3-Day Muir Climb, Mount Rainier

(14,410 ft) Washington

The expedition was a great way to let clients feel out what a high altitude expedition might be like and how one might acclimate. The logistics and level of preparation were planned down to every detail from not only the minimum requirements for climbing but also what layers to wear and when, how many calories are needed, what to bring and how much water should be consumed. Outstanding. AAIs reputation precedes itself and the guides held it up very well. Our guides were very patient and seemed to enjoy their work. These guys worked their asses off and the overall level of service and attention to detail is unparalleled. The training goals were very clear and I felt physically prepared having trained for six months and doing what was asked in terms of the training load and back to backs.

The guides were amazing and dedicated to their craft and would definitely like to climb with AAI again. I was especially impressed with having a world class alpinist as our lead guide and meeting with Pete Athans and having him taking the time to chat with us about some of the archaeological projects he is involved in (I forgot that I had seen one of his documentaries). The icing on the cake was meeting Lakpa Gelu Sherpa which was also a great honor and wonderful surprise. It has become sort of a cliché that mountaineering is a selfish endeavor for rich dilettantes (or not so rich ones like me). However, AAI approaches it with a sense of purpose through environmental stewardship and cultural resource management. This is exemplified by not only the high technical skill of the guides, but their knowledge of environmental impacts, local people and their relationship to mountains as a sustainable resource. May 2016 Climber >>> More

3-Day Muir Climb Overview
This three-day instructional course and summit climb will teach you some of the basics of glacier mountaineering, including self-arrest training, and glacier travel techniques, leading up to a summit attempt of Mt. Rainier. Successful completion of this program will give you the required skills for some of our more advanced expeditions. Prior to your summit climb, all team members will have an instructional gear check, during which you will review the functionality of each piece of gear and learn about wilderness ethics, Leave No Trace principles, and the mission statement of the National Park Service.

This three-day program, via the Muir Corridor/Disappointment Cleaver on Mt. Rainier, is the most popular climb on the mountain. It provides an extraordinary expedition experience while allowing you to attempt the summit with the greatest of ease and enjoyment as compared to a 2 day climb. Our first night is spent in a private hut at Camp Muir (10,000 feet) that's already stocked with supplies, allowing for lighter packs on the approach. Our second night in a remote tent camp situated on the Ingraham Glacier at 11,000 feet gives us better acclimatization, a shorter summit day, and a wilderness experience as we climb ahead of the larger groups leaving Camp Muir. All necessary training takes place on the mountain, giving you more time to enjoy Rainier's wondrous beauty. This is our signature climb on the mountain. We look forward to having you join us this season.

Experience and Safety
Alpine Ascents has the best safety record in the business and our 25-plus years of guiding experience on the highest mountains in the world, as well as on Mount Rainier, is unparalleled. We aim to provide the same level of quality, service, safety and environmental stewardship that has been our trademark throughout the guiding community. (See more about us, our guides and staff)

Expedition Style
This three-day approach provides great opportunity for summit success. Our Muir program is three full days (including two nights) on the mountain. Some companies list a four-day climb, but the actual summit climb is only two days (including just one night on the mountain). That requires you to climb up the mountain for training and return to a hotel at night. In addition to providing breakfast and dinners while on the mountain, all Alpine Ascents training is done on the Cowlitz Glacier and nearby snowfields out of Camp Muir, allowing you to better acclimatize, enjoy the mountain views from 10,000 feet, and avoid the cost of another hotel night.

Guide Ratio 2:1
With one guide for every two climbers you have more individualized instruction, great assistance on summit day and overall success and safety are increased. Our guides will be teachers and impart knowledge throughout the program.

High Camp 1,000 feet above Camp Muir (Shorter summit day)
On our Three-Day Muir Climb, we use an additional high camp, which puts you 1,000 feet closer to the summit. This allows you to be first on the upper mountain, avoiding the larger groups starting from Camp Muir.

Less Expensive - Seattle Based - No Rental Car Required as we shuttle you from Seattle to the Mountain
Alpine Ascents is the only guide service that drives you round-trip between Seattle and Mt. Rainier, thus offering a substantial savings. (You only need to get yourself from the airport to our offices in Seattle) Our shuttle eliminates a $200 car rental and a complicated two-hour drive each way to the mountain. We also invite you to enjoy Seattle while in the Northwest. Our schedule can save you up to two hotel nights, since our trips do not leave the mountain after a day of training. Our trips are time-efficient as we offer a 2 p.m. gear check, allowing us to save a day as we head to the mountain early the next morning.

"Fabulous, your leaders were superb and inspired confidence in the group and took time every turn to teach and further explain climbing techniques. The leadership was much more professional than teams I have climbed with in the past." — Emilie

"The most organized and deftly executed climbs I have ever been on, it seemed as there was nothing they did not know about Rainier. It is a rare occurrence to spend time with people as professional and as motivated as my guide team." — Gil W

"This is the 5th time I have climbed with Alpine Ascents in the past 9 years. What I appreciate is consistency in the product. It is obvious that you are meticulous in selecting guides and ensure they adhere to safety and climbing principles." — David W.

Tents Equipment & Meals
Provided: All group climbing equipment: climbing ropes and technical hardware; tents, and meals (except lunches). Transportation is provided for this climb.
Not provided: Personal equipment. You are responsible for all items on the Gear List. Alpine Ascents has high quality gear for rent. See Rental Form

PREREQUISITES - 40 Pound Pack Required

Climbing Skill Level
This climb is open to any enthusiastic, physically fit novice, beginner or advanced beginner. One day of training is included in the climb. Prior experience with backpacking and camping is recommended.

Physical Conditioning
In the best interest of personal safety, success and team compatibility, adequate training and excellent physical condition are required. Prior experience with backpacking and camping is recommended. Climbers must be able to carry an average of 40lbs or more. Climbers need to be in excellent physical condition for both personal enjoyment and to be an integral team member. We encourage you to contact us so that we may assist you in developing a training program that meets your particular needs. Comprehensive training information can be found here.

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