Alpine Ascents Outreach Programs

Fundraising with Alpine Ascents
Over the past 20 years, we've been hosting discounted climbs for non-profit organizations. Climbers raise money for their organizations (often finding donors that give a flat rate or per foot rate), and then hire Alpine Ascents to lead the fundraising climb. In turn, Alpine Ascents discounts the climb so a larger portion of the money raised can stay with the non-profit.

This has been a very successful fundraising tool for many groups. Many of our non-profits have commented that this is a more satisfying fundraising experience overall.

For the non-profit
  • Limits the resources your organization dedicates to event planning.
  • Receive assistance with fundraising development.
  • All trip logistics, training and personal equipment planning is done by Alpine Ascents.
  • Personal attention from our Specialty Travel division and staff.
  • World-class guiding expertise, group gear and equipment, and camp food and dining of the highest quality that our trips are renowned for worldwide.
For The Participants
  • Raising awareness.
  • Opportunity to be part a team experience in a unique mountain environment.
  • Combine the thrill of climbing on one of the world's greatest peaks with the satisfaction of helping those in need.

Past successful climbing events have taken place on such diverse trips as:
Everest Base Camp Trek
Mt Rainier and Mt. Baker

If you would like information on the above please contact Gordon Janow

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