here in Mongolia and it is about noon and we are all resting up in our tents. We just summited the highest point in the country this morning and everybody was there, we had a great time. At seven am we stood on the summit: Bill, Joe, Paul, Jeff, Kristine, myself and our local operator (…transmission break…) This afternoon the weather started to come in a bit but this morning we had clear skies on the way up and beautiful views out over China and north to Russia. We had a few lenticulars as we started our decent, so a little bit of wind and some exciting weather and now we are all resting up hoping that tomorrow we will be able to climb Nairandal. So everyone here is having a great time, lots of success, lots of fun and we hope for good weather the rest of our trip. Up here on the glacier and then back out to Olgii and then back to Ulaan Baatar. We will be speaking to you soon, thats all from Mongolia and Dave, we will be in touch, bye.

Hey there everybody this is just a quick update from Mongolia, we are going to be calling in with a longer cybercast tomorrow. It is Sunday the 16th and its about 8:00pm and the whole group is up here at high camp. We had a beautiful day this morning so we were able to leave base camp, we left around 5:30 and about six and half hours later we were here at high camp. We had a great afternoon just hanging out and now everyone is in bed, ready to be woken up in about six hours from now. The mountain looks beautiful and everybody is hoping for good weather tomorrow. Well call you from the mountain or when we are back at high camp. We plan on being here tomorrow night as well and then climbing Nairandal the following day. Best wishes from Mongolia, speak to you soon -- Dave

Hello everyone once again from Mongolia this is Dave calling in on the 15th of July, Saturday around noon. We are here at base camp today, again. Yesterday we had a beautiful hike in great weather up to about eleven and half or twelve thousand feet. We crossed over into Russia, stood at the border marker between Russia and Mongolia and then took a little deeper journey into Russia. We had a wonderful lunch with views of the highest points in the Altai Mountain Range, on the Russian side. We then came back to base camp yesterday afternoon and did some review. We got out the ropes and harnesses and everyone had a good time remembering how to use this stuff. So we had a great review and a wonderfully dinner last night. We went to bed hoping to be leaving for high camp this morning; we woke up to some rainy weather. We actually had rain all last night with not a lot of visibility this morning. So we spent the morning sitting around the fire, telling stories in our ger and chatting with some local Kazaks that are around. There are a few other teams in base camp here, mostly trekking and one other team that is hoping to climb as well. This afternoon we are going to get the Gore-Tex out and go for a stroll in this drizzly weather. Hope to set out tomorrow morning for our high camp. We are still looking to climb Mt Khuiten and also Nairandal. We were going to have an extra day here at base camp on our way back but we are going to use that up today and see what happens tomorrow. We will be in touch, everyone here sends their best wishes. Talk to you soon, bye-bye.

Good morning everyone this is Dave calling in from beautiful Mongolia on Friday the 14th. Its about 7:30 am and everyone is slowly getting out of bed after a little bit of bed tea brought around to us by Eldos, our Mongolian-Kazak guide here at base camp. Yesterday we had a beautiful day, great weather, which is not always the case up here. We had about a six hour walk up to base camp where we currently are. This morning there are a little bit of high clouds and we will see what happens with the weather tomorrow. Today we are going to take a hike up to 11,500 feet. Right now we are at about 10,000 feet at base camp and we are going to have lunch just across the border in Russia. We are going to go up to the ridge line that separates Mongolia and Russia, there are a couple of posts marking the border and we are going to go sit there and have a nice lunch looking into Russia. The glaciers and the peaks look beautiful from base camp, we have a beautiful view of Mt Khuiten and Mt. Nairandal and we hope to climb both of them in the next few days. As long as the weather holds we will make our way up to high camp on the glacier tomorrow. Hopefully the following morning we will be summiting Khuiten and then the morning after that summiting Nairandal. Thats all weather dependent, we have a day here to burn if we need it. It looks like we have got some high cirrus clouds which may be indicating a change in the weather but well see this afternoon. Everybody is looking forward to a good acclimatization hike today and the crew here is having a great time, everybody sends warm wishes to everyone back home. We will talk to you soon, bye-bye.

Hello everyone out there this is Dave Morton calling in for our 2006 Mongolia trek and climb. It is July 12th about 7 pm here in Mongolia and we have just arrived at the trail head. Everyone arrived safely in Ulaan Bataar a couple of days ago. We attended the opening ceremonies for the Naadam Festival. Early this morning we flew from Ulaan Bataar to the far west of Mongolia to the town of Olgii. We are arrived around 8:30 am in this time zone, on the western side of Mongolia. We got in jeeps after a wonderful breakfast in a ger with a local family and made the eight to nine hour jeep ride here to our starting point. I am looking out over a beautiful sunset. The sun is just beginning to go down behind the hills and we have glorious red, brown and green all around us. We are camped out here in a grassy field next to a couple of Mongolian gers and we have our Kazak staff with us who are going to come up to base camp with us tomorrow. Everyone is doing well. Everyone made it here on time, with all our baggage so we have a very happy crew here. Tomorrow morning we will be heading out after a quick breakfast and making the twenty kilometer trek to base camp where we will set up for the next couple of days and hope to get as good a weather as we had today. So I will be in touch tomorrow and we look forward to updating you on our progress throughout the climb. Talk to you soon.


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