Team starts their second rotation

Hi everyone this is Ben calling in from the Manaslu team, at Camp 1, almost 20,000 ft with Dan and Jim! We are on our second rotation up the mountain to acclimatize, we’ll spend one night here at camp 1 then head up to camp 2 tomorrow. Its been raining here everyday, while we were in base camp it was snowing quite a bit up here, I think about 2 to 3 feet of snow. We had some shoveling to do before we got into camp here but we’re all in, we’ve just had dinner and getting ready for bed. Everybody’s doing well, the snow has calmed down a little bit for now, expecting more snow tomorrow then a couple days of reprieve without too much precipitation. We’ll see! We’re doing well and feeling good! I will touch base again tomorrow after we get up to camp 2, thanks for following along!

Resting at Basecamp

Hello Everyone,

Not much to report yesterday and today but the team is doing well here resting at Basecamp, mostly in the warm dining tent out of the rain:-). If the weather cooperates we will plan on heading up to Camp 1 tomorrow after breakfast. We will spend one night and Camp 1 and then move to Camp 2 for two night, climbing to Camp 3 on our “rest and acclimatization day.” If all goes well, that will complete our second and final acclimatization rotations on the mountain before preparing for the final summit push.

The internet has been very slow when working here so sorry for no photos at this time but will continue to try and send some when it is back up and running better.

Thanks for following along. We are having a great time here!

Ben Jones

First rotation complete

Hello Everyone,

We had a very successful first rotation up to 20,000ft. We spent two nights at Camp 1 at 18,800ft and had some good practice heading up towards Camp 2 through the small icefall section. The team is acclimatizing well and healthy.

Today we left Camp 1 after breakfast and descended back to Basecamp. The team had showers and relaxed the rest of the day. We are just getting ready for dinner now and then possibly a movie afterwards. We will be resting in Basecamp the next two days.

Thanks for following along,

Ben Jones

Team works the Ladders and Fixed Lines

Hi everyone,

This is Ben calling in with Dan and Jim on Manaslu at Camp one. We had a very successful acclimatization day here, we slept in a little bit, had some breakfast, and headed up towards Camp 2. We gained about 1,200 ft or so, were at just a little over 20,000 ft. We got practice on a couple ladders, some fixed lines, the guys did awesome going up though there and back down here to camp! We’ve been resting and relaxing this afternoon, just finished up dinner, and heading off to bed. Tomorrow we’re going to wake up, have some breakfast, then head on down to base camp. We’ll check in again tomorrow and let you know how it goes!

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