Mount Vinson

(16,067ft/4,897m), Antarctica

Vinson Overview

  • Meet this Season's Scheduled Guides: Vern Tejas, Lakpa Rita Sherpa and Sam Hennessey. Read More
  • Learn About Antarctica: Read More
  • We are focused on educating climbers to become competent mountaineers.

Why Climb With Us?

  • Recent success on Vinson: We led 3 teams to the summit and one to the Last Degree - 100% success. Read More
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For 2016-2017

  • See our Schedule for the 2016-2017 season along with current prices and what is included in your expedition costs. Read More
  • Ski the Last Degree - South Pole Extension: Read More

Our Climbers Say

  • "The trip was more than I expected. Simply put it was one of the best and most rewarding expeditions I've ever been on." 2016 Climber. Read More

Vinson: The Challenge

  • Prior climbing experience is required, view our list of prerequisites: Read More
  • An expedition of this magnitude requires thorough planning: Read More

Base Camp & Beyond

  • Read our day to day itinerary for this expedition. Our schedule has been finely honed over the past 20 years. Read More
  • Alpine Ascents International is considered the premier Vinson guide service