2010 Bolivia Cybercast

June 18, 2010
After a scenic drive to Illimani basecamp, Team Llamasutres enjoyed a nice dinner before retiring for the evening. The next day, we had a strenuous five-hour hike to high camp that involved ascending an exposed ridge littered with scree and rocks. Perched at 17,800 feet, the team got a few hours of sleep (or tried to) before beginning our summit push at 2:30 AM. While the weather stayed clear (a luxury we enjoyed the entire trip), Illimani's higher elevation made for a colder climb. After ascending the headwall on Illimani (the crux of the climb), Hugh and Jose went on to summit Ilimani at 6:39 AM -- in time to watch the sunrise over the Amazon. While the views were rewarding, the weather quickly turned for the worse. Minutes after we began our descent, lenticular clouds started heading towards the summit, which was soon engulfed. Collecting ourselves back at high camp, Team Llamasutres gathered the strength to march all the way back to La Paz, and recuperate from a magnificent expedition!

All the best,

Team Llamasutres signing off for now.

June 14, 2010
This is Hugh Parker reporting for Team Llamasutres. The team had a most outstanding climb of Pequeño Alpamayo. After climbing through the night, we reached Pequeño Alpamayo's twin pyramids. Navigating the steep slope and exposed knife edge to the summit, the team relaxed on top of Pequeño Alpamayo in sunny weather before making our way back to La Paz. After some much-needed rest in the capital, a rejuvenated Team Llamasutres left for Huayna Postosi. After a few hours of sleep at the Campo de Rocas (Camp of Rocks), we departed for the summit at 2:30 AM. After several hours of climbing in very cold conditions, we were greeted (and warmed) by the sun rising over the Amazon. Encouraged, the team gathered the strength to power up Huayna Potosi's vertiginous headwall to the summit. We were rewarded with majestic views of the Amazon, the Cordillera Real, Lake Titicaca, greater La Paz, and our next objective: Illimani -- the crowing of height of Cordillera Real, whose 21,122 foot massif dominates the La Paz skyline. We are departing for Illimani basecamp in a few minutes; wish us luck!

Team Llamasutres.

June 10, 2010
More photos from the Team's ascent of Pequeño Alpamayo.

Group photo with Huayna Potos in the background.

Hiking to base camp, Condoriri in the background.

Condoriri Basecamp and Chiar Khota Lake.

Eduardo, Chip and Stan on top of Pequeño Alpamayo.

Roberto on the Top, Huayna Ptosi in the foreground and Illimani in the background.

June 09, 2010

Pequeño Alpamayo Climb.

Hi everybody. We are all doing well (although a bit tired from the climb) and back at the comforts of our hotel in La Paz after a successful ascent of Pequeño Alpamayo. The weather was perfect and the climb very rewarding to all team members. More details on the climb to come soon, meanwhile enjoy the photos we are sending. Our best to you all.

Team Llamasutra

Team Descending Pequeño Alpamayo

June 07, 2010

Condoriri Massif

Hello family and friends out there in cyber land. We are sending this dispatch from the Condoriri base camp. After leaving Copacabana, we drove along the altiplano towards the tiny little village of Tuni where we stayed at the local Ecolodge run by the local community. We went on a short hike to enjoy the beauty of the Tuni Lake and the impressive west face of Huayna Potosi.

The next morning, we hiked through spectacular scenery up to the Condoriri base camp located at 15.380 feet and erected a professional camp. The next day we hiked to the top of nearby Austria peak. Once on the top we recorded an altitude of 17.560 feet using our GPS device. We hiked down in deteriorating weather. We discovered a strange little creature called a squabbit: a rare crossbreed between a squirrel-rabbit and kangaroo (the locals call this animal "viscacha").

During our third day at the Condoriri massif, a forty five minute hike took us to the glacier where we reviewed cramponing skills, running belays and glacier travel technique before returning to camp (Julie rocked at ice climbing).

Today is a rest day in preparation for our summit attempt on Pequeño Alpamayo which will take place tomorrow. Looking forward to having pizza for lunch today!

Wish us luck!

Team Llamasutra. PS.- Hello to Dolores, Hey and Faye. Stan says hi to Deb. Hugh says hello Susan. Art gives his best to Jamie. Brad says hi to Knuckles. Kathy says hola to Frank and kids. Julie says hi to Nate, Ty, Meg, Kohlton, Natalie. Kathy says hello to Al and all her dancing friends.

June 02, 2010
Good evening Dolores, Jamie, family and friends, Elid and Jose Luis packed a lovely lunch this morning before departing for the pier where we jumped into the SS "Alevin" for the three hour ride to the northern tip of the Sun Island. We disembarked and started our journey along a picturesque ridge with wonderful views of Lake Titicaca and the Royal Range as a fantastic backdrop. We run out of questions (again). The weather was perfect, not a single cloud in the cobalt-blue sky. Everybody did very well. Right now we are back at our hotel enjoying a delicious dinner. Tomorrow, we will be move to the base of the mountains.

Many thanks for following us. Be well, Jose Luis and Team

June 01, 2010
Hello friends and family. Welcome to the 2010 Alpine Ascents Bolivia Expedition. Yesterday we arrived to La Paz (the Bolivia capital), rested and toured the city. The town square resembled a scene from Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds" with thousands and thousands of pigeons flapping and doing other things that pigeons do. We went onto visit the "Witches Market", learned about magical talismans and exotic merchandise. The group enjoyed getting to know each other and had dinner at the hotel (dinner was the favorite main course).

Today, we drove to the Tiwanaku ruins where we had no questions much to the consternation of our local guide Eldi. We had a gourmet lunch (Hugh could taste llama meat by the first time in his life). Later on, we continued our journey towards Copacabana town (not to be confused with the Brazilian beach of the same name) , located at the shores of the Titicaca Lake . We took a barge across the Tiquina straits and arrived to our destination in time to experience a stellar sunset. We are thinking about a team name. We`ll let you know. Looking forward to having a great acclimatization hike tomorrow along the Island of the Sun.

Our best to you all. Team ? signing off.

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