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Climbing big mountains requires incredible endurance. You don’t necessarily have to move fast, but you have to keep moving for hours, days–sometimes even weeks. Training to have an excellent aerobic base is critical, not just for that continued movement ability, but also for your body’s ability to recover, day after day.

On January 30th, Senior Guide and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach,  Lyra Pierotti, hosted an incredibly informative webinar about training for mountaineering.  She discussed some of the most common errors in training for mountaineering and how to improve your approach.  Key topics included mobility for movement economy, strength training for endurance, base aerobic fitness and recovery, as well as some tools for the female physiology.

Whether you’re training up for your first climb or fifteenth, this webinar was full of valuable information to take your alpine fitness to the next level.

You can watch the full webinar recording below:

Here are two other blog posts that Lyra recently wrote about training:


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