10+Years of Service Cecelia Mortenson
Guide: International, Cascades

Cece has climbed, guided or traveled on 6 continents, including Antarctica, where she was the lead field mountaineer for the US Antarctic Program. Cece has guided expeditions in to Aconcagua, Denali, multi-summit tours to Bolivia, traverses of the Northern Patagonia ice-cap, climbs of the volcanoes of Mexico and led numerous climbs up Ranier, Baker and other more technical peaks of the Cascades. She also works as a tail-guide in the winter at Canadian Heli and Cat skiing operations.

Personal mountain journeys include 2 expeditions to the Himalaya; a traverse of the crown jewel of British Columbia - Mt. Waddington; an ascent of Mt Fairweahter in Alaska - from the ocean, a 6-week ski mountaineering traverse on the Taku, Jueau and Stikkine Icefields in Alaska; and explorations in the Japanese, New Zealand and the French Alps. When not alpine climbing or guiding, depending on the season, you will likely find Cece searching out perfect crack climbing in Squamish or Zion, ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies, or ski-mountaineering in the mountains of Canada.

Recently, Cece is working through her Canadian Mountain Guide Certifications. When journeying into the mountains with Cecelia, you will immediately sense her passion for climbing, guiding and ultimately, for guiding people into some of the most incredible mountainous regions of the world while providing a fun, safe and incredible experience.

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ACMG Assistant Alpine and Assistant Rock Guide
Canadian Avalanche Association Level 2
OFA Level III Medical Training
Rigging for Rescue