Aconcagua: Cupcake Pony Climbs Bonete

Team Cupcake Pony summited Bonete today! Temperatures were chilly, but we were treated to spectacular views with a layer of fresh snow across the surrounding peaks. The team did well and we keep progressing in our acclimatization.

We returned to camp to enjoy a hearty meal of chicken fried steak and potatoes.

Buenas noches!

Aconcagua: Team Cupcake Pony Takes a Rest Day at Mulas

Team Cupcake Pony enjoyed a well deserved rest day at Plaza de Mulas. Rest day activities included hot showers, reading, hydrating, and lots of eating. Snow fell at camp today and on the surrounding peaks.

Tomorrow we hike to Cerro Bonete.

Aconcagua: Team Cupcake Pony Arrives at Plaza de Mulas

Today Team Cupcake Pony made the long journey to Plaza de Mulas. We once again enjoyed excellent weather and the entire team did really well!

This is a big altitude transition point for us, so we will spend a total of five nights here acclimating, resting, and preparing to transition to the upper mountain. Tomorrow we will enjoy a rest day.


Aconcagua: Team Cupcake Pony Hikes to Plaza Francia

Team Cupcake Pony had a lovely hike to Plaza Francia today, where we were able to enjoy a close up view of the legendary south face of Aconcagua. A bit of a light passing shower tamped the dust down on the trail for our descent.

Everyone is doing great and the entire team felt strong today on our first hike above 13,000 feet.

Tomorrow we have a long day of hiking up the valley to Plaza de Mulas, where we will spend several nights acclimating.

Buenas noches from the team!

Aconcagua: Team Soaring Phoenix Back at Mulas

Today our team made it back to base camp after about a week on the upper mountain and a successful summit. Here are a few photos from the upper mountain. Tomorrow we fly back to civilization.

The strengths were clearly the experience and knowledge brought by the guides, the thorough planning which provided us with excellent food considering the conditions, and most of all the sensible approach to planning the climb which gave everyone a good chance of summiting and acclimatizing properly when other groups were clearly rushing too quickly and failing.

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