Mount Rainier

(14,410 ft) Washington

I just arrived back from an extended vacation and wanted to send you a quick note in regards to my trip with Alpine Ascents to Mount Rainier during the week of July 22. I cannot describe how good of a time we had on the mountain, not only was the weather terrific, the guides were fantastic, exceptional in their knowledge of Mount Rainier as well as climbing in general. They were all outspoken, easy to get along with and went out of their way to make the trip enjoyable for all the climbers. I certainly came away with great memories, renewed confidence and an urge to get another climb on my calendar as soon as possible. I would like to thank you again for providing a first-class operation and I look forward to climbing with Alpine Ascents again in the future.-Karl M.

Mount Rainier (14,410 ft.), is the highest volcano and largest glaciated mountain in the contiguous U.S. This alpine giant is famous for its superior climbing as well as its pristine wilderness. The vast glaciers and alpine ridges of Mount Rainier offer challenges for the novice and veteran climber alike. Alpine Ascents provides a diversity of climbs led by renowned professional guides to accommodate climbers of all skill levels. From our 3-Day Climb to our 8-Day seminars you will find the climb that suits your needs and skill level.

Why Climb Mount Rainier With Alpine Ascents?

Experience - 20+ Years
Alpine Ascents has over 20 years experience guiding the worlds highest mountains and we have been guiding on Mount Rainier since 1998. From our inception in 1986, the founder, senior administrative staff and several senior guides are still working with Alpine Ascents and leading trips around the world. Our intent is to provide the same level of quality, service, safety and environmental stewardship that has been our trademark throughout the guiding community. (See more about us, our guides and staff)

Quality of Our Climbs - Foundation in Safety & Skills
Alpine Ascents has taken a unique approach to climbing Mount Rainier. Our summit climbs and training programs are oriented not only towards summit success but in giving you instruction in mountaineering techniques that you can use where ever you chose to climb. Our dedication to teaching sound mountaineering practices such as Leave No Trace as well as providing you a better understanding of geology, glaciology and safe climbing are the cornerstone of our company. These programs often serve as prerequisite for other domestic and international programs.

Guide Ratio - 2:1
Alpine Ascents offers you a guide ratio of one guide for every two climbers on every summit climb. This allows for increased safety, more individualized instruction and more guides to assist on summit day.

High Camps - Shorter Summit Day
On our Three Day Muir Climb we use an additional high camp which puts you 1000 feet closer to the summit and increases your chances of summiting by allowing you to be first on the upper mountain avoiding larger groups starting from Camp Muir.

Expedition Style - Efficient
This three day approach has never been offered before and provides great opportunity for summit success. Our Muir program is three full days (including two nights) on the mountain. Some companies list a four day climb but your actual summit climb is only two days (including just one night on the mountain) which require you to climb up the mountain for training and return to a hotel at night. In addition to providing breakfast and dinners while on the mountain, Alpine Ascents does all our training out of Camp Muir allowing you to acclimatize better and avoid the cost of another hotel night.

Less Expensive - Seattle Based - No Rental Car Required
Alpine Ascents is the only guide service that drives you round trip Seattle -Mt Rainier Seattle thus offering a significant savings. Our shuttle eliminates a $200 car rental and a complicated two+ hour drive each way to the mountain. We also invite you to enjoy the City of Seattle while in the Northwest.

Available Programs

We Offer Four Summit Climbs:

The 3 Day Muir Climb

The 4 Day Emmons Glacier Climb

The 4 Day Kautz Glacier Climb

The 5 Day Liberty Ridge Climb

The programs are quite different and require different levels of climbing skills and endurance.

Rainier School - We offer Three Training Programs:
We also offer a 8 Day Training Course. This includes five days of intensive alpine training followed by a two day ascent of Mount Rainier via the Emmons Glacier Route.

Our Classic Denali Preparation/Winter Mountaineering Course is now offered exclusively on Mount Rainier. This course is specifically designed for those who want to embrace the challenges of climbing Denali and/or develop extreme winter mountaineering skills.

The 10 Day North Cascades Training Course is for those seeking to quickly gain both skills and climbing experience, we offer our Cascades 6 Day Course followed with a climb of Mount Rainier via the challenging and scenic Kautz route or Emmons Glacier Route. This is a superb opportunity for those who want to put their new skills to an immediate test.

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