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Seven Summits

Aconcagua Itinerary
Aconcagua Prices & Schedule
Why Climb Aconcagua with Alpine Ascents?
Aconcagua Cybercast
Aconcagua Reading List
Aconcagua Maps & Facts
Aconcagua Gear List
Aconcagua FAQ

Carstensz Pyramid
Carstensz Pyramid Itinerary
Carstensz Pyramid Prices & Schedule
Why Climb Carstensz Pyramid with Alpine Ascents?
Carstensz Pyramid Reading List
Carstensz Pyramid Maps & Facts
Carstensz Pyramid Gear List
Carstensz Pyramid FAQ

Denali Itinerary
Denali Prices & Schedule
Why Climb Denali with Alpine Ascents?
Denali Cybercast
Denali Reading List
Denali Maps & Facts
Denali Gear List
Denali FAQ

Elbrus Itinerary
Elbrus Prices & Schedule
Why Climb Elbrus with Alpine Ascents?
Elbrus Cybercast
Elbrus Reading List
Elbrus Maps & Facts
Elbrus Gear List
Elbrus FAQ

Everest Itinerary
Everest Prices & Schedule
Why Climb Everest with Alpine Ascents?
Everest Cybercast
Everest Reading List
Everest Maps & Facts
Everest Gear List
Everest FAQ

Kilimanjaro Itinerary
Kilimanjaro Prices & Schedule
Why Climb Kilimanjaro with Alpine Ascents?
Kilimanjaro Cybercast
Kilimanjaro Reading List
Kilimanjaro Maps & Facts
Kilimanjaro Gear List
Kilimanjaro FAQ

Vinson Itinerary
Vinson Prices & Schedule
Why Climb Vinson with Alpine Ascents?
Vinson Cybercast
Vinson Reading List
Vinson Maps & Facts
Vinson Gear List
Vinson FAQ



Cho-Oyu Itinerary
Cho-Oyu Prices & Schedule
Why Climb Cho-Oyu with Alpine Ascents?
Cho-Oyu Cybercast
Cho-Oyu Reading List
Cho-Oyu Maps & Facts
Cho-Oyu Gear List
Cho-Oyu FAQ

Ama Dablam
Ama Dablam Itinerary
Ama Dablam Prices & Schedule
Why Climb Ama Dablam with Alpine Ascents?
Ama Dablam Cybercast
Ama Dablam Reading List
Ama Dablam Maps & Facts
Ama Dablam Gear List
Ama Dablam FAQ

Island Peak
Island Peak Itinerary
Island Peak Prices & Schedule
Why Climb Island Peak with Alpine Ascents?
Island Peak Cybercast
Island Peak Reading List
Island Peak Maps & Facts
Island Peak Gear List
Island Peak FAQ

Other Climbs

Volcanoes of Ecuador
Volcanoes of Ecuador Itinerary
Volcanoes of Ecuador Prices & Schedule
Why Climb the Volcanoes of Ecuador with Alpine Ascents?
Volcanoes of Ecuador Cybercast
Volcanoes of Ecuador Reading List
Volcanoes of Ecuador Maps & Facts
Volcanoes of Ecuador Gear List
Volcanoes of Ecuador FAQ

Volcanoes of Mexico
Volcanoes of Mexico Itinerary
Volcanoes of Mexico Prices & Schedule
Why Climb the Volcanoes of Mexico with Alpine Ascents?
Volcanoes of Mexico Reading List
Volcanoes of Mexico Maps & Facts
Volcanoes of Mexico Gear List
Volcanoes of Mexico FAQ

Huayna Potosi, Bolivia
Huayna Potosi Itinerary
Huayna Potosi Prices & Schedule
Why Climb Huayna Potosi with Alpine Ascents?
Huayna Potosi Reading List
Huayna Potosi Maps & Facts
Huayna Potosi Gear List
Huayna Potosi FAQ

Huascaran, Peru
Huascaran Itinerary
Huascaran Prices & Schedule
Why Climb Huascaran with Alpine Ascents?
Huascaran Reading List
Huascaran Maps & Facts
Huascaran Gear List
Huascaran FAQ

Matterhorn Itinerary
Matterhorn Prices & Schedule
Why Climb the Matterhorn with Alpine Ascents?
Matterhorn Reading List
Matterhorn Maps & Facts
Matterhorn Gear List
Matterhorn FAQ

Mt. Kuiten, Mongolia
Mt. Kuiten Itinerary
Mt. Kuiten Prices & Schedule
Why Climb Mt. Kuiten with Alpine Ascents?
Mt. Kuiten Reading List
Mt. Kuiten Maps & Facts
Mt. Kuiten Gear List
Mt. Kuiten FAQ

Gunnbjornsfjeld, Greenland
Gunnbjornsfjeld Itinerary
Gunnbjornsfjeld Prices & Schedule
Why Climb Gunnbjornsfjeld with Alpine Ascents?
Gunnbjornsfjeld Cybercast
Gunnbjornsfjeld Reading List
Gunnbjornsfjeld Maps & Facts
Gunnbjornsfjeld Gear List
Gunnbjornsfjeld FAQ

Damavand, Iran
Damavand Itinerary
Damavand Prices & Schedule
Damavand Reading List
Damavand Maps & Facts
Damavand Gear List

Mountaineering School

Course Catalog
About Our School
About the Washington School
About the Alaska School
Mountaineering School Frequently Asked Questions
What Former Students Have to Say
How to Choose a Guide Service
Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics

Physical Training
Private Courses & Climbs

Washington School

Level I Courses & Climbs

6-Day Mountaineering
6-Day Itinerary
6-Day Prices & Schedule
6-Day Gear List

13-Day Mountaineering
13-Day Itinerary
13-Day Prices & Schedule
13-Day Gear List

Denali Preparation/Winter Mountaineering
Denali Preparation Itinerary
Denali Preparation Prices & Schedule
Denali Preparation Gear List

Backpacking/Wilderness Navigation
Backpacking Itinerary
Backpacking Prices & Schedule
Backpacking Gear List

Rock Climbing for Mountaineers
Rock Climbing Itinerary
Rock Climbing Prices & Schedule
Rock Climbing Gear List

Mount Baker Summit Climb
Mount Baker Itinerary
Mount Baker Prices & Schedule
Mount Baker Gear List

Level II Courses & Climbs

8-Day Mountaineering
8-Day Itinerary
8-Day Prices & Schedule
8-Day Gear List

Ice Climbing
Ice Climbing Itinerary
Ice Climbing Prices & Schedule
Ice Climbing Gear List

Mount Adams Climb
Mount Adams Itinerary
Mount Adams Prices & Schedule
Mount Adams Gear List

Mount Shuksan Climb
Mount Shuksan Itinerary
Mount Shuksan Prices & Schedule
Mount Shuksan Gear List

Alaska School

Level I Courses

8-Day Mountaineering
8-Day Itinerary
8-Day Prices & Schedule
8-Day Gear List

12-Day Mountaineering
12-Day Itinerary
12-Day Prices & Schedule
12-Day Gear List

Level II Courses

8-Day Intermediate Mountaineering
8-Day Itinerary
8-Day Prices & Schedule
8-Day Gear List

Everest Base Camp Trek
Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary
Everest Base Camp Trek Prices & Schedule
Why Trek to Everest Base Camp with Alpine Ascents?
Everest Base Camp Trek Cybercast
Everest Base Camp Trek Reading List
Everest Base Camp Trek Maps & Facts
Everest Base Camp Trek Gear List
Everest Base Camp Trek FAQ

Island Peak & Kala Pattar

India Tour
India Itinerary
India Prices & Schedule
India Maps & Facts

Iran Tour


Mongolia Trek

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